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Chapter 65.2

Director Wen’s prediction was correct. When the first half of the second episode aired on the evening of the 30th, fans couldn’t take it from the beginning. The topics ‘Guan Xian Gets Lost’ and ‘Qi Chang’an Shoots Arrows’ quickly became hot topics. Then as Xu Luoyang’s head poked out of the tent, the barrage of comments quieted down for a moment before exploding immediately.

“—I’ve taken a screenshot! We have another emoticon! Poking his head out, with big eyes, Luoyang is so cute! I’m screaming!”

“—My my my my my goodness! After they mosaic’ed last night, they mosaic’ed again, then I never expected that Xu Luoyang would mosaic Qi Chang’an and that Qi Chang’an would mosaic!”

“—So, Mr. Qi got up early to fetch water for Luoyang who was still sleeping in the tent to wash his face? Ah ah ah, even fetching water Mr. Qi looks so handsome! Such doting, such doting! I’m finished, I’m hopelessly addicted to their sweetness!”

“—I’m having a nosebleed! They actually slept together! Slept together! Gu Cheng ah ah ah!”

At this time, Xu Luoyang’s birthday celebration had just ended. When he returned backstage, he saw Zheng Dong talking to Lu Di with a cup of black coffee in his hand.

“Di Zi, show the screenshots to your Xu Ge.”

Taking the tablet from Lu Di, Xu Luoyang looked through the screenshots then heard Zheng Dong ask slowly, “What do you think?”

Xu Luoyang was a little embarrassed, “At that time, I thought Chang’an was missing, so I was worried. I didn’t expect to expose us like that.”

Zheng Dong sighed, “I’ve found that your ability to dismantle your own privacy is so impressive that even giving you a perfect score wouldn’t be too much!”

Xu Luoyang scratched his head, “Haha, Zheng Ge, you’re flattering me!”

“Your schedule has already been arranged. Tomorrow afternoon and June 1st have been cleared for you. You can make your own plans.” Putting the cup of coffee on the table, Zheng Dong emphasized, “I don’t care what you and Qi Chang’an plan to do, just don’t get caught by the paparazzi!”

Seeing Xu Luoyang nodding seriously, he finally smiled, “Luoyang, happy birthday.”

The next afternoon, Xu Luoyang updated his Weibo with a selfie and the caption, “The soon to be out of print 25 year old me.” In less than a minute, the number of comments broke into the five digits. Countless fans below were crying out, ‘I’m too late! I’m not even in the first 5,000, let alone the first 10,000! Why is everyone’s speed so fast!”

Xu Luoyang glanced down at the comments then turned off his phone. Looking at the three-story villa outside the window of the car, he said to Qi Chang’an who was sitting in the passenger seat, “This is it.”

Taking out the keys, he opened the door and found a pair of new gray slippers from the shoe cabinet for Qi Chang’an. Putting on another pair of beige ones himself, he explained, “I don’t come here often, but someone comes to clean every week.”

Noticing that Xu Luoyang’s mood had been off since they got out of the car, Qi Chang’an took his hand, “Nao Nao?”

Hearing the worry in Qi Chang’an’s voice, Xu Luoyang smiled, “I’m fine, I’m just a little nervous.” He led Qi Chang’an upstairs, “I’ve lived in this house since I can remember. After my father passed away, living here alone felt a bit…. too empty, so I moved.”

They went up to the third floor and Xu Luoyang opened the door to a bedroom, “This is my room.”

The room was spacious, with sunlight streaming in through the floor-to-ceiling windows, making the interior bright.

There were many picture frames on a display cabinet against the wall. Pointing to one of them, Qi Chang’an asked with a smile, “Is that also you?”

Following the direction he was pointing, Xu Luoyang’s ears turned red, “That was taken when I was 100 days old.” His eyes wandered about, “That’s why…. that’s why I’m naked and not wearing any pants.”

After a moment though, he walked over quickly, “Chang’an, don’t focus on this. Look at these instead!”

Then, Xu Luoyang pointed to a picture and said, “Look, this is when I got the top grade in class and went on stage to receive the award. My mom took this picture. This is when I received the ‘Triple Excellence’ student award for the first time. This is a group picture with my teammates from playing street basketball in my first year of high school. And here, I participated in a swimming competition in junior high and won a third place prize. Isn’t that super impressive?”

Qi Chang’an looked at the clean and bright smile of Xu Luoyang in the pictures, his eyes gentle, “En, super impressive.”

Xu Luoyang’s eyes were filled with laughter, “We can look at the pictures later. Let me show you this first!”

Bending down, he dragged a wooden box out from under the bed and opened it to reveal a box full of letters.

“These are the letters my mom wrote to me before she passed away. There are several letters for each birthday, up until my 25th birthday. So I come back here once a year, but there won’t be any more after this year.”

Qi Chang’an looked at the top envelope, which read ‘To 25 year old Nao Nao’. Sitting down on the floor, he held Xu Luoyang’s hand then kissed the back of it gently, the tone of his voice serious as he said, “From now on, I’ll write a letter to you every year on this day, okay?”

His nose sour, Xu Luoyang nodded lightly, “Okay.”


Xu Nao Nao’s little emotions:

After so many years, I have a home again.

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