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Chapter 86.1

Editor: Jodi

Xu Luoyang was suffering from a severe bout if insomnia.

After returning to the hotel following the evening banquet, it was already midnight, and, having already taken a shower, he lay flat on the bed. However the more he lay there, the more awake he became. He tried various methods to make himself fall asleep, including counting, “one big demon, two big demons, three big demons.” but even after counting over a hundred, not even the slightest hint of drowsiness appeared, making him extremely frustrated.

Turning to his side, Qi Chang’an wrapped his arm around Xu Luoyang’s waist, his voice carrying a hint of hoarseness. “Nao Nao, you can’t sleep?”

“You’re still awake?” Xu Luoyang nodded with a very sad expression. “En, I don’t feel sleepy at all.”


“Nervous!” As soon as this question was raised, Xu Luoyang’s hand clenched the corner of the blanket, and his heart began to beat irregularly. He was going to the lair of a big demon tomorrow— how could he not be nervous? He was on the verge of exploding from nervousness!

Qi Chang’an buried his head in Xu Luoyang’s neck, kissed it gently, and instead of saying somewhat ineffective words like, ‘Don’t be nervous’, he reached his hand directly inside his robe while kissing him, and his sensitive waist kneaded twice, Xu Luoyang’s breath trembled, “Chang’an—”

“En.” Qi Chang’an’s kiss moved up gradually, landing on the corner of his lips, “Nao Nao, do you want to touch my trophy?”

Xu Luoyang didn’t catch on at first and was puzzled as to how the conversation had shifted to the trophy. Could it be that Qi Chang’an was trying to help him relax in this way? So, he nodded cooperatively, “Yes.”

However after just ten seconds or so, Xu Luoyang exploded. His eyes widening, he looked at Qi Chang’an who was smiling mischievously and burst out, “I didn’t expect you to be this kind of Qi Chang’an! You’ve really let me down! Please be more pure!” And as he said this, subconsciously exerted a bit of force with his hand.

It turns out he had been too naive. He really thought Qi Chang’an was going to let him touch his trophy!

“Nao Nao, be gentle.” Qi Chang’an’s voice became even more hoarse, however there was clear amusement in it. “Don’t you like it?”

Just as Xu Luoyang was about to respond, he noticed that Qi Chang’an’s hand had also slipped inside his robe. Soon, his voice started to tremble as he spoke, “Are we helping each other out and making progress together?”


The effect of the mutual help was very obvious, because after a long period of effort and progressing together, Xu Luoyang was physically exhausted, his whole body looking as if he had been soaked in warm water, feeling very lazy. What’s more the long-awaited drowsiness finally appeared, causing him to yawn before he turned to the side and kissed Qi Chang’an’s chin, “I’m going to sleep. Chang’an Ge-ge, good night.”

Pulling him into his arms, Qi Chang’an tucked him in, “Good night, Nao Nao.”

The next afternoon, the plane landed in Montreal.

Xu Luoyang in very good spirits, pulled his luggage enthusiastically, holding an entertainment magazine in his hand, and on the cover of the magazine, was a picture of he and Qi Chang’an, with the background being the Silver Awards.

Adjusting the sunglasses perched on his nose, he leaned in to talk to Qi Chang’an. “I still can’t believe it! This morning, Zheng Ge texted me and said that after winning the award, my market value has more than doubled, and I’ve received offers for many scripts and endorsement contracts.”

Qi Chang’an, also wearing sunglasses and a dark gray scarf in the same style as Xu Luoyang’s, nodded. “No rush, just take your time to choose. If there are no good scripts or directors, you can hold off on taking new projects.”

Xu Luoyang nodded, “Zheng Ge and I were thinking the same. After all, I haven’t finished filming ‘Turn Back Time’ yet.”

He was well aware that winning the Silver Award for Best Actor had elevated him to a new level, however it had also placed him in a somewhat precarious position.

He was still quite young, with not many works to his name, and besides ‘Divergent Road’, he didn’t have any other works that could match the title of ‘Best Actor’, so in this situation, countless people were watching for his next film.

If his next film, or even the one after that, continued to win awards or achieved outstanding box office success, then his position would be unshakable. However if it turned out to be an average production, he would undoubtedly be labeled as ‘overrated’ and might fall from grace.

Which was also why, just one night later, Zheng Dong had flown back to C Country hastily for a meeting with the company.

As they got into the car that came to pick them up, Xu Luoyang looked at the buildings outside and asked quietly, “Chang’an, how long will it take to get to your house?”

Qi Chang’an looked the time and estimated, “We should arrive around 4:20, so it’ll take about an hour. My big brother’s place isn’t in the city center.”

Nodding, Xu Luoyang was inexplicably somewhat relieved, probably because he knew that there was still about an hour before he would meet him. Leaning on Qi Chang’an’s shoulder, he took his phone out and started scrolling through Weibo and found that his feed was filled with posts about him and Qi Chang’an, and his message notifications were overflowing with private congratulatory messages.

Scrolling further down, he came across a repost by Ye Shan Shan which was very straightforward: “Come for dinner when you return!!”

Laughing, Xu Luoyang replied directly, “Okay, it’s a deal!”

After responding to a few more messages, he switched to the hot search list. Almost twenty hours had passed, yet his and Qi Chang’an’s names were still dominating the top five positions. However, at the tenth spot, a familiar name appeared—Du Ruan Lan.

He clicked into the topic #Is Du Director Regretting It# and was surprised to find that this topic was also related to him.

“—Director Du, get to know the Silver Award-winning actor!”

“—Why does it suddenly feel like Luoyang is on the path to a counterattack? After being tricked by Director Du, he immediately won a Golden Maple Award, and then promptly snatched a Silver Award. He really epitomizes the saying, ‘Today you treat me with indifference, tomorrow I’ll make you regret it!’ So, get to know the Silver Award-winning actor!”

“—I was really very angry when Guo Wei was stepping on Luoyang before! But now, I just want to say that I feel sorry for Guo Wei. The same amount of glee he must have felt while trashing Luoyang before, is now the same amount of hard slaps that he’s getting in the face!”

At this moment, Qi Chang’an’s phone rang, then Xu Luoyang heard him say, “Big brother, we’re already on our way.”

Hearing the words ‘big brother’, Xu Luoyang’s hand trembled, his phone nearly slipping from his grasp and no longer interested in the storm brewing on Weibo, his eyes stared fixedly at Qi Chang’an, and he could faintly hear that the voice coming from the speaker seemed to have mentioned his name.

And seeing Xu Luoyang looking at him with wide eyes, Qi Chang’an put it on speaker and immediately afterwards, Qi Chang’yin’s voice sounded.

“I had the chef prepare dinner based on the menu you sent, so he should be able to handle it.” Qi Chang’yin’s words weren’t rushed. It should be his habit, because his every word was pronounced clearly, giving one the clear impression that he was very reserved, the fluctuations in his tone very subtle.

“Okay, you can have the kitchen make some extra rice. Luoyang has been craving C Country food these past few days.”

Hearing Qi Chang’an’s response, Xu Luoyang’s whole body felt bad. He wanted to speak but didn’t dare to, so he could only resort to making various gestures anxiously—, Do I still want face?

“Okay.” Qi Chang’yin said on the other end of the call then asked, “Are you sure he’ll be staying with you tonight?”

“Yes, he’ll be staying with me, so there’s no need to prepare a separate guest room. Just prepare a set of toiletries following my preparations.”

Xu Luoyang became even more anxious. He remembered very clearly that all the online tutorials emphasized maintaining a proper distance when going to the other side’s home, not poking the eyes of the parents, and if possible, sleeping in separate rooms.

How did I meet such a clueless teammate!

Leaning back in his seat, Xu Luoyang fidgeted, feeling that his path to meeting the family was filled with incomparable twists and turns.

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