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Chapter 68.1

As Xu Luoyang opened the front door, warm light poured out, light left on by Qi Chang’an. Closing the door behind him, he chuckled while changing his shoes, his mood soaring even higher.

Someone was waiting for him at home.

Just this thought made Xu Luoyang’s smile uncontrollable.

Hearing the noise, Qi Chang’an walked over, dressed in a white shirt with the top two buttons undone and a loosely tied tie, exuding a casual and relaxed vibe. As he leaned down and kissed Xu Luoyang, he noticed a bright blue bag at his feet, “What’s this?”

Xu Luoyang hesitated, his gaze drifting, “Shan Shan gave it to me.” He was still trying to figure out how to explain that the bag contained various secret weapons when Qi Chang’an bent down casually and carried it inside for him!

Standing in place, Xu Luoyang desperately wanted to shout, ‘Chang’an, let go! I’ll carry it!’

After eleven o’clock, the bedroom lights were off. Qi Chang’an had just gotten into bed when he felt Xu Luoyang, who had been curled up under the covers, snuggle up to him, wrapping his arms around his waist without speaking.

He chuckled, “Nao Nao, are you acting cute?”

“En.” Xu Luoyang replied in a muffled voice. Taking a deep breath and gathering his courage, he reached confidently for the collar of Qi Chang’an’s pajamas, undoing all the buttons quickly. Unintentionally, his hand brushed against Qi Chang’an’s taut muscles, causing heat to surge through his palm. He couldn’t help but touch them again.

Why did they feel even better than before?

Not stopping his actions, Qi Chang’an turned to hold him, nibbling on his earlobe as he asked quietly, “Do you want it?”

Xu Luoyang’s face began to burn, and he found Qi Chang’an’s husky ‘do you want it’ incredibly seductive, making his legs weak! Nodding, he answered honestly, “Want.” Just after he finished saying this, he felt Qi Chang’an’s kisses trail down from his earlobe to the skin of his neck, sending tingles through his body. His breathing growing heavier, he leaned back subconsciously, allowing Qi Chang’an easier access so he could kiss him.

After a few minutes, their close contact left the two of them unable to hide their obvious physical reactions and somewhat oxygen deprived from the kissing, it took Xu Luoyang a while to remember his main purpose. Hurriedly, he reached under the pillow and retrieved a small, transparent tube, handing it to Qi Chang’an, “Use this.”

His voice was so soft that If Qi Chang’an hadn’t moved more closer to him, he wouldn’t have been able to hear it.

Qi Chang’an took it and soon the sounds of a cap being twisted off and liquid being squeezed filled the darkness. Xu Luoyang licked his dry lips nervously, feeling inexplicably anxious. Soon after, he felt a finger pressing against his entrance, followed by a slightly cold substance being applied.

“Tell me if it hurts.”

Biting his lip, he muttered a vague acknowledgment, his attention completely drawn to the sensation.

Qi Chang’an was extremely patient, as he massaged Xu Luoyang’s entrance slowly before inserting a single finger inside carefully once he had adjusted. By the time Qi Chang’an had worked up to three fingers, Xu Luoyang was completely spent, unable to muster any strength. He instinctively clenched around Qi Chang’an’s fingers, his occasional moans making the air heavy with sweetness.


Qi Chang’an’s muscles were tense, his forehead slick with sweat. Kissing the corners of Xu Luoyang’s lips while speeding up his movements, he comforted gently, “We have to film ‘Top Secret Action’ tomorrow, so bear with it, okay?”

Xu Luoyang’s voice was tinged with tears, “You’re a bully!”

“It’s my fault, my fault. Nao Nao, be good.” Qi Chang’an coaxed, continuing his actions. He brushed against a certain spot and seeing as it caused Xu Luoyang to tremble, continued to stroke it every now and then. It wasn’t long before his hand was wet.

Xu Luoyang lay in Qi Chang’an’s arms, trembling uncontrollably, too exhausted to speak.

When they came out from the bathroom, it was past one in the morning. After he was carried back onto the bed by Qi Chang’an, Xu Luoyang rolled up in the covers, looking at the man standing beside the bed, “My hand is sore.” With that, he offered his hand.

Qi Chang’an kissed his wrist, “I’m sorry.”

“This apology has no sincerity in it at all….” Xu Luoyang muttered while rolling over to make room for Qi Chang’an, giving up half the space, then he buried his face in the pillow, secretly happy— the secret weapon really worked exceptionally well— it didn’t hurt at all! After this foundational experiment, Xu Luoyang felt ready to explore the future further!

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