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Chapter 80.1

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After two days of making sure that Xu Luoyang’s condition was well maintained, Qi Chang’an decided to head back home.

Xu Luoyang volunteered to help pack, however since Qi Chang’an didn’t bring much when he came, it only took about ten minutes to pack everything.

Squatting, Xu Luoyang looked up at Qi Chang’an, “I can’t bear to see you go.” Then he simply sat on the floor, rested his head on Qi Chang’an’s thigh and rubbed it against his thigh, “The moment I’m done filming, I’ll rush home.”

“En, I’ll wait for you at home.”

Saying this, Qi Chang’an realized that he had already come to think of the apartment in Tianhe Bay, where he lived with Xu Luoyang as home. Lowering his head, he looked at the face of the person resting on his lap and pinched his ear gently.

“When I’m not around, make sure to eat properly. Even if you don’t feel like it, eat a bit, and don’t lose more weight. It’s still kind of hot out, but don’t drink cold water and don’t set the AC too cold at night or take cold showers.”

Realising that every time he started to nag, he just couldn’t stop, Xu Luoyang asked with a hint of chagrin, “I seem to have started nagging again. Are you sure you won’t mind? What if I become even more talkative when I’m older?”

Qi Chang’an shook his head, “No, only you care about me like this. I like it very much.”

Hearing Qi Chang’an say this so casually, Xu Luoyang felt a pang in his heart. Having known him for so long, he was aware of Qi Chang’an’s guarded nature and cold demeanor which left him with very few friends, and because of things from their childhood, even though Qi Chang’an got along well with his big brother, they weren’t very close. As for Liang Qiu, he seemed wary of Qi Chang’an, maintaining a strictly professional relationship.

Indeed, no one else would nag him him like this.

Thinking this way, Xu Luoyang became even sadder. Intertwining their fingers, he leaned in to kiss the fingertips, saying suddenly, “It’s okay. I’ll love you more every day than the day before.”

Touching his lips with his fingertip, Qi Chang’an said softly, “Okay, but didn’t you mention a reward earlier?”

“What reward?” Xu Luoyang pretended to be clueless, however under Qi Chang’an’s silent, piercing gaze, he felt guilty in his heart. Sitting upright and avoiding Qi Chang’an’s eyes, he whispered, “I have a day off tomorrow, but I promise to give you your reward in the morning!”

The next morning, as soon as Xu Luoyang opened his eyes, he glanced over at Qi Chang’an and the moment their eyes met, he reached out to cover Qi Chang’an’s eyes, “I’m going to the kitchen to make breakfast first. Come find me in the kitchen in half an hour, okay?”

While saying this, he emphasized ‘half an hour’ and ‘kitchen’, making sure Qi Chang’an caught both the time and place.

Qi Chang’an was very cooperative, “Okay.”

Retracting his hand, Xu Luoyang quickly got out from the bed and dashed out of the bedroom. However instead of going straight to the kitchen, he went to the bathroom for a shower first, and with an awkward posture, he washed behind him and prepared himself with a red face. Then gauging that he had spent enough time, he half-dried his hair with a towel and put on his robe again.

Entering the kitchen and seeing the newly opened light blue checkered apron, he took several deep breaths, then with a trembling heart and shaky hands, he picked it up.

Half an hour later, Qi Chang’an came downstairs right on time. However as soon as he stepped into the kitchen, he stopped, the air seeming to be filled with a stimulating factor that made one’s heart restless. Taking another step inside, he closed the door with a soft ‘click’.

The blinds had been pulled down, making the kitchen somewhat dim. Metal kitchenware hung neatly on the wall, oil had been poured into a pan but not heated, and eggs had been cracked into a bowl but not whisked yet. And Xu Luoyang, standing with his back to the door, was alluring in the dim light.

Walking over, Qi Chang’an wrapped his arms around Xu Luoyang from behind and placing a soft kiss on his bare shoulder, he asked, his voice noticeably husky, “Nao Nao, do you want me to eat breakfast first or do you want me to eat you first?”

Hearing the intense raspiness in Qi Chang’an’s voice, Xu Luoyang’s breath trembled. Without turning around, and stirring the eggs sporadically with chopsticks, he replied softly, “Of course, it’s me first.”

No sooner had he spoken than he felt a gentle bite at the nape of his neck, accompanied by a grinding sensation from Qi Chang’an’s teeth. A slight sting mixed with a shivering sensation coursed down his spine, making his mind blur with mosaic thoughts and his legs slightly weaken.

Finally daring to look sideways at Qi Chang’an, he blinked his dewy eyes, “So, do you want to eat me?”

“Of course.”

This breakfast was strenuous for Xu Luoyang. In the beginning, Qi Chang’an fed him slowly and patiently, allowing him to eat at a leisurely pace. However, once he sensed that he had adapted, the feeding became noticeably faster. Overwhelmed, Xu Luoyang tried to protest, but his objections were immediately overruled, so he had no choice but to lean over the kitchen counter and continue eating.

In a bid to express his dissatisfaction while accepting Qi Chang’an’s feeding, he also tried to divide a little bit of his attention by stirring the egg whites and yolks. As a result, after only stirring it five to six times, Qi Chang’an restrained his hands from behind, “Nao Nao, focus.” And with that, the feeding became even more intense and faster. The chopsticks in Xu Luoyang’s hand dropped onto the countertop, but by this time, he no longer had the heart to care about anything else.

This breakfast session lasted over an hour, and by the end, Xu Luoyang’s legs were shaking so much that he could barely stand. Clinging to Qi Chang’an’s neck, his eyes red from crying, he said hoarsely, “We’re definitely sleeping in separate beds tonight! I’m really angry! The kind that can’t be coaxed!”

Qi Chang’an had wrapped his arms around his waist, massaging him gently to alleviate his soreness, and hearing this, kissed the wet corner of his eyes and reminded him, “Nao Nao, I have a flight in the afternoon, so we do have to sleep separately tonight.”

The fog in Xu Luoyang’s mind cleared a bit, and feelings of unwillingness took over as he clung closer to Qi Chang’an. Then he inadvertently noticed the apron, now crumpled on the kitchen counter, stained with sticky wet, dark spots and hurriedly averted his gaze. Then being reminded of what had happened just now when he cried but Qi Chang’an still wouldn’t come out, even going deeper and deeper, he couldn’t help but open his mouth and bite Qi Chang’an’s shoulder, gnawing at the fabric of his shirt.

Allowing Xu Luoyang to gnaw on his clothes, Qi Chang’an patted his behind and asked, “Where are your clothes?”

“Clothes?” Xu Luoyang released his bite and pondered seriously, “I threw the robe directly into the washing machine.”

Only then did it dawn on him that he was in a predicament– he didn’t have clothes to wear!

Qi Chang’an chuckled, “The apron is no longer wearable.”

Feeling his cheeks heat up, Xu Luoyang lifted his chin defiantly, “Even if it was wearable, I definitely wouldn’t wear it. Who knows if you’d get excited again and press me for one more round?” As he said this, he shrank reflexively.

He had originally just wanted to tease a little, but he didn’t expect the result to be so scary!

He was afraid, afraid! He would never dare again!

Taking off his shirt, Qi Chang’an put it on Xu Luoyang, buttoning it up for him. Then he took a step back, holding Xu Luoyang’s hand, “Let’s go, let’s go back to the bedroom to change.”

“Okay, after grabbing my clothes, I need to take another shower.”

Xu Luoyang led the way, with Qi Chang’an following behind. The white shirt he was wearing barely covered his thighs, making him feel chilly as he walked. However as he climbed up the stairs, he couldn’t shake the feeling that Qi Chang’an was eyeing him from behind, something which caused his heart to race as he quickened his pace subconsciously, and once in the bedroom, he dashed straight to the wardrobe.

However the moment his hand touched the handle of the wardrobe door, Qi Chang’an hugged him from behind.

“Nao Nao, let’s eat breakfast together just one more time, okay?”

With Qi Chang’an’s gentle breath near his ear, Xu Luoyang’s senses tingle and he couldn’t help but make a sound, and in the next second, he felt Qi Chang’an’s hand that was holding him tighten a little.

He refused inwardly, he was already full from breakfast and really couldn’t eat again, however the answer that came out of his mouth was, “Okay.”

“Good boy.”

So the morning passed like this, and after a proper lunch, Qi Chang’an, luggage in tow, refused Xu Luoyang’s request to see him off.

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