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Chapter 20.2

Seeing that none of them were eating, Xu Luoyang rolled up his sleeves, moved the dishes that Qi Chang’an could eat a little closer, set the ones Director Zhang and the Screen Writer loved across the table, then took his chopsticks and ate happily.

Out of the corners of his eyes, Qi Chang’an saw Xu Luoyang eating the hot food too fast in a non stop manner and smoothly poured a cup of cold tea and pushed it over. Not even looking at it, Xu Luoyang took it and poured it into his mouth, not being polite at all.

Director Zhang was very satisfied as he looked on from across the table – the effect of living together was ideal!

After lunch was over it was close to four o’clock. Xu Luoyang didn’t go back to his room, but followed Cheng Jing to his room to discuss the role of ‘Qin Chao’. The two of them were both detail-oriented, and by the time they finally redesigned one of ‘Qin Chao’s’ habitual gestures, it was already dark.

Xu Luoyang hummed and helped Cheng Jing close the door to his room when his phone suddenly rang. Looking at the name displayed on the screen, he smiled involuntarily, “Chang’an?”

There was no sound.

Feet jerking to a halt, Xu Luoyang identified the voice coming from the earpiece carefully and shouted ‘Chang’an’ again, but there was still no response.

His heart suddenly sinking, he didn’t say another word and ran up, holding the phone tightly. He was now on the fifth floor, but after running two steps in the direction of the elevator, he remembered that he would still have to wait for the elevator, so he turned around again and took the stairs directly.

When he opened the door to his room with a gasp and ran to the wooden door in front of the wall, he took a deep breath and raised his voice, “Chang’an, I’m coming in.” With that, he reached out and pushed the door open.

Entering into the darkness, he could vaguely see a person lying on the bed. Xu Luoyang held his breath and listened carefully, but not even hearing Qi Chang’an’s breathing, his heart twisted instantly and he turned on the light.

At this time, Qi Chang’an was curled up in bed, one hand covering his stomach, the other hand squeezing his phone tightly, his whole body obviously shivering. The white shirt he was wearing was already wrinkled, the thin blanket resting haphazardly on his waist.

Xu Luoyang’s breathing lightened as he walked over to the bed and leaned – down, his throat tight as he pronounced, “Chang’an, how are you? Does your stomach hurt?”

It took a while before Qi Chang’an’s thick eyelashes trembled slightly. Opening his eyes with difficulty, he looked at Xu Luoyang, his eyes seemingly unable to focus, “You’re back?”

“En, I’m back.” Xu Luoyang felt his nose turn sour. Qi Chang’an’s face was pale and the teeth marks on his lips were still seeping blood. He was obviously in pain and suffering so he was even biting himself. Pulling the blanket up to cover him, Xu Luoyang took a few deep breaths to calm himself down, “Chang’an, which medicine do you want to take? Number four? I’ll find it for you.”

Qi Chang’an shook his head, his lips moved but his brow immediately knitted again. Xu Luoyang reacted quickly, “Did you bite through the tip of your tongue too? Then don’t talk yet, just write it on my palm.”

With that, he put Qi Chang’an’s fingertips on his palm, only to find that his fingers were cold, like ice sculptures.

Feeling that the scratch on his palm was a ‘7’, Xu Luoyang opened the second drawer by his bed, which was indeed full of medicine bottles. Finding the bottle numbered 07, he poured hot water and tested the water temperature on himself before feeding it to Qi Chang’an.

Finally feeding him the medicine after a few difficulties, Xu Luoyang found that Qi Chang’an was still shivering from the cold, and hurried to his side to move all the blankets over and cover him up layer by layer.

After recalling in his head that he had done everything he should, Xu Luoyang then sat down next to the bed and stared at Qi Chang’an uneasily.

He was breathing very weakly, his face was white without a trace of blood, his eyelashes were trembling all the time, his forehead covered with cold sweat and his hair soaked, obviously enduring great pain.

Xu Luoyang put his hand into the quilt carefully and found that it was similar to an ice cellar, with no heat at all. Reaching a little further, he touched Qi Chang’an’s waist, there was a handful of cold sweat.

Frowning, he took his mobile phone and called Lu Di, his voice was low, “Can you go buy me electric blankets and hot water bags right now?”

Lu Di was confused by the question, “Xu Ge, it’s only October, winter gear hasn’t even had a chance to display yet.”

Xu Luoyang actually knew this. He looked at Qi Chang’an who was shivering with cold, “Forget it then, forget I asked.” Hanging up the phone, he hesitated for two seconds then took off his jacket and shoes, lifted several layers of thin blankets together, and laid down on the bed carefully. Then turned on his side so that his chest was close to Qi Chang’an’s back.

Qi Chang’an’s body stiffened and his muscles tensed. Xu Luoyang soothed him hurriedly, “Chang’an, it’s me.”

Probably because he recognized his voice, Qi Chang’an relaxed slowly.

From childhood, Xu Luoyang grew up as a child who didn’t like to be sick and exercised all year round. He didn’t look strong, but his body was very good and his body temperature was high. When Qi Chang’an’s body stopped rejecting him, he slowly hugged him tighter – crap, he’s really cold! Was Qi Chang’an an ice demon?

It took almost half an hour before there was finally some warmth inside the comforter.

Xu Luoyang hooked Qi Chang’an’s ice like feet and asked him, “Better?”

It took a while before Qi Chang’an made a sound, “Mm, a little better.” With a wound on the tip of his tongue, his speech was a little slurred.

“Why the sudden stomach pain? Is it because you ate too much mixed food in the afternoon?” Xu Luoyang recalled and compared carefully. There were more types of different dishes than usual and the amount of food he ate seemed to be a little more. He sighed, “Looks like I’ll have to supervise you carefully next time.”


Noticing that chatting seemed to distract Qi Chang’an, Xu Luoyang continued to find a topic, “Did you pass out from pain again? And called me before losing consciousness?”


Still a very light response, but Xu Luoyang felt heartbroken. He could even imagine what happened. Before losing consciousness, Qi Chang’an tried his best to get through to him to call for help. If he hadn’t picked the call-

Unwilling to imagine this possibility, Xu Luoyang placed his warm palm on Qi Chang’an’s stomach and whispered, “Call me in the future too, I will definitely rush back as fast as I can to help you find medicine.”

After he finished, he spoke very slowly again and began to talk about his and Cheng Jing’s discussion of the plot and the slight changes to a few lines. His voice was very soft and slow, as if he was telling a bedtime story.

It was unknown if the medicine he took had taken effect, or if enduring the pain had exhausted his strength, but Qi Chang’an slowly fell asleep.

Xu Luoyang waited for him to fall asleep then wanted to get out of bed to boil some hot water to wipe the cold sweat from Qi Chang’an’s body. Unexpectedly, just as he moved, Qi Chang’an woke up, his right eye had little focus and his voice was permeated with unease, “Luoyang?”

Giving up his intention to go boil hot water, Xu Luoyang hugged him again, “Sleep, I’ll hold you.”

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