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Chapter 28.1

Xu Luoyang slept all the way to their destination then sleepily opening the door of the car and getting out, he was instantly woken up by the cold. He decided decisively not to pretend to be handsome and quickly lowered his head to button up all the buttons of his trench coat, wishing he could wrap himself in a ten-layer down jacket.

The car door opened and Qi Chang’an, who was still sitting in the back seat, sucked in a mouthful of cold air and coughed gently twice. Seeing Xu Luoyang looking over worriedly, he smiled lightly, “It’s alright.”

“It’s not alright, the weather is too cold.” Xu Luoyang reached out to help Qi Chang’an with his scarf, “I’ll ask Lu Di to make way for us, let’s hurry into the hotel.”

But the two had just broken through the line of media reporters and entered the hotel reserved by the organizers when they were surrounded by the staff waiting in the lobby. Xu Luoyang only had time to say goodbye to Qi Chang’an before he was swarmed into the elevator.

After the elevator door closed, there was only five seconds of silence before Xu Luoyang was mobbed from all sides by stylist Mu Lan.

“Your hair is rough, you haven’t used a conditioner or hair mask for ten days to half a month, right? You can’t even hide the dark circles under your eyes, you seem to have gained three pounds and your face is round.” Mu Lan was thin, wearing black casual clothes, short hair and looked smart and sharp. She looked at Xu Luoyang up and down twice and sneered, “Luckily you still have abs, it seems you haven’t let yourself go completely.”

Xu Luoyang decided to remain silent.

After Mu Lan left the stage, makeup artist Tian Ya Ya also followed, but her tone was much milder than Mu Lan’s.” Have you been staying up late a lot lately? I’ll give you a new skin care kit. When you leave, bring it to the set and make sure to use it well. You do have dark circles under your eyes, but fortunately you don’t have pimples, I’ll try to cover them up for you. Remember to eat less spicy, less greasy and less sweets things, take good care of yourself and try to keep your skin well.”

Xu Luoyang nodded in response and let out a long sigh, “We haven’t seen each other for so long, aren’t you even willing to give me a hug first?”

Mu Lan replied coldly, “You’ve grown fat, I don’t want to hug you.”


The hotel room was turned into a dressing room. Tian Ya Ya’s figure was small, but her makeup bag was close to twenty kilograms, with the tools inside directly occupying a large table when it was spread out. This time, Mu Lan brought more than 20 pieces of clothes hanging on three big rows of hangers.

After Xu Luoyang went in, he only had time to send a message to tell Qi Chang’an which room he was in, and then his personal freedom was restricted.

Mu Lan made him change into eight sets of clothes before finally settling on a navy blue and gold double-breasted suit with a white shirt. He also had a thick gray English coat, shirt and vest as a backup.

Holding his arms up flat for Mu Lan to measure shoulder width and sleeve length, Xu Luoyang exclaimed, “I feel like a doll.”

Seeing Mu Lan look up at him, Xu Luoyang suddenly opened his mouth, “I know. Sister Lan, I know what you’re going to say: ‘So fat, and still want to be a doll? A New Year’s painting doll is more like it! Right?”

“It’s good you know!” Mu Lan finally couldn’t help it and laughed out loud.

At three o’clock in the afternoon, Xu Luoyang basically achieved the goal of ‘reformation’, his whole body looking new, setting a new record for the past two months. But he was now insisting stubbornly that he had to put on a treasure warmer on his body.

“I can’t stand the cold air in Fengcheng anymore. If you don’t want me to freeze to death on the red carpet, let me put the treasure warmer on!”

Under the attack of Xu Luoyang’s pitiful eyes, Tian Ya Ya was defeated, only Mu Lan remained unmoved, “I’m more worried about you walking the red carpet. Actor Xu walks two steps and then a treasure warmer falls out of his coat. Believe me, tomorrow you will be in the headlines.”

“……” What a great image!

At this time, there was a knock on the door. Xu Luoyang asked Lu Di to open the door, but heard no sound. Listening to the gradually approaching footsteps, Xu Luoyang suddenly reacted to who it was, he quickly turned his head, then his eyes stared.

Unlike his usual casual and minimalist style, Qi Chang’an was wearing all black this time. Black studded boots, slim pants, silk shirt, plus an ankle-length jacket embroidered with silver thread and set against his somewhat pale skin and light-colored lips, he was so handsome that Xu Luoyang was unable to react for a moment.

“Luoyang?” When Qi Chang’an saw Xu Luoyang, he also froze for a few seconds, his eyes sizing up the person in front of him very deeply. His trailing voice was slightly raised, causing Xu Luoyang’s ears to itch a little.

Hearing his name, Xu Luoyang who had just come back to his senses, couldn’t help but praise very bluntly, “You’re really too handsome today!”

Obviously very flattered by this praise, Qi Chang’an’s smile became very obvious, “Did you put on the warm clothes that were sent to you?”

“En, I put it on, it’s very warm.” Xu Luoyang’s heart moved, his eyes shining as he asked Qi Chang’an, “Did you put on the treasure warmers I gave you?”

“Yes. You sent fifty of them over that I wasn’t able to use them all this time, but I saved them for later.”

Hearing Qi Chang’an’s words, Xu Luoyang turned to look at Mu Lan with an anxious expression, “Sister Lan, look! Chang’an also put on the treasure warmers!”

Immediately understanding the situation, Qi Chang’an also looked at Mu Lan, stressing, “I put on a total of six.”

After ten seconds of silence, Mu Lan gritted her teeth, “Two, no more!”

But even after wearing warm clothes and also putting on the treasure warmers, it was still very cold as they walked up the red carpet. Maintaining a smile with difficulty, Xu Luoyang waved to the fans on both sides.

When he walked into the media shooting area, he stopped to take photo after photo with different poses. If it wasn’t for his professionalism that he was still holding on to in the cold wind, he would have treated the red carpet as a 100-meter track and sprinted all the way. Maybe he could even break a record!

The good thing was that the host was conscientious, because after asking two routine questions, he was released to give his signature on the wall. After taking pictures with the media, Xu Luoyang almost jumped off the stage.

As he followed the staff a few steps up, he caught a glimpse of Qi Chang’an who was standing in the aisle waiting for him. His back was leaning against the railing and under the slanting light, his silhouette was as beautiful as a painting, making one unable to help but want to treasure it.

Spotting him, Qi Chang’an walked over. Before Xu Luoyang could even open his mouth, he felt a heavy weight on his shoulders – Qi Chang’an had draped his long black coat over him.

The body heat left on the coat quickly invaded his limbs and Xu Luoyang felt that his heart seemed to be faintly warm. A little afraid to look at Qi Chang’an, he simply looked at the corner of his lips and it took him a long time to utter the words, “…. Won’t you be cold?”

“I’m already inside, so I’m not cold.” Seeing that Xu Luoyang didn’t dare look at him, Qi Chang’an was afraid that he would be uncomfortable, so he turned around first, “Let’s go, let’s go in.”

Reaching out and tightening the jacket on his body, Xu Luoyang barely managed to compose himself and gave a “hmmm”.

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