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Chapter 51.3

The peach blossom wine was so refreshing and sweet-scented, with a floral fragrance, that the two of them drank glass after glass of it, completely forgetting that the owner had warned them that the level was a bit high.

At the end, Ye Shan Shan poked the braised carp with his chopsticks and said vaguely, “Little brother Chang’an, you’ve really found your Chang’an….. “

The space in front of Xu Luoyang wavered a little, but he still persisted in gnawing on the ribs, “En, I think it’s quite amazing too….” With his eyes fixed on the chopsticks in Ye Shan Shan’s hand, he couldn’t help but show off again. “Chang’an even made me a pair of chopsticks with my name engraved on them!”

In the next second, various thoughts slipped through his mind and Xu Luoyang asked, “Were you cold in Antarctica?”

“Yes, I was very cold. When I went to pry the ice bricks, I almost got blown away by the wind!”

“So thrilling?” Xu Luoyang propped his hand on his chin, “Shan Shan, you know the art of replication? I can’t believe you’ve actually turned into two!”

Ye Shan Shan flopped down onto the tabletop, his index finger poking at his phone, “I can’t, I’m feeling uncomfortable, I need to find my big brother to pick me up…..”

Twenty minutes later, the door of the private room opened and a man in a dark handmade suit walked in. Xu Luoyang recognized who it was and greeted, “Mr. Gong, you’re here to pick Shan Shan up?”

Hearing what Xu Luoyang said, Ye Shan Shan struggled to turn his head and smiled when he saw Gong Yue, “Big brother, you’re here?” With that, his voice rose, aggrieved, “My head hurts.” When he finished, he tried to stand up.

Gong Yue quickly walked over to him and took him into his arms, his voice gentle, “Lean on me if you feel uncomfortable.”

Ye Shan Shan nodded dully, “En, I don’t want to lean, I want a hug!”

“Okay.” After hugging him, Gong Yue looked at Xu Luoyang who had obviously also drunk a lot, “Do you need me to contact Zheng Dong?”

Xu Luoyang shook his head, “No, thank you Mr. Gong, you can take Shan Shan back first.”

Gong Yue looked at Ye Shan Shan who was rubbing against him and instructed the bodyguard standing at the door, “Wait at the door, you can leave when the person picking Xu Luoyang up arrives.”

After the door of the private room was closed again, Xu Luoyang finished the last remaining glass of peach blossom wine and sitting alone at the table, he suddenly felt a little sad.

Although he knew that they were all adults, had their own things to do, and that there was no need to stick to each other every day, Xu Luoyang called Qi Chang’an every day and he knew that he was just as busy, so he tried to talk only about happy things and not for long.

But perhaps because he had been drinking and his self-control had weakened, or perhaps because he had seen Gong Yue come over to pick Ye Shan Shan up, Xu Luoyang was unable to control his emotions.

After staring at the pattern on the bowl for a while, Xu Luoyang also took out his mobile phone, and not noticing the missed calls displayed on the screen, directly clicked on the dialing screen and without even thinking, pressed a series of numbers.

But he didn’t dial it. He just said repeatedly at the string of numbers displayed on his phone, pretending he was on the phone with Qi Chang’an

“Shan Shan has already been picked up by his boyfriend and taken home. Chang’an Ge-ge, when are you coming to pick me up?”

At the door of the private room. Qi Chang’an had hurried back from S City only to find that no one was home and no one answered when he called, but as Qi Chang’an, who had rushed over after asking Zheng Dong where Xu Luoyang was, listened to Xu Luoyang’s aggrieved mumbling, all the tiredness accumulated over the past few days dissipated at this second.

Closing the door of the private room, he walked over, his voice very soft as if he was worried that he would scare him, “Luoyang, I’ve come to take you home.”

Xu Luoyang stared at his phone in confusion, then looked up at Qi Chang’an who was standing in front of him travel-worn, wearing a long windbreaker, “You…. teleported here to pick me up again?”

Qi Chang’an sighed helplessly, “Didn’t you already promise me not to let your thoughts carry you away?”

“Then you flew here?”

Qi Chang’an gave up. He looked at the small wine jar that was already empty on the table and asked him, “Can you still stand up?”

“I can stand up! I can even do a set of Tai Chi sword moves!”

Reaching out to help him up, Qi Chang’an negotiated with him patiently, “The car is parked outside, I’ll take you back, okay?”

“Sure!” By this time, Xu Luoyang was still speaking relatively clearly and wasn’t particularly drunk, just a little stuck in his thinking and much more bold than usual. When he reached the open space where he had parked and found that no one was around, he tugged at Qi Chang’an’s sleeve, “Chang’an Ge-ge.”


Xu Luoyang’s eyes were bright as he said in a soft voice, “I’ve had a lot of wine and my lips are especially hot, I need you to kiss them to cool them down!”

Although it was midnight and no one was around, it wasn’t safe to be outside, so Qi Chang’an coaxed him patiently, “I’ll cool them down when we get back home, okay?”

Xu Luoyang became unreasonable, “No, just now, otherwise…. otherwise I won’t leave!” After saying that, he even stretched out his little finger and hooked it to Qi Chang’an’s finger and wiggled it gently.

The slight itch coming from his finger kept spreading and Qi Chang’an’s eyes darkened. In S City, he had held the umbrella signed by Xu Luoyang every day, the thoughts in his heart seeming to be going crazy.

And, he could never bear to refuse Xu Luoyang’s request.

And so pulling him to a backlit corner, under Xu Luoyang’s astonished expression, Qi Chang’an took off his windbreaker, used it to shield their faces and most of their bodies then lowered his head eagerly and took Xu Luoyang’s hot lips.

The fragrant flavor of the peach wine hadn’t dissipated completely yet and warmed up by body heat, it swirled between his lips and teeth, and his burning breath felt like it was going to melt them both at the same time.

It was clear that they had only been apart for less than five days, but it was as if it had been longer than five hundred years.

Xu Luoyang relaxed against the concrete wall behind him, his hands wrapped around Qi Chang’an’s neck, the tip of his tongue tickling Qi Chang’an’s. When he felt Qi Chang’an’s slightly cool hand slipping under the hem of his shirt and over his sensitive waist, he instinctively trembled slightly and a half sound escaped his lips.

As if awakened, Qi Chang’an’s tongue retreated from Xu Luoyang’s mouth and he soothingly lifted him into his arms, kissing him gently on the temples, “Nao Nao, be good, come home with me, okay?”

Xu Luoyang, whose legs were weak from the kiss, stopped fussing and nodded, “En, let’s go back so I can watch a movie with Qi Qi.”

But Xu Luoyang always went offline at crucial moments, so by the time he was half-assisted, half-carried by Qi Chang’an through the doorway, he was completely asleep.

Qi Chang’an changed his clothes, wiped his face and hands with a wet towel and even brought a basin of water over to wash his feet before putting him to bed and covering him with a blanket.

Closing the bedroom door carefully, Qi Chang’an pinched his brow tiredly and prepared to go and get some water to drink. However after a few steps, he stopped and looked at the agenda reminder board that had several white sticky notes with small magnets, all with Xu Luoyang’s handwriting on them.

“I miss Mr. Qi who snuck away and didn’t take me to the airport with him.March 27, AM, Xu Luoyang.”

“The weather forecast says it’s still raining in S City, did you take an umbrella? 27 March, evening, Xu Luoyang.”

“Had to go to a commercial today but got up late. I dreamed of you last night, didn’t want to wake up from the dream. 28th March, early morning, Xu Luoyang.”

“So tired, that director had poor standards! Poor temperament! Poor styling! Poor sense of time! It made me uncontrollably angry for five minutes! But the thought of you made me happy again. 29 March, early morning, Xu Luoyang.”

“Are you used to the food there? Are you in a good mood? Did you sleep well? Are you cold? Are you very tired? Are you busy at work? Chang’an, I miss you so much. 30 March, early morning, Xu Luoyang.”

“Good morning, I’m late again! qaq 31 March, just after dawn, Xu Luoyang.”

Xu Nao Nao’s little emotions:

Before drinking the first glass of peach wine, I’ll make a vow: I’m sure I won’t get as drunk as the last time!

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