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Chapter 8.1

“Are you feeling better? Are you still running a fever?” Xu Luoyang came back with the packed porridge and small dishes, asking while changing his shoes at the door. He sniffed and looked at Qi Chang’an who came over, “Huh, did someone come to the house?”

The temperature was high at noon, and he had walked rather quickly, so his hair was wet with sweat. Feeling the slightly long bangs block his eyes, Xu Luoyang raised his hand and casually brushed his hair back, exposing his bare forehead.

“I’m a lot better, the fever has gone down.” Qi Chang’an took the things in Xu Luoyang’s hand and seeing his eyes full of curiosity looking at him, he unconsciously smiled, “My agent came by this morning and brought me medicine.”

“I told you! I have a very good nose, the house still smells like men’s perfume, I could smell it right away!” Xu Luoyang raised his chin proudly and thought of another question, “The medicine that your agent brought over, is it the same kind of medicine bottle that you have in your drawer, the number 123 kind?”

He had seen Qi Chang’an take two of them, the number 01 and the number 04.

“Hmm, my illness is a bit complicated, and many of the medicines sold outside don’t work on me, so I’ve been taking special medicine. I was in a hurry to get here, so I didn’t have all the medicine with me. My manager took the time to send them here for me.”

Xu Luoyang nodded earnestly, sighing in his heart – ai, contestant Qi Chang’an has once again demonstrated the ‘serious sweet-talk fooling technique’, but as a good roommate of the year, he will still thoughtfully chose to support him!

The porridge still hot, Xu Luoyang had a spoon in his left hand and chopsticks in his right, very well prepared, “The porridge I bought for you is fruit and oatmeal, there are no apples in it, only sorbets. Mine is chicken with vegetables, if you don’t want to eat fruit oats we can swap.”

“No, fruit oats is delicious.” After a few seconds’ pause, Qi Chang’an suddenly spoke up again, “Do you think — I’m too picky?”

“It’s okay, after all, every… person has the freedom to pick their food.” Xu Luoyang said, suddenly remembered something, “Speaking of which, this reason was thought up when I was a child in order to refuse eating carrots. After hearing me say it, my dad and mum thought it made sense, and through a show of hands, the [No Carrot Act] was enacted.”

“The [No Carrot Act]?” Qi Chang’an’s tone had a hint of envy that he didn’t even notice, “Your family is very interesting.”

“I feel the same way,” Xu Luoyang simply put down his spoon and fluttered his eyebrows, “My dad is good at home, only he’s immersed in art every day. He’s so mysterious, but jealous on a daily basis, always thinking that I’m taking my mum’s attention and dislikes that I look better than him.

My mum is a screenwriter, right? She acts like a teenager too many times a day, and she thinks fairy tales were written without logic or freshness. So the bedtime stories I listened to as a child were always something like ‘The Scriptures of the Mountain and the Sea’ or ‘The Book of the Searching God’, or just weird stories she made up on the spot.”

Xu Luoyang sighed and concluded, “So, it’s really not easy for me to grow up to be such a positive and upright young man!”

Qi Chang’an listened, somewhat lost in thought – so, a father and mother should be like this?

After lunch, Qi Chang’an stood up to clear the table and spoke to Xu Luoyang, “I’m going to California in two days, I’ve already asked for leave from Director Zhang.”

“California?” Xu Luoyang was watching TV, and after changing the channel, he secretly put the remote control behind his back and hid it. When Qi Chang’an saw it, a smile flashed in his eyes, but he didn’t reveal it.

“Hmm, I was acting in a movie over there, and it’s already finished, but the director asked me to go over there to make up a few scenes.”

When he said that, Xu Luoyang quickly responded, “I know that! Is it ‘Absolute Pursuit 2’, right? I secretly went to the cinema and saw the first one, then I watched it twice!”

He had heard that this movie was the most valuable sequel in the past two years. After the first film came out, it swept the global box office. So from the beginning of the second film, it had been attracting a lot of attention and the Asian roles in it were very sought-after with countless people fighting to the death.

The official audition was held and in the end, Qi Chang’an got the role.

“Hmm, that’s the movie.” Seeing Xu Luoyang’s curiosity, Qi Chang’an couldn’t help but say more, “Basically, the original production team remained the same, and I only had about ten minutes of scenes in it. It wasn’t long after I joined the set that it was finished, but the scriptwriter there kept changing the scenes over and over again, so I need to rush back to make up the scenes.”

His curiosity satisfied, Xu Luoyang asked hesitantly, “Will you be gone for a long time?”

“It won’t be long, I can be back in a week or so, sorry to leave you alone.”

“Sigh, I’ll be very lonely when you’re gone!” Xu Luoyang reached out and patted Qi Chang’an’s shoulder lightly and quickly, saying seriously, “It’s okay, spread your wings and fly! But do remember to bring back the specialties, I’m counting on you to improve the food!”

Qi Chang’an didn’t feel any aversion at the brief contact. He smiled, “Alright, I will definitely bring back a lot.”

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