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Chapter 44.2

It was already light outside, the sun leaking in a little through the cracks in the curtains. Qi Chang’an had fallen asleep and Xu Luoyang was lying next to him. He had been seriously brewing for half an hour, but no sleep came at all, so he eventually gave up.

After thinking about it, he simply turned to his side and stared at Qi Chang’an, exclaiming in his mind as he did so– the person he liked was so handsome! As he looked at him, he smiled again, feeling really lucky that the person he liked also happened to like him.

After watching him for almost an hour, the joy in Xu Luoyang’s heart brewed little by little into wine and he was getting drunk before he could even drink it. Quietly moving his right hand towards Qi Chang’an, he stretched out his little finger and hooked it very gently around his finger successfully, causing happiness to explode!

At this moment, Xu Luoyang simply wanted to send out a post to celebrate– after remaining stubbornly single for 25 years. From now on, he was out of the category of older empty nesting male youths and Qi Chang’an was no longer an older empty nesting male demon!

But Weibo…. it suddenly occurred to Xu Luoyang that from the time he woke up, he hadn’t even seen his phone yet.

After a moment of recollection, Xu Luoyang was sure that his phone was in the pocket of Qi Chang’an’s trousers. He hesitated for a couple of seconds before his right hand started to reach into Qi Chang’an’s pocket, committing himself to smuggling the phone out quietly without waking Qi Chang’an up.

Xu Luoyang was extremely focused on what he was doing, dragging the phone out with two fingers, but it unexpectedly slipped, causing him to switch to three fingers, making sh sh sh, sounds as he continued to carry it.

Just as he was concentrating on the phone, his fingers were suddenly grabbed by Qi Chang’an, followed by a somewhat helpless voice, “Nao Nao.”

“Hmm?” Subconsciously responding, it took a few seconds for Xu Luoyang to react, “Did I wake you?” His tone was chagrined.

“No,” because you are around, “I wasn’t really sleeping that much.” Qi Chang’an maintained his grip on his fingers, his voice hoarse as he asked him, “What are you doing?”

Xu Luoyang’s first response was, “I’m not touching you!” Then feeling odd after saying that, try to salvaged the situation, “I didn’t mean anything else!”

What to do, it seemed even weirder……

Laughing out loud, Qi Chang’an said reassuringly, “It’s okay even if you meant something else.” Noticing that Xu Luoyang’s ears were red, the smile on his lips deepened a little, “You want to get the phone?”

“En, ” Xu Luoyang nodded and looking at Qi Chang’an, asked, “Something’s wrong, right?”


“Sure enough, ” Xu Luoyang began to guess, “It should be during my fan meeting that negative news broke out.” Seeing Qi Chang’an nod, he continued, “It happened last night, and if it was last night…… only ‘Star Show’ was airing at that time, so it should be related to the variety show or the fan meeting.”

“Both you and Zheng Ge are afraid that I’ll find out and so are hiding it from me. The weirdest thing is that Zheng Ge hasn’t even come to rush me to catch up on my announcements yet, which is just unscientific! So, it must be because the news is causing a lot of waves, which means Zheng Ge and the others are busy, so it’s a better option to keep me in the hospital for a while.”

After a pause, Xu Luoyang stated his presumed conclusion, “It’s my expulsion from my freshman year that has come to light, isn’t it?”

Hearing Xu Luoyang’s calm tone from beginning to end, it felt as if a pin was pricking Qi Chang’an’s heart, “Luoyang–“

You were only seventeen at the time.

“It’s okay,” Xu Luoyang smiled, his fingers poking the back of Qi Chang’an’s hand gently, “My capacity to endure isn’t that small. So, you’ve already found out that it’s Wang Yuxing behind this?”

Qi Chang’an looked at Xu Luoyang, whose eyes were downcast and replied seriously, “Hmm, it’s him. I had Liang Qiu look into who was behind this and discovered that about five days ago, Wang Yuxing started to set things in motion. After learning about your dismissal, he found someone to write a release and a post then hired a high-ranking water army at a high price and created some fictitious evidence.”

“And then on the variety show that aired last night, when I was confronted with the question of ‘where did I go to university’ by the host and subconsciously avoided talking about it, he seized on that and started bringing the heat straight away?”


Tugging at the blanket, Xu Luoyang pressed his feet against Qi Chang’an’s cold feet in a natural manner, briefly doing a rundown of what had happened in his head before voicing some of his doubts, “Previously when Wang Yuxing took drugs, Zheng Ge and I reported him, and for now, he shouldn’t be able to stir things up for the time being, so has there been any kind of change in between? It’s amazing that he actually has the energy to start messing around.”

“According to what Liang Qiu found out, he met a rich businessman through his agent’s connections.”

Xu Luoyang’s pupils shrank slightly, his lips curving subconsciously, “Is it……Dai Xueqing? “The last three words, he said extremely slowly.

The name was very familiar to him. When he had been expelled from school at the time, his father’s best friend had put him on a flight abroad hurriedly, “Luoyang, listen to uncle. Dai Xueqing is a treacherous and fickle person, and now he has a lot of influence, what’s more there is a lot of resentment between him and your parents, so you have to go away for a while. You’ve always been very sensible and intelligent, so you understand what uncle means, don’t you?”

Since then, he had taken the name ‘Dai Xueqing’ to heart.

“It’s him.” Qi Chang’an took Xu Luoyang’s hand in his, “I’ll keep investigating and let you know when I have the results.”


Looking into Xu Luoyang’s eyes, a corner of Qi Chang’an’s heart caved in– after the accident, both he and Zheng Dong coincidentally wanted to keep the matter under wraps, fearing that it would reveal Xu Luoyang’s already scabbed over scars.

He was far stronger than they had imagined, but it also hurt him more.

Xu Nao Nao’s little emotions:

I’m in love ~~~

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