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Chapter 94.1 Extra(2)

Editor: Jodi

At two o’clock in the afternoon, Xu Luoyang, wearing a white t-shirt and jeans, sat spiritedly in the passenger seat. Qi Chang’an fastened his seatbelt for him, asking him, “Nao Nao, what are you reciting?”

Ever since they left the house, Xu Luoyang had been reciting something to himself seriously.

“I’m reciting the ‘Yi Jin Jing’. I need to seize the time before the battle starts to cleanse my tendons and marrow! Our enemies are extremely powerful, so we have to be fully prepared.” And saying this, he added firmly, “During the card game later, I intend to win money through my own skill, so Chang’an, you must definitely not feed me cards sneakily or lose deliberately to me.”

The corners of his lips curving, Qi Chang’an took his hand off the steering wheel and ruffled his hair gently, “Okay, Nao Nao, you can do it.”

Xu Luoyang had visited Ye Shan Shan’s house a few times before, hence he acted as the navigator, guiding the way, and once the car reached the suburbs, it drove onto a private road and finally stopped at the front of a gate.

And getting out of the car, Xu Luoyang immediately saw Ye Shan Shan, who was in a white V-neck knitted sweater squatting on the lawn, obviously busy with something. He walked over curiously, “Shan Shan–“


Covering his mouth quickly, Xu Luoyang blinked, then mouthed, “What are you doing?”

Ye Shan Shan, with a lollipop in his mouth, motioned seriously then waited until he squatted beside him before whispering, “I’m watching snails fight!”

Then after saying this, he took a piece of fruit candy from his pocket and shared it with Xu Luoyang.


Snails….. fighting?

Xu Luoyang’s expression showed, ‘this kind of magical scene, I’ve never seen it before either! And so taking the candy, he unwrapped it and popped it into his mouth then squatting beside Ye Shan Shan, focused intently on the spectacle with him.

Meanwhile, Qi Chang’an was chatting with Gong Yue. Their conversation revolved around business and finance, and after a short while, Gong Yue realized that although Qi Chang’an lacked experience, his consciousness, thinking, and analytical abilities were exceptionally sharp, even surpassing his brother Qi Chang’yin’s.

Qi Chang’an had heard of Gong Yue before through Qi Chang’yin. Their families were involved in different fields but had some overlapping interests, hence they maintained a collaboration. He quickly noticed that Gong Yue, though not very talkative, was very precise in his words, offering insights that were extremely beneficial to him.

Just then, there were two exclamations of surprise from the side, causing Qi Chang’an and Gong Yue, who had been paying part attention to what was going on beside them to look over immediately, then they saw Xu Luoyang and Ye Shan Shan squatting on the lawn, moving back a bit and then closer again as they whispered to each other excitedly.

Not rushing over, Qi Chang’an stood there with a relaxed expression, “Luoyang has been excited since he got the call.”

Gong Yue’s tone also softened, “Shan Shan as well.”

Not far away, Xu Luoyang leaned in and whispered to Ye Shan Shan, “What do you think your family’s Majesty and Chang’an are talking about?”

Ruffling his slightly messy hair, Ye Shan Shan cleared his throat and suddenly changed his voice, “Mr. Qi, hello, nice to meet you.”

And understanding immediately, Xu Luoyang changed his voice as well, “Mr. Gong, hello, I’ve heard a lot about you.”

“The weather is nice today.”

“Indeed, the forecast predicted rain.”



Their conversation ended quickly.

Then looking at each other, they burst into uncontrollable laughter.

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