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Chapter 33.1

Qi Chang’an looked at the words for a moment and then laughed slowly.

Qi Chang’an: Mhmm, it’s snowing. //@Xu Luoyang: It’s snowing in Luoyang, Chang’an what about you? @Qi Chang’an.

It was snowing heavily in his heart.

So when Liang Qiu came over, he quickly noticed that Qi Chang’an was in a better mood than he had been in for the last few days, and with a sigh of relief, he stood by his bed and began to report according to the priority of matters.

“Young Master Chang’yin called this afternoon and asked you to chair the meeting of the Board of Directors of the branch in the country to be held in three days’ time in B City, the information is ready and I will accompany you there then.”

Leaning back against the bed, Qi Chang’an closed his eyes to rest, nodding gently, “Tell big brother I will help him hold the fort.”

“Yes.” Liang Qiu then said, “The second is about the movie. Do you have any plans to take on a new film soon? Many scripts have already been sent to the studio.”

“Not for the time being, we’ll wait until after ‘Absolute Pursuit’ is released.”

“Okay.” Liang Qiu nodded and was about to continue when he heard Qi Chang’an say, “Call Chu Wei and tell him not to withhold Luoyang’s chicken legs. If he’s short of money, I can put in funds to help him fill the funding gap.”

Liang Qiu responded in the affirmative immediately and although he didn’t know how the topic had suddenly switched to this, he still said quickly, “Okay Young Master Qi, I’ll contact Chu Wei right away.”

The snow fell for five days in a row, covering all the pavilions and buildings with a layer of snow, giving people the illusion that they had travelled back in time when walking along the road. The entire crew was also busy as the assistant director listed out all the scenes that needed snow scenes, waiting for Chu Wei to pick one.

Xu Luoyang, draped in a faux white fox fur without a trace of other colors, was standing behind the monitor, discussing the previous scenes with Chu Wei.

“You’re Zi Chu, how do you think that scene just now should have been acted?” Chu Wei asked coldly. He had also lost a lot of weight and the black down coat he was wrapped in was a little loose. However Xu Luoyang was already completely used to the way he spoke and very naturally handed over a handful of melon seeds.

Chu Wei hesitated for two seconds, but still reached out and took them, cracking the seeds with Xu Luoyang.

“In this scene, it was Noble Consort Cheng, no, Imperial Consort Cheng who wanted to get benefits for her family. She was well aware of the emperor’s infatuation with her, yet she seduced him boldly.” Xu Luoyang shrank into his white fox fur and pondered for two seconds, “Regarding Zi Chu’s mentality and reaction, I have a different viewpoint from yours. For Zi Chu, being sexually molested by Noble Consort Cheng as a child had left him with an instinctive fear of such things as sx. In addition, he was often dragged to listen to the plays of her and the emperor having sx, so Zi Chu was afraid of it. And his fondness for this woman was more on a spiritual level, with complicated feelings.”

Director Chu looked at the replay on the monitor and indeed felt a sense of dissonance, “Like?”

“Noble Consort Cheng was a powerful adult who was able to absolutely control the life of Zi Chu who was a child at the time, and Zi Chu worshipped that control. At the same time, she was a flirtatious woman who fulfilled Zi Chu’s sexual-fantasies growing up.”

Seeing Director Chu nodding thoughtfully, Xu Luoyang continued, “In addition, Noble Consort Cheng raised him with the identity of a mother, so Zi Chu unconsciously cast all his expectations of his mother onto Noble Consort Cheng. Therefore, in this scene, when Noble Consort Cheng seduces Zi Chu, Zi Chu wouldn’t feel any lustful, but will only be afraid and might even run away.”

Looking at Xu Luoyang, Chu Wei didn’t raise any objections, “Alright, you are Zi Chu, let’s shoot as you say.” With that, he looked at the crew who were catching a break, “Set up the scene, lighting technician, you have fifteen minutes to prepare.”

Seeing that there was nothing more for him to do, Xu Luoyang was about to go and sit next to him for a while when he noticed that Director Chu suddenly turned around and asked him, “Was the chicken leg at noon good?”

“Yes!” The crew had started handing out chicken legs again in the past two days and he had already prepared himself mentally that he wouldn’t get one, however he hadn’t expected that he would have a share.

Chu Wei nodded, “Mmm, chicken legs are quite expensive.”


Sitting down on the small bench next to him, Xu Luoyang quickly put aside the doubts in his mind and took his mobile phone out to send a message to Qi Chang’an.

Qi Chang’an had sent a picture of a cactus twenty minutes ago. Zooming in on the picture, he typed in surprise, “It’s actually not dead!”

With Chang’an’s demon power boost, things were definitely not the same!

He had previously brought the cactus to Qinli Town and carried it all the way to Xunyang Film City, before asking Zheng Dong help bring it back to B City when the weather got cold. It was surprising that it was all still alive after being unattended for so long.

After chatting for a few minutes, Director Chu called him. Xu Luoyang typed hurriedly, “I’m about to start filming, we’ll talk after we’re done!”

At the same time, Qi Chang’an was holding his phone, standing by the bed in Xu Luoyang’s bedroom in the penthouse. Reaching out, he picked up a plain white pillow and slowly lowering his head in it, took a deep breath–

The fierce beast in his heart, which had gradually started getting cranky because he couldn’t see him, was soothed anew.

Time always flew very fast on a set. Looking at the calendar, Xu Luoyang collapsed on the big bed in the hotel with a long sigh, “I can’t believe I’ve been filming for twenty days! After acting as this emperor, I think I’ve become a bit smart.”

It was unknown if it was because he was a bit deep into the drama, but he even felt that he wasn’t very good-tempered lately, as if he had been affected by his role. This was a situation he had seen before with Qi Chang’an when they had been filming ‘Divergent Road’.

In the second half of the shoot, Qi Chang’an became significantly less talkative, and often stared in silence, his expressions and movements mirroring those of his character in the scene.

Zheng Dong was looking at his laptop, remotely directing his Publicity Assistant Xue Ying to control the direction of a hot search and hearing Xu Luoyang’s exclamation, comforted him, “The filming is going quite well. After you’re done, you will probably get over it after getting some shut-eye and a barbecue.” Without giving Xu Luoyang time to retort, he asked again, “How did you get involved with this Lin Wei Na?”

Xu Luoyang rolled over and sat up, expressing his grievance, “I didn’t know either. She’s the third lead acting as an enemy princess, I haven’t even done a scene with her! And weren’t you also there? I only spoke five words to her, and that’s including a good morning and a goodbye.”

Saying this, Xu Luoyang’s face scrunched up, “I didn’t expect that she would have someone quietly film it, and directly use the caption that I was having lunch with her, talking and laughing!”

Zheng Dong was about to tell him that this Lin Wei Na was very scheming and very ambitious, so he should have less contact with her as she might use him as a stepping stone one day. As a result, he heard Xu Luoyang say, “She harmed me so much that as soon as I saw the scandal, I rushed to explain to Chang’an that I don’t know this whoever she is well at all, and that all of that was made up. I’m innocent.”

Brows furrowing, Zheng Dong caught the point directly, “You were dragged into a scandal, why did you rush to explain to Qi Chang’an?”

“Huh?” Xu Luoyang sat cross-legged and looked at Zheng Dong strangely, “Shouldn’t I have explained?”

“Shouldn’t you have explained?”

Xu Luoyang thought carefully and gave the reason, “The two of us are good friends, and with this kind of gossip, I definitely can’t let him misunderstand.”

Narrowing his eyes, Zheng Dong observed Xu Luoyang’s expression carefully, somewhat unsure of Xu Luoyang’s current state – did he really treat Qi Chang’an as a good friend?

Feeling the oppressive look in Zheng Dong’s eyes, Xu Luoyang changed the topic hurriedly, “Right, Zheng Ge, should I take a stand on this matter or something?”

“No, we understand the ins and outs of this matter clearly in our hearts and know that the news and photos were put out by Lin Wei Na, but the fans and the observers don’t know. So if I take a stand and let Xue Ying direct the situation, there should be no problem.”

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