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Chapter 90.1

Editor: Jodi

This time, Xu Luoyang’s secrecy measures were done very well, because even until April 3rd, when the concert tickets were about to go on pre-sell, the name of the concert hadn’t been announced yet.

This unusual rhythm made his fans ask one after the other– are you really planning something?

And seeing these questions, Xu Luoyang answered them all in his heart– you’re all really underestimating me. Planning something? I’m someone who plans big things!

In the rehearsal room, he finished a set of push-ups, lay directly on the floor, then reached out to grab his phone from the side and saw that there was indeed a message from Zheng Dong asking him to call him back when he was free.

Humming a song from his new album, he directly made a video call, and the moment it connected, he said cheerfully, “Zheng Ge, you’re looking for me?”

Lately, whenever Zheng Dong saw Xu Luoyang, he would reflexively get a headache. “En, about that album called ‘Boyfriend’.” His words were interrupted as he saw Xu Luoyang on the screen laughing uncontrollably. He frowned deeply, very worried, “Stop laughing hahaha, do you think you’re a husky?”

Xu Luoyang quickly covered his mouth with his hand, saying in a muffled voice, “You speak, you speak, I really won’t laugh!”

“The mixing and mastering processing have already been completed, and it’s expected that the day after tomorrow it will be sent to the factory for pressing, then afterwards, a sample will be sent back to you. Listen to it first to make sure that there aren’t any problems with the sound quality and that the audio isn’t different, then we will start the official mass production.”

“Okay!” Xu Luoyang covered his forehead with a towel, wiped his sweat away casually, then asked with a smile, “Then the promotional poster for the album must have come out, right? Can you send me a copy?”

Zheng Dong raised an eyebrow, “Just the album poster?”

“Sure enough, it’s Zheng Ge who understands me!” Rolling over, Xu Luoyang sat up, holding his phone up with a beaming smile, “Then send me the promotional poster for the concert as well!”

And within two minutes after hanging up the video call, Xu Luoyang received two high-definition images sent by Zheng Dong.

Then after flipping back and forth a countless number of times, he finally saved them.

Then patting his head, he threw the phone aside, stood up, and bounced on the spot, then feeling strength returning to his arms and legs, run over to turn on the accompaniment to continue practicing his dance.

It wasn’t until nine o’clock in the evening that he finally stopped, propping his hands on his knees as he panted, and sweat dripping from his jawline to the floor, he brushed the fine hairs on his forehead up, and seeing that his legs were shaking so much that he couldn’t stand steadily, he simply let himself lie back down on the floor.

However just then, he felt as if someone was watching him, and turning around subconsciously, he really found someone standing at the doorway of the rehearsal room.

“Chang’an?” A smile spread across his face immediately, “Why did you come over?”

Qi Chang’an was wearing a deep grey trench coat, his voice gentle, “It’s raining outside, so I came to pick you up.”

He placed the umbrella he brought against the wall by the door, walked over to him, then handed him the thermos he had brought, “It’s warm water.”

“En.” Xu Luoyang drank it all in one go, then stretched out his arm, and Qi Chang’an, understanding, took his hand and pulled him up. Then using a towel, wiped the sweat from his face and tidied up his hair, “Do you want to go back now or practice a bit more?”

Xu Luoyang had been spending all his spare time in the rehearsal room recently, practicing late into the night every day.

“Go back now, go back now, I obviously had a luxurious takeaway meal tonight, but I’m unexpectedly hungry again at just nine o’clock!”

“There’s soup stewing at home, perfect for drinking when we get back.”

Xu Luoyang’s eyes widened, “There’s soup to drink?” His heart bubbling with happiness, he moved over directly and kissed Qi Chang’an’s face, “Let’s go, go, go, home for soup!”

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