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Chapter 21.2

Xu Luoyang didn’t sleep in Qi Chang’an’s bed at night because he couldn’t endure anymore. It was after 12 o’clock and he was too hungry.

After getting out of bed carefully and making sure he didn’t wake Qi Chang’an up, he opened the door, went back to his room, then messaged Lu Di and asked him if he was asleep.

Lu Di quickly replied, “I’m browsing through the hot search, I’m still awake.”


When he saw the word ‘hot’, Xu Luoyang subconsciously looked at the little plush pig on the bed and felt tired and even hungrier, so he hurriedly sent a message asking Lu Di to go downstairs and buy him a barbecue.

Originally, he could have gone downstairs by himself, but he didn’t know if Qi Chang’an’s condition would relapse and he was really uneasy, so he asked Lu Di to help.

Lu Di replied with two words, “Take out?”

“Yes, take out!”

Forty minutes later, the smell of roasted meat filled the room.

“Xu Ge, keep this a secret. If Zheng Ge finds out, my bonus will go down the drain!” Lu Di, wearing a long-sleeved T-shirt, finished a skewer of crispy bones in two bites and said, mimicking Zheng Dong’s tone, “Accompany Artist Xu to a late-night barbecue, if he becomes fat, will you help him lose weight?”

Xu Luoyang clutched a bowl of cold noodles happily, “Ha ha ha ha, you sound just like him! But let’s eat quietly and erase all traces of it when we’re done. If you don’t say anything, I don’t say anything, he definitely won’t know.”

As he said this, he noticed movement next door and still uneasy, stood up, “I’m going to check on Chang’an, he’s not feeling well. Wait, I’ll be back later to continue.” With that, he opened the wooden door and walked over.

Lu Di took a sip of his cold coke and was thinking about how perfect life was when he suddenly heard a knock on the door. Wondering who was knocking at this late hour, he stood up and walked towards the door.

Ten seconds later, holding up a skewer of roast meat, he looked wide-eyed at Zheng Dong at the door. Suddenly realising who was in front of him, he moved to close the door hurriedly.

But Zheng Dong was prepared for this, and with a block of his elbow and a duck, he entered the room and of course the coffee table full of wrapped boxes and kebab sticks were all exposed.

“Explain?” A chill bubbled in Zheng Dong’s voice.

Lu Di said firmly, “I ate it all myself, Xu Ge just smelled it and satisfied his cravings.”

Zheng Dong squinted at him, “If I was the one who said this, would you believe me?”

Lu Di didn’t say anything – he wasn’t stupid, how could he believe this!

Looking at the empty bed and at the covers that were gone with only the plush pig left behind, Zheng Dong’s eyes narrowed and his tone became even more dangerous, “Where is your Xu Ge?”

Saying ‘your Xu Ge’ instead of ‘our Luoyang’, Lu Di swore by his height that Zheng Dong was now very unhinged. He explained stiffly, “Next door, because…”

But before he could finish his words, he found Zheng Dong lowering his voice carefully, “Unexpectedly, he is really in love? He brought his sweetheart to live with him? Poor plush pig, your master didn’t even take you with him.” Then he said with an aggrieved tone, “But Luoyang clearly promised not to hide it from me if he had a sweetheart and, surprisingly, you didn’t tell me! You’re helping him cover it up!”

Lu Di stood honestly in place, listening attentively, but the more he listened, the more confused he became. Didn’t Xu Ge go next door to take care of Mr. Qi? How come he had a sweetheart living with him? That ten thousand year old single dog had a sweetheart?

At that moment, the wooden door opened and Xu Luoyang walked out. Seeing Zheng Dong standing in the middle with the still uneaten barbecue in the background, he couldn’t help but look guilty – crap why was Zheng Ge here? Was it because his name was just mentioned in the chat and it summoned him straight over? Again, he kept on feeling like the heavens were going to kill him! He guessed he wouldn’t be able to eat meat for a month!

When Zheng Dong saw the guilty expression on his face, he was even more sure of his suspicions, “Can you prepare me mentally first before you act? But what about the object of your affection?” There was expectation in his tone.

“??” Xu Luoyang looked puzzled.

Zheng Dong also noticed that something was wrong, “Not a love interest? Then the one who lives next door… who is it?”

Before Xu Luoyang could respond, Qi Chang’an walked out from behind him, “It’s me.”

There was an inexplicable silence.

After a few seconds, Zheng Dong suddenly looked at Lu Di and said stiffly, “Finish what you didn’t finish before.”

Lu Di continued carefully, “Next door, because Mr. Qi is sick and Xu Ge is taking care of him.”


The four of them sat down around the coffee table. Qi Chang’an’s right eye had recovered, but his body was still a bit weak, so Xu Luoyang placed the plush pig behind him for him to use as a cushion.

Then Xu Luoyang said very self-consciously, “Zheng Ge, I really don’t have a love interest, if I did, I would have told you. I was wrong for eating so much barbecue in the middle of the night, I promise not to eat meat for a week and keep my weight under control.”

“The show starts the day after tomorrow, so you do have to get your weight under control. Then it’s a deal, a week.” After saying that, Zheng Dong’s eyes looked at Xu Luoyang worriedly, “But how come you haven’t fallen in love yet? Your father not only pursued your mother when he was your age, he also got married.”

“……” Xu Luoyang had mixed feelings. While other agents strictly prevented their artists from falling in love, his agent was worried every day that he would not be wanted and end up alone.

Zheng Dong changed the subject again, “The pressure from the company’s side has been handled. When you finish this drama, your schedule will be busy. I’ll help you screen scripts and endorsements first, you don’t have to worry about filming.”

Xu Luoyang nodded and the atmosphere turned very harmonious.

But Zheng Dong didn’t know, that just after promising not to eat meat for a week, Xu Luoyang’s phone received a message from Qi Chang’an, “I’ll share all of mine with you.”

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