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Chapter 86.2

Editor: Jodi

After chatting about some trivial matters, Qi Chang’an finally hung up the phone, then he reached out to rub Xu Luoyang’s hair, only to immediately be met with a stern glare. “I spent fifty minutes on my hair this morning, so stop!”

Qi Chang’an was amused again, and leaning over, he kissed the corner of Xu Luoyang’s eye. “You keep glaring at me, aren’t your eyes hurting?”

“That’s right, now that you’re saying it, it actually does hurt a little!” Xu Luoyang reached out to rub his eyes, then immediately looked dejected. “Don’t change the subject! You dug such a big hole for me just now. How could you ask your big brother to prepare extra rice? It’ll make me look like I have a huge appetite!”

Qi Chang’an stroked his hair gently, saying softly, “You just need to be your true self. You don’t have to compromise yourself for me or my family. I won’t be able to bear it.”

Xu Luoyang’s ears turned red.

“Still nervous?”


Qi Chang’an laughed. “It’s okay, my big brother is even more nervous than you are. This is the sixth time he’s called me to ask about dinner preparations and room arrangements.”

Blinking, Xu Luoyang was suddenly calm.

The car turned onto a private road, and after two more minutes, after passing by a lake and a vast lawn, Xu Luoyang finally saw a white, modern-style house that was very beautiful.

The car stopped at the front door steps, and following Qi Chang’an out of the car, Xu Luoyang tugged on Qi Chang’an’s sleeve. “Is there anything wrong with my clothes or hair? Do I look okay?”

There was a smile in Qi Chang’an’s eyes, “There’s nothing wrong at all. My Nao Nao is very handsome.”

Taking a deep breath while standing at the bottom of the steps, Xu Luoyang followed Qi Chang’an inside, all the way to the guest room.

The three of them sat around a round table, and there were three desserts on the table. Sweeping a glance at them, Xu Luoyang recognized that they were all his favorites.

Once they were seated, Xu Luoyang looked discreetly at Qi Chang’yin, then quickly lowered his gaze, staring at the cup of black tea in front of him.

Because they were brothers, Qi Chang’yin and Qi Chang’an looked a little alike, however Qi Chang’yin looked much more serious, and had a somewhat intimidating aura. However probably because he looked at Qi Chang’an’s face everyday, the nervousness he was feeling inside reduced magically as he faced Qi Chang’yin.

“Demon—” Xu Luoyang almost bit his tongue. D*mn, he had almost blurted out the name ‘Big brother demon’! Thankfully, he’d caught himself just in time.

Qi Chang’an understood Xu Luoyang’s brain circuit very well, and so the corners of his lips rose up in a smile as he took over, “Big brother, this is Luoyang.” Then he introduced, “Luoyang, this is my big brother.”

Xu Luoyang sat up straight, greeting politely, “Hello, I’m Xu Luoyang. I’ve heard Chang’an talk about you often.”

“You can call me elder brother or just big brother like Chang’an does.”

Hearing this, Xu Luoyang was stunned and instinctively looked at Qi Chang’an– what about the promised challenges? Weren’t there supposed to be hidden traps? Wasn’t it said that when meeting the parents for the first time, it was customary to go through nine hundred and eighty-one difficulties?

However seeing the encouragement in Qi Chang’an’s eyes, Xu Luoyang summoned his courage and called him ‘big brother’, then he heard Qi Chang’yin respond.

Despite a good start, Xu Luoyang still didn’t let his guard down in his heart. He took out a folder containing thick stacks of documents from his bag and placed it on the table. Then after opening it, he spread everything on the table.

Then seeing the two of them focusing their attention on him, he spoke with seriousness, “Inside this folder, there are detailed records of my financial situation for the past five years, income and expense statements, and photocopies of all property deeds in my name.” He paused, feeling a bit embarrassed. “I’m not knowledgeable about finance, stocks, or funds, so I invested in real estate with the money I earned.”

Then seeing that neither Qi Chang’an nor Qi Chang’yin said anything, he concluded, “My entire net worth is here, and all of this can be given to Chang’an.”

Qi Chang’yin looked at Qi Chang’an first, then seeing the smile in his eyes, after a two second pause, he turned his attention back to Xu Luoyang. “You’re giving everything to Chang’an?”

“Yes!” Xu Luoyang organised his words carefully, “Although it’s not much, I’ll continue to work hard and earn more in the future, and all the money I earn in the future will also be Chang’an’s.”

Unable to help himself, Qi Chang’an reached out to rub Xu Luoyang’s hair.

After a while, Qi Changyin’s expression became extremely gentle. “Thank you.”

“Huh?” Xu Luoyang didn’t understand why he was being thanked, so he looked subconsciously at Qi Chang’an and asked in a low voice, “Should I say ‘you’re welcome’?”

Qi Chang’an also responded in a hushed tone, cooperating, “You can accept these two words. My big brother is thanking you for being so good to me.”

Xu Luoyang nodded, then after thinking about it, still said, “Chang’an is also really good to me, so there’s really no need to thank me.”

However after he finished saying this, he wanted to take it back. Not good, what if Qi Chang’yin became jealous? The guides online mentioned that one shouldn’t display affection openly in front of the parents, otherwise one might trigger a landmine.

Qi Chang’yin, holding a silver spoon in his hand looked at Qi Chang’an who was sitting beside Xu Luoyang, then his heart relaxed slowly.

Before this, he had imagined many times what kind of person Xu Luoyang would be. But now, he realized that it didn’t matter what kind of person Xu Luoyang was. What mattered was that whenever he was with Xu Luoyang, his little brother was relaxed, smiled, would whisper cooperatively and was very happy.

Qi Chang’yin struggled to put into words the emotions that were welling up in his heart. Images of Qi Chang’an’s pale and frail appearance when he was a child, as well as Qi Chang’an in his Westminster uniform after he had left home flashed through his mind.

He had always known that for Qi Chang’an, even after leaving the sickbed and even after Shen Zhe Mei passed away, this world still wasn’t a good place. His childhood memories had haunted him, constantly trying to drag him back into that painful swamp, which was why, facing the world, he had built high walls around himself and closed off his heart, just to protect himself.

But now, at last, someone had finally made him willing to crack open a door in that protective shell.

Seeing Qi Chang’yin’s expression, Qi Chang’an smiled, opening his mouth, “Big brother, I’m very happy now.”

And saying this, he split the dessert on his china plate in half and gave one portion to Qi Chang’an, then pushed the remaining half toward Xu Luoyang and continued,

“I want to live for many more years, so I’m willing to take medicine, eat healthy, and undergo all kinds of treatments. I hope my health can improve, and, I’d like to live to be seventy or eighty years old and if there’s a next life, I’m also willing to live in this world again.”

Looking into Qi Chang’an’s eyes, Qi Chang’yin nodded gently, “Good.”

The smile in Qi Chang’an’s eyes deepening, he said with a smile, “Thank you, big brother.”


Xu Nao Nao’s little emotions:

I will stay with you until the very last day of our lives, and if there’s a next life, I still want to be with you.

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