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Chapter 59.1

Feeling a slight force on his sleeve, Qi Chang’an changed his posture and blocking the cameras, hooked Xu Luoyang’s little finger lightly behind his back. “Scared?”

Xu Luoyang maintained a calm expression, but the little voice in his heart was already in tears, as he answered on a very soft whisper, “Yes.”

With a smile in his eyes, Qi Chang’an moved his fingers. “Don’t be, I’m here.”

The rules for the first episode of ‘Top Secret Action’ were very simple. Six people would be divided into two teams and whichever team found more task items before 3 p.m. would win. Conversely, the losing side would be punished.

However everyone understood that winning or losing wasn’t the important part here. What was important was their performance in the process.

Taking a megaphone, Director Wen pointed to the black-clothed box beside him, his tone still calm and unhurried. “Now, we will draw lots to form teams. Who wants to go first?”

Qin Xiaoran, who was standing on the side raised his hand with a smile. “Director, I’ll go first!” And with that, he ran over and put his hand into the box, pulling out a plastic card with the letter “i” written on it.

The second person to make the draw was Guan Xian. Xu Luoyang had seen it clearly. When Guan Xian realized that his card also had the letter “i” written on it, his face turned black. He stood next to Qin Xiaoran, but neither of them paid any attention to the other.

Xu Luoyang understood what was going on. Although he wasn’t sure about everything else, he was sure that this drawing lots segment had definitely been pre planned by the program group.

Guan Xian started learning piano in primary school then later entered the entertainment industry with the persona of a cold and aloof piano prince. His personality seemed introverted and he didn’t like to talk much. On the other hand, Qin Xiaoran was always animated in front of the camera, appearing more comical, but he had a lot of tricks up his sleeve. In public, he had once openly criticized Guan Xian’s pretentiousness, making it so that their conflict was completely out in the open.

As for Xu Luoyang and Song Yao, they had been competing fiercely for resources over the past year. They had previously competed for the Gold Pine Award, but behind Song Yao was Bai Le Media, which threw money and connections to promote him. Later, they issued a press release attacking Xu Luoyang, sparking heated online battles among their fans. Then later Xu Luoyang won the Stu endorsement and Song Yao didn’t even get a single hair. Both sides’ teams had also had a few secret interactions.

Counting everything up, there was no shortage of old grudges among the six people and coupled with the fact that he and Qi Chang’an were the designated CP for the show, there was definitely more than enough material for the show to be a hit. Plus, by inviting Qi Chang’an, who had never participated in a variety show before, it was impossible for the program group not to receive high levels of attention.

Having understood the situation, Xu Luoyang realized Rainbow TV’s ambitious plans. He could already predict the tumultuous aftermath of the broadcast.

The third person to make the draw was Jiang Liu, who finally drew a plastic card with the letters “ii” on it. Moving close to Qi Chang’an, Xu Luoyang said, “Master Xu is clairvoyant. We will definitely be on the same team!”

Sure enough, Song Yao drew a card with the letter ‘i’ on it, making that team full and Xu Luoyang and Qi Chang’an were assigned to the second team.

Jiang Liu ran over happily and stood next to Xu Luoyang, saying as he smiled brightly, “Xu Ge, please take care of me!”

Smiling with squinted eyes, Xu Luoyang pointed at Qi Chang’an and sighed, “This time, your Xu Ge, I, can only rely on Mr. Qi.”

As he said this, the staff brought over the ‘team uniform’— a very thin windbreaker that reached the knees. The color for Song Yao’s team was army green and the color for Xu Luoyang’s team was dark blue.

Xu Luoyang took the initiative to go over then took one and gave it to Qi Chang’an, gave another to Jiang Liu then finally took his own.

After checking it once, Xu Luoyang put the windbreaker on. However just as he was about to bend down to pull the zipper up, he saw Qi Chang’an crouch down in a natural manner and then help him pull it up carefully.

Jiang Liu, who was standing on the side muttered to himself, shocked by the scene, “You’ve really blinded my dog eyes!”

Xu Luoyang clenched his hand into a fist to hide the smile at the corners of his lips.

At 10:30, the two teams entered the amusement park from the south and north gates.

They first found the signs in the amusement park, took a picture of the map, then the three of them ran to the haunted house. The haunted house in this amusement park had been designed very carefully and was built on a small island in the center of a lake. To get to the island, one had to row a bamboo raft.

Taking the bamboo pole, Xu Luoyang told them, “Quick, get on the boat and let me show you my skills as we advance rapidly.”

Standing on the bamboo raft, Jiang Liu said, “Xu Ge, you can even row a bamboo raft!”

“Of course, it’s an essential survival skill!” After Xu Luoyang said this, he was so excited that he felt to sing and opening his mouth, started to do so, “Chang’an, you sit in the front, Luoyang is behind you….” When he got to this point, he suddenly realized that the lyrics were too straightforward, so he quickly held back the second half of the sentence, almost hurting himself in the process.

At this time, Jiang Liu suddenly shouted, “Xu Ge, Xu Ge, the people from the other team are catching up!”

Turning around, Xu Luoyang saw that Song Yao and his team had also arrived at the lake and were untying the rope from the bamboo raft. Clapping his hands, he sped up, adding various settings to himself, “I am the godlike hand. Don’t panic, don’t panic!”

When the three of them landed, Song Yao and his bamboo raft were still spinning in place, having not been able to row much further. Happy, Xu Luoyang run to Qi Chang’an for praise, “Chang’an, Chang’an, I’m amazing right?”

Reaching out, Qi Chang’an rubbed his head, “You’re the most amazing!”

However, the good mood of being praised only lasted less than half a minute. Standing at the door of the haunted house, Xu Luoyang was instantly scared and instinctively hid behind Qi Chang’an as he stared at the broken down big door with wide eyes, unable to say a word.

After taking two steps forward, Jiang Liu suddenly realized that Qi Chang’an and Xu Luoyang weren’t following. He reacted quickly, “Xu Ge, are you afraid?”

Just like a cat with its hair standing on end, Xu Luoyang retorted quickly, “How is that possible? It’s not as if I’m a baby!” Despite his words, he was still hiding behind Qi Chang’an, not moving an inch.

Amused by Xu Luoyang’s reaction, Qi Chang’an grabbed his wrist, “Come on, baby, I’ll protect you.”

The three of them pushed open the wooden door and walked in. The inside was lit dimly and a gust of cold wind blew by, causing an involuntary chill to run down one’s back.

As their eyes adjusted to the change in light, Jiang Liu said when he saw the interior design, “It’s actually divided into two paths. How about I go one way and you and Mr. Qi go the other?”

Noticing that Xu Luoyang’s hands were getting cold, Qi Chang’an grabbed his hands discreetly then answered on his behalf, “Okay, but no matter if we find what we’re looking for or not, we are to meet at the exit in 40 minutes.”

“Alright.” Jiang Liu shook the programme issued phone he was holding in his hand and randomly chose the path on the left and soon disappeared from sight.

Qi Chang’an turned his head to look at Xu Luoyang who was standing behind him, “Let’s go too.”

“En, go go go!” Xu Luoyang wasn’t feeling comfortable and if it wasn’t for the cameramen who were following them, he would’ve stuck himself directly to Qi Chang’an and let his demon power protect him from head to toe!

As they entered the cave on the right, after a short distance, Xu Luoyang whispered his discovery, “The ground is a little wet.” Then taking out his cell phone, he turned the flashlight on and shone it on the ground, only to almost jump up, “Chang’an…. the ground is full of blood!”

And the words he said echoed, making the situation even more frightening.

Qi Chang’an simply grabbed Xu Luoyang’s ten fingers and said warmly, “It’s fake, it must have been dyed with paint.”

The two of them continued to walk forward, with only the sound of the wind and their footsteps in the surrounding silence. Xu Luoyang’s heart was in a suspended mode, unable to go down. He licked his dry lips, “It seems there’s a sewer here, I heard the sound of water.” As he said this, he turned a corner then said with a forced smile, “Look, I told you, there’s a sewer here, but….”

However just then, he suddenly felt something cold and icy grab his ankle. Looking down, he saw a pale and skinny hand stretched out from between the metal bars in the sewer, holding his ankle tightly.

Xu Luoyang was so frightened that five seconds later, he jumped directly into Qi Chang’an’s arms, shouting, “Chang’an ge-ge save me! There’s a ghost! My foot is going to be eaten!”

His voice frightened the cameramen and the person who was playing the ghost in the sewer. Qi Chang’an hugged him, patting him on the back comfortingly, “Be good, I’m here, your foot won’t be eaten.”

Holding the camera, one of the cameramen, Zhao Xing, who was responsible for filming Xu Luoyang asked in a low voice, “Is Luoyang…. is he okay?”

Qi Chang’an looked down at the person who was holding onto his waist tightly with a somewhat helpless expression, a hint of laughter in his voice as he answered, “That crew member scared him.”

It took Xu Luoyang half a minute in Qi Chang’an’s arms before he managed to stand up straight, rubbing his face, “Let’s continue moving forward, there’s still work to be done.”

Looking at his pale face, Qi Chang’an felt his heartache and half kneeling on the ground, stretched his hand to massage his ankle. After getting up, he moved close to Xu Luoyang’s ear, hesitated for a moment, then comforted him, “It’s okay, this big demon will protect you.”

The cameramen who were following behind noticed that Xu Luoyang’s mood had improved significantly and were curious about what Qi Chang’an had said, but hadn’t been able to hear a thing and so could only stare blankly.

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