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Chapter 23.1


Xu Luoyang couldn’t help but think of what he had just seen and thought to himself, could this be the racial advantage of the demon race? But Qi Chang’an was already wearing a robe, so he couldn’t look any closer. Not right, he couldn’t believe he was having such restrictive thoughts!

With the hairdryer in his hand, Xu Luoyang was ready to blow for a while longer to get rid of all those increasingly dirty thoughts in his head.

Qi Chang’an waited patiently for Xu Luoyang to blow dry his hair, before reaching out to put the hair dryer away. Looking at Xu Luoyang’s untouched hair, he couldn’t control his hands and put it on it and rubbed it twice; it felt very good.

Xu Luoyang waited for him to finish rubbing his hair but couldn’t help but protest with red ears, “You can’t just touch a man’s hair.”

“Why?” Qi Chang’an looked at him with a pleasant expression.

“Because….. it won’t make you grow tall!” After saying this, Xu Luoyang added another reason, “I won’t be very handsome.”

“Don’t worry, you’re handsome now.” Qi Chang’an sat down on the edge of the bed, his long legs naturally spread out in a relaxed manner and asked Xu Luoyang, “Are you still feeling sleepy?”

Xu Luoyang crossed his legs and sitting on the carpet beside the bed, felt very carefully, “I seem….. to feel very energetic?” Could it be that blow drying one’s hair could get rid of the sleepy bugs?

“Do you want to practice a scene together? Didn’t director Zhang say he was going to shoot a few more scenes tomorrow to make up for the time lost today?”

He just wanted to spend more time with him.

Xu Luoyang agreed without much thought , “En, okay!”

Both of them were already familiar with the script, because as long as one of them said a line out loud, the other one could immediately react to which scene it was.

After ten minutes or so, Qi Chang’an turned his back to Xu Luoyang and continued to say his lines, “I have to catch up on work in the next few days, come to the workshop if you need anything, I….. have to go now.”

His tone was a little complicated. Facing a good friend he hadn’t seen in years, he felt unfamiliar with the changes in him, so he sounded a little nervous and a little uneasy.

After reading his lines, he waited for a while but didn’t hear a response from Xu Luoyang. Qi Chang’an looked back and saw Xu Luoyang fast asleep as he leaned against the bed, breathing so calmly that even the air around him seemed to have become tranquil.

He looked at Xu Luoyang almost greedily. He was wearing light blue pyjamas and his hair which had been blow dried was a little dishevelled, making him look more than a little boyish and the peace clasp he was wearing around his neck had slipped out of his collar, exposing a corner.

Qi Chang’an didn’t know how long he looked at him before he got up and walked over, bending down to pick him up. Xu Luoyang’s eyelids twitched for a moment, but probably because he was too sleepy and his scent was too familiar, he just rubbed himself against Qi Chang’an’s silk robe and fell back asleep.

After looking at his own bed and hesitating for a few seconds, Qi Chang’an carried him to the next bedroom.

Putting Xu Luoyang down on the bed and covering him with the blanket, Qi Chang’an turned to close the window but when he returned, he saw that Xu Luoyang, as if he had an awareness, was already hugging a plush pig in his arms and curled up with a contented look on his face.

In that moment, Qi Chang’an found himself envious of the stuffed animal.

Realising this, he stood there for a few seconds, then helped Xu Luoyang turn off the light and went back to his room.

And at this moment, in the opposite room.

Lu Di, sitting in front of a laptop with a bowl of instant noodles asked Zheng Dong, “Zheng Ge, aren’t our marketing accounts untouched? How come this news buzzing so quickly?”

The team had been keeping several marketing accounts with millions of fans, mainly to publish news and pictures about Xu Luoyang to drive the trend at key moments.

Zheng Dong, who was holding a cup of black coffee in his hand also had a headache, “You were there, so tell me, what’s going on?”

Putting down the instant noodles in his hand, Lu Di thought back carefully, “I was walking towards the press area with Xu Ge and Mr. Qi when a bunch of red roses suddenly fell from the sky. The landing point was spot on, it must have been thrown by a fan near me.”

He also sounded a bit puzzled, “Then, I don’t know what happened, Xu Ge suddenly stopped, turned around, reached out to cover Mr. Qi’s eyes, then winked at me.”

“They were standing very close?”

“Very close!” Lu Di was so sure that he gestured to prove it, “Almost right next to each other and Xu Ge was holding Mr. Qi’s hand! But Mr. Qi stood still and was particularly cooperative, not resisting at all.”

Seeing the huge reaction on Weibo, Zheng Dong himself was a little suspicious, “Is it as the fans guessed, a fan threw roses at Qi Changan, Luoyang got jealous and reached out to cover Qi Changan’s eyes, not letting him look, and asked you to hurry up and take the roses away?”

Lu Di repeated this sentence in his head and holding his instant noodles, nodded seriously, “Perfect logic!”

“Indeed, it’s perfect.” Zheng Dong pinched his eyebrows, his tone a bit worried, “There is nothing wrong with this logic from just looking at the pictures, but if this continues, tomorrow morning, Luoyang will be jealous again and it will be on the news.”

Although he felt that Xu Luoyang hadn’t yet lit up his high-end jealousy skills.

Seeing that Zheng Dong was a little worried, Lu Di didn’t quite understand, “Weren’t you afraid that Xu Ge wouldn’t have any attention for a while? Now he is going to be on the hot search for a while, and we didn’t pay for it. It’s quite good.”

Looking at the pictures taken by fans on the screen, Zheng Dong sighed, “It’s good to be on the hot search with fans, but to be on the hot search twice a day with Qi Chang’an, it’s not good.”

Thinking about Xu Luoyang and Qi Chang’an’s mode of getting along, Zheng Dong finished his black coffee and wrapped his fingers around his empty cup, “Forget it, it’s not easy for him to make friends, so if he wants to play with Qi Changan, let him.”

He could still help him out in the back anyway.

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