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Chapter 4

They had lived together for almost a week, and it was Xu Luoyang’s first time in Qi Chang’an’s bedroom.

Inwardly, he was a little excited, but he followed Qi Chang’an, restrained from looking around, especially conscious of himself. But the two hardback gilt books on the bedside table were so conspicuous that Xu Luoyang could not resist looking at them twice, and found that one of them was in Latin, but the other was completely unrecognizable.

Reaching out and pointing, Xu Luoyang was curious, “Those two books…. One book is Latin, what’s the other?”

Qi Chang’an was looking for medicine in the drawer, but looked over where he pointed, “The other book is Ancient Greek, kind of my own hobby. “

“Those are two very old languages!” Xu Luoyang thought about it.

“Hmm, so if you don’t read it for a while, you forget what you’ve learned, and you have to review it often.”

Pouring two white pills from the bottle into his hand, Qi Chang’an swallowed them with water, and took an ointment and handed it to Xu Luoyang.

Reaching out to take it, Xu Luoyang found that the packaging was different from the usual medicinal ointment, with only the word “Qi” printed on it, and what looked like a number “01”.

“Is this the medicine for your allergies?”

“Yes, that was for internal use, this is for external use. “

Xu Luoyang figured out, therefore, Qi Chang’an’s “allergy” should be different from ordinary people’s “allergy”, after all, the medicine used is completely different from human’s.

Seeing that Xu Luoyang was staring at the ointment in his hand, Qi Chang’an thought he was still feeling guilty, so he explained a little more, “My body has never been good, and I have little resistance to some impurities in the lake water, which can easily cause allergic reactions, but if I take the medicine, I won’t have any problems. “

“So that’s it!” Xu Luoyang nodded his head and quickly understood the meaning of Qi Chang’an’s words – apparently, there were also physical strengths and weaknesses in the circle of demons, and Qi Chang’an should be one of the weaker ones.

He was about to study the ointment in his hand, when he suddenly saw Qi Chang’an put his hand on the buttons of his white shirt, and then, with a movement of his fingers and a pull, the buttons were unbuttoned twice, revealing his beautiful collarbone.


His heart pounding, Xu Luoyang squeezed the ointment, screaming in his heart – can you give me five minutes of buffer time to mentally prepare! Is it really okay to take off your clothes right off the bat? This operation….. I’m panicking! Mistakes can really be made!

But Qi Chang’an didn’t appreciate his dramatic inner activity, naturally unbuttoned, took off his shirt, revealing the upper half of his body. Then, with his shirt in his right hand, he turned his back to Xu Luoyang.

Xu Luoyang… Xu Luoyang’s nose was a little itchy.

It was not yet autumn, the sun was shining and the light was good, so the tight muscles on Qi Chang’an’s back were visible to Xu Luoyang. There are a few spots of light red skin, but it doesn’t affect the appearance at all.

After waiting for a while, he found that Xu Luoyang did not move, so Qi Chang’an said, “Just apply the ointment to the red area, please. “

“No trouble, no trouble, it’s my duty!” Xu Luoyang admired himself, that he could still maintain such a calm tone now. He took a quiet breath, then unscrewed the cap of the ointment, squeezed a little on his fingertips, and with a cross heart, his fingertips touched Qi Changan’s back muscle.

The feeling under his hand… felt very good!

Qi Changan’s muscles were not exaggerated, there was a lean layer, as if great strength was hidden in it. The sexy back cleavage stretched downward, and finally hidden in the black suit pants, Xu Luoyang thought it was a near-perfect work of art!

To distract himself, he chatted with Qi Chang’an while applying the medicine, “Speaking of which, do you want flower lotion? I’ve stocked up on bottles, it works so well, the mosquitoes in this house are starving, the first day I came, I got a bunch of bites!”

And then he hesitated, not knowing if a demon could use the flower water.

“Thanks, but I’m allergic to flower essences too.” Qi Changan himself was a bit helpless, “But fortunately, no mosquitoes bit me. “

Sure enough, not even the mosquitoes dare to bite him!

The next second, Xu Luoyang remembered something, “I have a very good friend who is similar to you, he is also completely free of mosquito bites, I envy him so much!”

Listening to his familiar tone Qi Chang’an, suddenly wished that in the future Xu Luoyang could also use such a tone and definition, to mention him to others.

After a few minutes, Xu Luoyang announced that the application was complete. He was relieved and had just tightened the cap of the ointment when he saw Qi Chang’an turn around and start to put on his shirt, his pecs and abs half covered.

Subconsciously, with a “see no evil, see no evil” mentality, Xu Luoyang averted his eyes and saw two scars, one long and one short, on the other’s body.

Could it be an injury sustained during the subjugation of the one-legged bird demon? His heart was as curious as a cat scratching, but Xu Luoyang still didn’t ask more questions, deciding to pretend he didn’t see it, after all, demons must hide their true identity in front of humans!

Xu Luoyang thought, he was being very considerate.

The calendar was turning fast, it was autumn, but the temperature hasn’t dropped, and the sun is still shining brightly. Wearing a white long-sleeved T-shirt, Xu Luoyang hid in the shadow of the courtyard wall, glancing every now and then at the closed gate. Finding no movement, he continued to tease the ants with the dead branch in his hand.

After a few more minutes, suddenly there was a “creaking” sound of the door opening, Xu Luoyang quickly stood up, quickly stood next to Qi Chang’an, and said quickly in despair, “Mr. Qi, I have to tell you seriously, what you see now, is not the old me, but the me who is about to cry from hunger!”

“Hmm, I’m sorry to have kept you waiting, I ended up being delayed a little longer at Master Zhuang’s place. “

Even if Qi Chang’an came to learn carpentry, he wore a white shirt with the sleeves loosely pulled up around his elbows, and his posture was sharp. But apparently, he had two more cuts on his fingers than before, and they had only just scabbed over.

“You hurt your hand again? Let’s see, that’s the ninth one!”

Qi Chang’an didn’t care much, “There’s always a price to pay for learning something, it’s not a big deal.”

When they locked eyes, Xu Luoyang was suddenly surprised to find that, under the sunlight, a circle of cobalt blue was shining around the pupil of Qi Chang’an’s right eye. Looking again a few seconds later, and it was back to normal.

Seeing Qi Chang’an looking at him with some doubts, Xu Luoyang’s heart flinched and he could not help but remember the first time he saw Qi Chang’an more than a year ago, his pair of black and blue eyes.

Pushing the images out of his head, Xu Luoyang relaxed again, waved his hand, and continued the conversation he had just had.

“I’m early, there’s nothing going on at the police station today, so Brother Xiang let me come out for dinner first. “

Speaking of this, Xu Luoyang then sighed, “I thought going to the police station must be very suspenseful and exciting, but it’s been a week, every day helping the public to find the cat that ran away in the middle of the night, lost dogs, to solve the neighbors quarrels and conflicts. Qinli Town is indeed very livable, this place is so harmonious that even such things as fights and brawls do not exist!”

“It’s boring, yes, but it’s better than having violence on a daily basis.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Xu Luoyang nodded approvingly, happy again, “World peace is the best!”

His eyes were glowing, but they were hidden by his flat, black-rimmed glasses, and in the last few days he’d darkened himself a few shades with foundation and left his bangs loose to confuse the eye. After a few days, following the old police officer Xiang Zheng in and out of the local police station, no one really recognized him as Xu Luoyang.

So he had pretty much let himself go, “Go go go, my little radar tells me there’s something good to eat around here!”

Qi Chang’an was a bit confused, “Little radar?”

“I’ll show you quietly!” Mysteriously, Xu Luoyang reached out and pulled a small strand of hair on top of his head up, and then pointed to it, “Look! Gourmet Little Radar!”

Qi Changan was amused again.

Seeing him smile, Xu Luoyang felt as if he was a bit stupid, forcing him to redeem himself, “Haha, I… I’m usually serious and earnest, not like this.” He saw Qi Chang’an nod seriously after this, but he didn’t know if he believed it or not.

But in the past few days, Xu Luoyang felt that he and Qi Chang’an had become much better acquainted than before, after all, they had dunked in the same lake, ate three meals together every day, and lived together, seeing much of each other, so it was impossible not to get acquainted. It’s okay to let loose in front of people you know, right?

Going through twists and turns, they finally arrived at a home cooked restaurant, far away from the smell, Xu Luoyang proud, “I asked the police station’s janitor, this restaurant’s food is particularly good!” He had only been at the police station for a few days, but had already gotten to know the people inside perfectly.

Qi Chang’an loved to see Xu Luoyang’s smug little expression, especially when combined with the sunlight, brilliantly bright.

Not long after sitting down, a bowl of mung bean congee ordered by Qi Chang’an was served. When Xu Luoyang saw Qi Chang’an take out his own cutlery, he was already used to it, but when he saw him picking out the green beans in the congee, patiently putting them one by one into a small porcelain dish, he was still shocked, “Don’t you eat green beans?”

“Hmm, I don’t eat whole beans. “

Xu Luoyang, who grew up eating everything but carrots, looked at Qi Chang’an like a rare species, “Although I found out from the beginning that you’re not a normal picky eater, but now I think, you’re so picky that you can start a sect!”

Qi Chang’an smiled and was about to reply when a familiar name suddenly came out from the TV, both of them looked up at the same time and looked towards the TV on the wall. There was an entertainment show on TV, with a big, clear line of headlines.

“Xu Luoyang met with film empress Yun Shu in the night and left the next day in the early hours of the morning….” Xu Luoyang read out word by word, before looking at Qi Chang’an, dumbfounded, “Did I undergo mitosis?”

Hearing the second half of his words, the coldness in Qi Chang’an’s eyes faded and his voice had a smile in it, “I don’t think so, the news said that the news was released on Weibo at ten o’clock this morning, and according to the content of the news, your date was the night before last, and you left Yun Shu’s house yesterday morning. “

“The night before last, huh, we were washing clothes and sheets and mopping the floor at home, it became especially clean! Yesterday morning, I did a scene, and I recorded a 30-second video and sent it to Director Zhang. “

Hmm,” Qi Chang’an looked at the TV again, “the photos released are secretly taken, it’s not clear who is on them, there are many loopholes. Could there have been some misunderstanding, or someone did it on purpose, and, where did the footage and photos came from? “

Xu Luoyang felt so tired, “Even if I’m doing the laundry, a pot will fall from the sky!” He took his cell phone out and called his agent, but the caller was on the line. He simply hung up the phone, and logged on to Weibo.

As expected, in less than half a day, “Xu Luoyang is dating Yun Shu” had already made it to the top three.

After opening the topic and watching the direction in which things were developing, Xu Luoyang was immediately shocked, “This direction is a bit confusing! I’m twenty-five, Yun Shu thirty-five, at first it was a sister-brother relationship, then immediately switched to the kept line, now it has evolved to me relying on Yun Shu to become popular, relying on her to give resources, but after becoming popular, I kicked her away, this is the typical heartless scum man set ah!”

Xu Luoyang was distressed, “This is very immoral, I haven’t even had my first love, and now I’ve been hyped as a heartless scum, people hate me, so who will date me in the future? It hurts so much!”

Hearing that the wind had changed so quickly, Qi Chang’an’s expression also became serious, “Have you offended anyone recently?”

Xu Luoyang also couldn’t answer this question, he couldn’t be sure that he unconsciously didn’t happen to block the way of others, “I’m not sure, but the direction of the wind three jumps, there must be someone pushing from behind.”

Xu Luoyang had never believed that there were unexplained hot searches in the world.

“Do you want me to come out and talk?” Qi Changan proposed directly, because the solution to this matter was actually very simple. As long as it was proved that the person photographed wasn’t Xu Luoyang at all, then Xu Luoyang could be cleared completely.

“Let’s wait and see what’s going on on Brother Zheng’s side.” Xu Luoyang’s chopsticks paused and he carefully explained to Qi Chang’an, “When this Yun Shu debuted, she signed to You Li Entertainment and was my agent Zheng Dong’s first artist who sent her all the way to the position of movie queen.

They had a falling out, and Yun Shu terminated her contract with You Li, and married a rich businessman a year later. But the rich businessman was not stable, he went bankrupt within a few years, and Yun Shu got divorced. After that, she wanted to make a comeback, and came to see Brother Zheng again. But at that time, he had already brought two people, my friend and I, and was not prepared to bring a third, so he simply refused.”

Seeing Qi Chang’an listening carefully, Xu Luoyang concluded, “Anyway, this Yun Shu and my agent have a grudge against each other, so I don’t know what the situation is today, I have to ask.”

Qi Chang’an nodded, “Then let me know if you need any help. “

“Of course, I’m counting on you for my innocence, Brother Chang’an!” Xu Luoyang’s eyebrows were all smiles, and he put the chicken he had just served in front of Qi Chang’an, “You can have all the meat!”

Curving his lips into a smile, Qi Chang’an nodded, “Hmm, I will try my best to keep your innocence.”

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