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Chapter 7.2

The next morning, Qi Chang’an woke up at the same time, but his head was dizzy, he still had a low fever, his limbs were sore and the skin on his right arm tingled slightly with sensitivity. When he got changed and left the bedroom, he saw Xu Luoyang standing in the kitchen, humming a song as he worked.

As he leaned slowly against the wall, Qi Chang’an’s irritation gradually dissipated strangely, his eyelids half-closed, the soft humming in his ears, the bright morning light outside the window.

For a moment, all his limbs were soothed.

Xu Luoyang was very sensitive to camera lenses so he felt that someone was looking at him. He looked back and saw that Qi Chang’an was standing against the wall, as if he was dozing off, so he greeted him, “Good morning! Are you feeling better?”

He shook his right hand out of habit, but at that moment he was holding a kitchen knife, the surface of which was very shiny, not like saying good morning, but like asking, “Are you asking to be kill**?”

Standing up straight, Qi Chang’an walked over to him, a smile naturally appearing in his eyes, “Much better, what are you doing?”

“The third of my specialties, candied tomatoes!”

Xu Luoyang showed off the freshly cut tomatoes and opened the sugar jar, “It’s better to eat something light after your high fever. There were three tomatoes left in the fridge, so I took them all out.”

Seeing that it was tomatoes again, Qi Chang’an raised his eyebrows, “You like tomatoes a lot?”

The lid in his hand pausing, Xu Luoyang put the candy jar back in place as if nothing had happened, “My family loves tomatoes, especially my mother.”

He laughed, “I don’t think I mentioned this have I? My dad’s a director and my mum’s a screenwriter, and they’re both the type of people who don’t care about me at all when their inspiration strikes, but my mum is always worried that I’ll think I’m not her child and run away from home because of her busy schedule, so every time before she rushes off to write, she’ll rush to make me something to eat, most often it is candied tomatoes.”

Qi Chang’an took the chopsticks handed over by Xu Luoyang and put a piece into his mouth, the sweet and sour taste instantly wrapping around his taste buds, but seeing Xu Luoyang’s giving him a slightly nervous look, he deliberately waited a little longer before speaking, “It’s delicious.”

Xu Luoyang gave a cheerful cry, tasted a piece himself and squinted in satisfaction, “When I come back from the police station, I’ll buy some more!”

“Hmm, okay.”

After breakfast, Xu Luoyang ran off to the police station in a rush, while Qi Chang’an called Master Zhuang to ask for leave and stayed at home to read the script.

At ten o’clock, the doorbell rang.

Opening the door to let his agent Liang Qiu in, Qi Chang’an admonished thoughtfully, “Remember to take off your shoes, Luoyang just mopped the floor this morning.”

After saying that, Qi Chang’an sat back on the sofa and continued reading the script.

Liang Qiu was dressed in a casual suit, wearing a pair of gold-rimmed glasses, single-eyed, looking very bookish. He put a plain white pocket on the coffee table, “Young master Qi, this is your medicine.”

Qi Chang’an didn’t even lift his eyelids, just nodded, “It’s been hard on you.” His current appearance was much colder than when he was with Xu Luoyang, and the sharpness at the end of his eyes was obvious.

“This is what I should do.” Liang Qiu sat down on the sofa next to him, looking respectful, “Eldest young master is very worried about your health, and asked you to make sure you go back to Montreal for a medical check-up in the near future.”

He didn’t answer the question, but Qi Chang’an’s tone eased a little, “How’s big brother doing?”

“Eldest young master is fine, but he’s been worried about you.”

His eyes fell on the script, but he didn’t read a single word. Qi Chang’an was silent for a while before, “Tell him for me that I will stay in China for a while longer.”

“Then the inspection-“

“I’ll be going to California in a few days to make up for a few scenes, I’ll go back then.”

Liang Qiu breathed a sigh of relief, “Okay, I’ll tell eldest young master.”

But before he could release his breath, he heard Qi Chang’an continue, “Last night, I had a stomachache and a high fever, almost forty degrees, and I lost consciousness. After I woke up, my right eye was slightly blurred and I couldn’t hear anything in my right ear for about ten minutes, so I asked the doctor at home to focus on that when he designs the checkup.”

Liang Qiu was startled, “Haven’t your eyes and ears… been cured?” The words just fell when he saw Qi Chang’an’s eyes sweep a glance at him. He subconsciously fell silent.

Just then the phone rang. Qi Chang’an picked up, “Luoyang?”

Luoyang’s happy voice came from the phone, “I asked the security guards at the police station and found a congee shop that is said to be very good, why don’t I pack some up and come back to have lunch with you?”

“Yes, I want to drink…”

“I know, I know, you’re a picky eater! No red beans, green beans, black beans, yellow beans, no peanuts, no lotus seeds, no sugar, no eggs, no seafood, no fish, no radish, no paper lunch boxes,” Xu Luoyang complained in a low voice, “So picky, why don’t you just go to heaven?”

Qi Chang’an just smiled, “Thanks, I’ll wait for you in the afternoon.”

Liang Qiu who was watching was already a bit restless— Eldest young master, your brother must have been swapped! This patient, gentle and smiling man in front of me must be a fake!

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