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Chapter 72.1

You Li Entertainment.

Sitting in an office chair, Xu Luoyang nodded over and over again, “Right, right, right! Zheng Ge, you’re spot on!”

Looking at Xu Luoyang’s incomparably sincere expression, Zheng Dong’s heart ached as he rubbed his temples, “Just hold off on talking for a moment, let me catch my breath!” After a two second respite, he couldn’t help but ask the same question for the fourth time, “It’s only been a week, how did you manage to gain so much weight that you can’t even button your shirt?”

“To answer this incredibly serious question, I sincerely suggest that you ask Chang’an to get the final answer.” Xu Luoyang added cautiously, “Actually, the main issue is that my clothes are too tight. I’ve really only gained a little bit of weight…”

As he said this, he even made a pinching gesture with his thumb and forefinger to show that he had only put on a tiny bit of weight.

But seeing Zheng Dong’s less than pleased expression, he covered his mouth hurriedly, only to hear Zheng Dong say, “If I really go bald, it will be because of stress caused by you guys!”

You guys? Catching the keyword, Xu Luoyang, still covering his mouth, asked in a muffled voice, “What’s wrong with Shan Shan?”

Just then, the door to the office swung open, and Ye Shan Shan’s voice rang out from the doorway, “Huh? Luoyang, were you calling me?”

Then walking in and seeing Xu Luoyang’s hand covering his mouth, was concerned, “Luoyang, what’s wrong? Have you lost a tooth? Why are you covering your mouth?”

“…..” No, I haven’t, don’t overthink it.

Zheng Dong looked at Ye Shan Shan who had drawn a little mustache over his lips as a disguise and rubbed his hair in distress— the first troublemaker was still here and the second had just arrived.

With Ye Shan Shan sharing the heat, Xu Luoyang felt much more relaxed, even having time to daydream, and when Zheng Dong uttered the words, “You guys can leave now”, the two bolted from the office as fast as they could.

Zheng Dong: “…..”

In the elevator, as Xu Luoyang watched the floor numbers changing, he asked Ye Shan Shan, “Are you busy later?”

“Nope, Gong Yue has to work late tonight, so I won’t be picking him up from the office till midnight.” Blinking, Ye Shan Shan leaned in to ask quietly, “Can we grab dinner?”

Xu Luoyang nodded, lowering his voice in response, “Smart move!”

An hour later, Xu Luoyang and Ye Shan Shan arrived at a private restaurant. At the same time, a new message appeared on Qi Chang’an’s phone.

Putting down the documents he was working on, he checked his phone, only to find a message from Xu Luoyang. It included the address of the restaurant and the approximate length of the dinner— his intention was very clear: Please come pick me up.

After reading the message several times, Qi Chang’an leaned back in his chair, a smile on his face, then getting up, he picked up a thin jacket and walked out the door.

Meanwhile, the ordered dishes had arrived. Holding their little wine glasses, Xu Luoyang and Ye Shan Shan clinked them, then decided to be serious about watching over each other.

“We can’t be like last time, getting so drunk that we couldn’t even think straight! We have to drink less!”

Ye Shan Shan echoed seriously, “Right!”



After putting down their wine glasses, they each had a half bowl of soup. Ye Shan Shan’s eyes narrowed in delight, “Super delicious! This mushroom soup is really superb!” Putting the small bowl down, he picked up his chopsticks then started to chat, “Speaking of, Qi Chang’an worked really fast with that situation from the show!”

Xu Luoyang thought for a moment, then realized what he was talking about, “You mean the release of the surveillance footage near the factory?”

“Yep. When I went to check the surveillance, I found that Qi Chang’an was already on the move, so I just sat back and watched. However since there was nothing for me to do, life suddenly lost a lot of fun! After all, revealing the true face of a disguised villain is quite interesting.”

Xu Luoyang picked, then gave him a piece of sweet and sour pork rib, smiling as he comforted him, “Shan Shan, your ultimate move was already super strong. They say Wen Zhiling has been demoted and because he had hidden his marital status and abandoned his wife and children, his in-laws are very dissatisfied with him.”

“Wen Zhiling? He’s really trash. When he asked his ex-wife for a divorce, she had just had a miscarriage due to overwork, but even in that situation, she couldn’t bear to expense of hospital care and went home. When I checked, the timeline pretty much suggested that Wen Zhiling came home asking for a divorce right after she got discharged from the hospital.”

Xu Luoyang was shocked, “Damn, there’s no end to how low he can go!”

“Exactly, despise such jerks!”

Reaching a high degree of agreement on their thoughts and viewpoints, the two clinked glasses again in perfect sync.

After finishing their drinks, Ye Shan Shan suddenly thought of something, “Speaking of big moves, how was the secret weapon I gave you last time?”

The chopsticks in his hand pausing, the tips of Xu Luoyang’s ears burned uncontrollably, “Haven’t used it yet.” The one time with his hand, that probably didn’t count…. right?

“You haven’t used it yet?” Ye Shan Shan reacted, “That’s right, you hurt your leg a few days ago. How are your injuries healing?”

“Pretty good, but I’m super distressed! For some reason, Chang’an is convinced that eating pork trotter soup will make the injuries on my legs heal faster. I’ve almost been traumatized by it over the past few days! But the injuries are healing pretty fast; I just don’t dare to do intense exercise for now. I’m afraid the wound will break open.”

Just as Xu Luoyang finished saying the last sentence, he unintentionally imagined the scene of ‘intense exercise’ and unsure if it was because of the alcohol or something else, his heart started beating faster.

Ye Shan Shan was busy eating, “Let me know how it goes once you’ve used it.”

“Sure!” Xu Luoyang agreed readily, then suddenly reacted, “Damn! You’ve eaten almost all the dishes while we were chatting! You’re actually such a Shan Shan!”

Holding a rib between his chopsticks, Ye Shan Shan said sincerely and seriously, “I won’t gain weight when I eat, but you will.”

“…..” Could they still be friends?

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