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Chapter 62.2

As the hour hand pointed to ’11’, Qi Chang’an tapped the ‘Top Secret Mission’ broadcast again, asking, “Should we continue?” and seeing Xu Luoyang nod, pressed play.

Hearing Qi Chang’an’s voice came through the speakers, Xu Luoyang looked at the screen to see the scene where Qi Chang’an had used the ghost’s rubber tongue to tie it’s hands up before interrogating it about the location of the mission item.

As countless comments floated across the screen, Xu Luoyang poked Qi Chang’an’s waist and asked, “Is it true, as they say, that you secretly held a grudge because the ‘ghosts’ scared me earlier, so you seized the opportunity for revenge?”

“En, pretty much.”

Xu Luoyang, lying on Qi Chang’an’s lap, laughed, “Wow wow wow, my domineering President! I’ve fallen for you, come, give me a kiss!”

The show continued and Xu Luoyang focused on observing the high-end editing techniques used by the program team then grabbing his phone from the side, opened Weibo to check the trending topics only to be surprised that #GuChengCP was still number one, but the third topic had changed to #XuLuoyang’srevelation.

Puzzled, he asked, “What secrets did I reveal without knowing?”

When he clicked on the topic, he was genuinely shocked. “Are there really no genius detectives or FBI agents hiding among my fans?”

“——Sweet fairies! Do you remember the different sized slippers at the entrance of Luoyang’s home when the crew went to pick him up? How about the matching couple’s toothbrush cups that flashed by? Or the question Luoyang asked Mr. Qi during the ‘Guess What I’m Thinking’ segment? This old auntie never expected our beloved CP to be this powerful! [wipes nosebleed.jpg]”

“——Spent the New Year countdown together, shared breakfast, matching toothbrush cups, matching slippers, matching towels— okay, we really don’t know anything!!”

“——Ah ah ah, Mr. Qi with a bow and arrow is so handsome, it’s out of this world!! I want to see him in a historical drama! Also, also, ‘You’re the only one on my mind; if I don’t pamper you, who should I pamper?; I’ll do whatever Luoyang says! Anyway, I know nothing too~ [heart pounding.jpg]”

“——Wow, have you all forgotten the jealousy part? Luoyang contradicted himself before then deleted a post, saying he’d never be jealous! I thought it’d remain a mystery, but he ended up revealing it himself! His exact words were, ‘Last time we went to watch the band performance together, what did I do when you went up on stage to sing?– You got jealous.’ I’ve watched that part over 30 times that my teenage heart has exploded into cinders!!!”

“——I’m new to this fandom~ I just want to say, if this doesn’t count as love! I’ve been so addicted to their sweetness that I can’t stop! Why are there so many sweet moments? It’s like getting cavities!! And diabetes from all the sweetness!!”

Xu Luoyang handed the phone to Qi Chang’an for him to read as well. “It has actually circled back to the jealousy thing again.” He thought about it, “One day, I’ll try to be so jealous that I create a Pacific Ocean of vinegar, just to shock them again!”

Qi Chang’an chuckled, “En, you’re very ambitious.”

Just then, a message notification sounded from the phone. Xu Luoyang opened it and said, “As expected, it’s from Director Chu. The only people who text me now, besides those reminding me to pay my phone bill, pick up packages or send me ads, are really just Director Chu.”

After reading the message, Xu Luoyang and Qi Chang’an exchanged a glance. “They actually finished filming the movie today? I simply can’t believe it!”

Qi Chang’an agreed, “Initially, I estimated that the film would take until next summer to complete.” Then he added, “and that was assuming everything went smoothly.”

“Exactly! If Director Chu doesn’t act up or make last minute changes to the script, I’d think someone was impersonating him. After all, even a supporting actor like me, with not many scenes, was on set for so long!”

As they spoke, Xu Luoyang quickly found Chu Wei’s Weibo and shared the latest update about the movie ‘Chaotic World’ completing its filming.

“Speaking of which, I only just found out that the movie I’m in is called ‘Chaotic World’.” After some thought, Xu Luoyang posted a picture of himself dressed as Emperor Zi Chu in his dragon robe on his Weibo, with the caption, “Here’s an opportunity for all of you to be honest– is Zhen unparalleled in handsomeness?”

As soon as he refreshed the page, countless comments appeared, all neatly aligned and mentioning Qi Chang’an.

Seeing this, Qi Chang’an switched to his own account directly on Xu Luoyang’s phone, sharing the post with the comment, “My emperor is unmatched. //Xu Luoyang: Here’s an opportunity for all of you to be honest– is Zhen unparalleled in handsomeness?”

With the response, both comment sections exploded.

“—The flirting has broken through the sky! ‘My emperor’ translated into modern Chinese is ‘my Luoyang,’ right? Going a little further it’s even a bit like ‘my beloved!’ Please give my language skills a perfect score!”

“—I can’t handle this! Fine, fine, whatever you say!”

“—Director Chu actually finished filming so soon? However Luoyang as the emperor looks fantastic! I’m making an international call! I’m so curious about his role; from the stills, he seems unwell and a bit gloomy. Is he a sickly and moody young emperor? Ah!”

“—Saving up for movie tickets! Also, when will ‘Divergent Road’ with Mr. Qi starring in it be released? Will it be after the film festival? I can’t wait!”

Xu Luoyang glanced at the number of people Qi Chang’an was following, which still showed ‘1’ and licked his lips, “You’re still following only me?”

“En, this account was created solely for you.”

Taking the phone back from Qi Chang’an, Xu Luoyang tried to ignore the burning tips of his ears as he asked, “Chang’an, tell me the truth– where did you learn all these sweet nothings from?”

Please tell me, I want to learn too!


“Huh?” Xu Luoyang looked puzzled. “Me? When did I teach you?”

“You didn’t teach me. It came to me naturally the moment I saw you.”

Xu Luoyang felt that one day, his little heart would go on strike due to these relentless attacks!

Unlocking his phone again, Xu Luoyang was about to tap the screen when his finger suddenly stopped. He looked cautiously at Qi Chang’an, stammering out, “Wait, Chang’an, you— my hidden account…. little emotions…”

Thoughts raced through Xu Luoyang’s mind. Not good! It can’t be what I’m thinking right? I’m scared!

Laughing at his expression, Qi Chang’an ruffled his hair, “Be good.”


From this two-word response, Xu Luoyang realized the cruel truth. Since Qi Chang’an wasn’t a supernatural creature, then he couldn’t possibly sense his small wishes. The only possibility for the sudden appearance of the afternoon tea in the lounge was…

Realizing this, his entire being was bereft. “I don’t want to be good. You found out about my hidden account long ago?” Seeing Qi Chang’an nod, Xu Luoyang hesitated before asking, “So you didn’t use any supernatural power to find out my nickname?”

“En, you told me yourself when you were drunk.”

About ten seconds later, Xu Luoyang said with anticipation, “Chang’an, how about we erase all those messy, bizarre memories about supernatural creatures and hidden accounts?”

Caressing his reddening earlobe, Qi Chang’an’s voice was tinged with laughter, “But I want to remember every second we’ve spent together and everything that happens.”

“So that when we’re old, we’ll reminisce about it together.”

In this moment, Xu Luoyang felt his heart ache again!

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