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Chapter 46.1

It was after half past three in the afternoon and the sky was overcast with thick clouds. The two people switched off the lights in the video room and huddled on a sofa to watch the movie, the ensemble complete with the water and snacks that Xu Luoyang had prepared.

But before long, Xu Luoyang started to wander off and couldn’t stop peeking at Qi Chang’an every now and then.


Caught peeking, Xu Luoyang became even more daring and continued to look openly. He poked his finger at Qi Chang’an’s knee again and again, “There’s a reason I’m not watching the movie. It’s because Chang’an is far more attractive than the movie.”

Saying this, the movement of his finger slowed down, his tone becoming hesitant again, “Actually…… I still find it very unreal.”

Qi Chang’an’s rubbed the exposed back of his neck with his palm gently, his tone extremely gentle as he asked, “Unreal?” As if coaxing him to say what he was really thinking.

“En, it’s just not real. It’s clearly been less than twelve hours since this morning, but I feel like,” Xu Luoyang got stuck, then did his utmost to try to describe it, “like I’ve been with you for years and years!”

Having found a way, Xu Luoyang described it more specifically, “It’s like in my eyes, every expression and every movement you make can be broken up and experienced over and over again, making it so that every second goes by very slowly.”

Completely understanding this feeling, Qi Chang’an reached out and took Xu Luoyang’s hand in a ten-finger grip then asked him, “Does it feel more real now?” Body heat penetrated and transmitted from the point of contact, without any barrier.

“Very real!” Xu Luoyang suddenly laughed as he leaned back on the sofa, beaming as he spread his fingers, “Mr. Qi, congratulations, our first official hand-holding achievement is a success!”

After saying this, he waved their joined hands together then said with some surprise, “Chang’an, have you noticed? This is the first time we’re holding hands properly!”

“En, it is indeed the first time.”

“We’ve obviously kissed before but we’re only holding hands for the first time, isn’t that…… a bit out of order?”

Both of them were new to relationships and had no experience to refer to, so they started discussing it in earnest.

Qi Chang’an asked as if he was doing academic research, “Then Luoyang, what process do you think we’ve missed?”

Xu Luoyang thought about it, “I think…… we may have gotten together too fast so we’ve missed that youth idol drama, ‘you chase me, I chase you’ bridge?” After saying this, he thought for a few seconds then denied it, “No, no, no, I chased you. I even sang the lyrics of ‘I look forward to every day, to opening my eyes, to seeing you sleeping beside me’ to you twenty times at the fan meeting before!”

Remembering the dazzling figure that had been under the spotlight on the stage, Qi Chang’an hummed the melody of the lyrics, “Is this how it is sung?”

“Pretty much, but you got one of the notes wrong.” Xu Luoyang sang it himself, then corrected him, “That’s not how the word ‘open’ in ‘opening my eyes’ is sung.”

Nodding to show that he had noted it, Qi Chang’an hummed it again and again Xu Luoyang corrected him patiently, “The ‘open’ sound is correct, but the first two words are wrong. You’ve raised the tone. ” After pointing out the mistakes, he demonstrated again.

When he noticed that Qi Chang’an was humming for the third time and got another note wrong, Xu Luoyang snapped to attention, “I found it! You’re actually tricking me!”

Qi Chang’an denied it, “Teacher Xu, I haven’t learned it yet.”

“Even if you haven’t learned it, Teacher Xu won’t teach it!” Xu Luoyang sat on his knees on the sofa, his eyes wide, but in a few seconds, his eye muscles were too tired to maintain that action so he lay limply on Qi Chang’an’s lap, “Mr. Qi, do you want to hear what’s on Mr. Xu’s mind?”

“What’s on your mind?” Qi Chang’an ruffled his fingers through the fine hair on Xu Luoyang’s forehead, “I’d like to hear it.”

“Then I’ll tell you, but you aren’t allowed to laugh at me!” When Qi Chang’an nodded, Xu Luoyang said without too much embarrassment, “To be honest, I still get nervous when I look at you.”

Qi Chang’an’s hand paused, “Nervous? Why?”

“The reason is simple, because I’ve always had, ‘Such a nice person actually agreed to date me, is he blind?’ And, ‘When his blindness disappears, is he going to regret it and break up with me in a heartbeat?’ thoughts.” Xu Luoyang sighed quietly, “It’s true that falling in love is not so easy. It makes people feel that things are unreal, and then there is tension and all sorts of messy emotions.”

Hearing the first half of the sentence, Qi Chang’an’s eyes deepened, “Luoyang, I’m not as good as you think.” Then seeing Xu Luoyang’s ‘I don’t accept any rebuttal’ look, changed it to, “But I’ve had similar thoughts too.”

“You have?” Xu Luoyang was surprised and then was immediately happy, “No wonder we are the Gu Cheng cp, we have a 100% tacit understanding!” After saying this, he lifted his hand to touch Qi Chang’an’s jaw, “Chang’an is very very good, the very best in my eyes.”

Qi Chang’an didn’t say anything, he just turned his head slightly sideways and touched his lips to Xu Luoyang’s palm, planting a kiss in it.

Finding himself on fire from a simple kiss, Xu Luoyang sat up, hands behind his back as he changed the subject, “To complete the process of falling in love, should we fill in the missing part? That is make up for the– ‘I didn’t like you when you liked me, it was only when you didn’t like me that I realized how much I really loved you’ part?”

After coming up with this proposal, Xu Luoyang suddenly realized one of the benefits of being an actor– the ability to make up the whole relationship!

“Alright, Scriptwriter Xu. Will you arrange the scenes?”

Xu Luoyang didn’t decline this invitation, thinking about it quickly, “How about this, we’ll do the first scene where you confess to me, but I didn’t like you at the time, so I just turned you down.”

“Alright.” Qi Chang’an nodded then made a cameo appearance as a scene-stealer.

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