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Chapter 11.2

Dr. Holman produced another test report., “This one shows that under a particular angle of light we can see a cobalt blue ring around the outer edge of Chang’an’s pupil which indicates a relapse, but it is much less severe and the resulting sudden deafness in the right ear has not worsened either so it is generally within our control.”

“Hmm, go on.”

“This is part of the results of the stomach-related tests. Sixteen years ago, one-third of Chang’an’s stomach was removed. The dumping syndrome and bile reflux have largely disappeared, the neuropathic gastroparesis is unknown for the time being and the same goes with what triggered or persuaded Chang’an to focus on eating more nutritious food.”

The conversation lasted for almost an hour, Qi Chang’yin looked at the psychological evaluation form at the end and saw a tick in front of ‘good’.

Looking up at Dr. Holman, he said with some difficulty, “This time when Chang’an came back, I heard him talking in his sleep.”

No matter how much wealth Qi Chang’yin held, at this moment he was just like all of the other patients’ families. Dr. Holman  nodded his head and said he was listening.

“He called out ‘mom’ in his dream and kept repeating the words ‘mom, I’m not sick, I’m really not'”, the edge of the page was crumpled by his fingers and Qi Chang’yin steadied his voice. “I think the psychological assessment is no longer applicable to Chang’an.”

His younger brother, obviously, was still trapped in the nightmare of his past; he had not been able to get out of it as opposed to what the assessment indicated.

“Of course.” Dr. Holman propped his elbows on the table and crossed his fingers as he gazed at the powerful man in front of him, “I have to correct you on one point, you have always seen your brother as a pre-adolescent boy, but in reality he is much stronger inside than you think. Of course, at the same time, he is much more closed up inside.

He chose the latter between revealing his wounds and getting the sympathy and protection of others, and closing his heart and protecting himself. We are not the people he trusts completely, and of course we cannot understand his true inner state.”

Qi Chang’yin smiled bitterly and slowly leaned back in his chair. “Yes, I can’t, even if my father is still alive, he would not be able to because neither of us is qualified.”

Qi Chang’an was unpacking his suitcase with Xu Luoyang.

Ever since he opened the suitcase and saw that it was mostly filled with food, Xu Luoyang’s turned into Qi Chang’an’s assistant instantly. He was like a little squirrel, diligently taking out the food and arranging it, then opening his arms around it, dizzy with happiness…

He had been on a vegetarian diet for the past few days, and had held off eating pork and barbecue in the evenings in order to free up his fat stores for the specialties Qi Chang’an would bring back!

“You go on with your work, I’ll take these out and put them away. Food spoils easily in summer.”

Qi Chang’an originally wanted to talk to Xu Luoyang, but once he saw the expectation in his eyes, he was defeated, “Okay, call me if you need anything.”

Xu Luoyang answered and happily took his things out.

After hanging all the clothes in the suitcase back in the wardrobe, Qi Chang’an finally took out a small wood carved fish from his bag. It was pocket-sized, he had carved it on the plane. He was going to take it to Master Zhuang tomorrow, polish it smoothly and then give it to Xu Luoyang.

He took his robe and was about to take a shower when his mobile phone rang.

“Liang Qiu?” Qi Chang’an picked up the phone and guessed that Liang Qiu must have found out about his trip from his brother.

“Sorry to disturb you so late, young master Qi.” Liang Qiu heard that Qi Chang’an hadn’t rested yet, so he continued, “Yesterday, there was a rumour that Mr. Xu would be dropped from Director Zhang’s new movie and replaced by an actor named Shi Yuanhao. I checked and the news came from Shi Yuanhao’s agent, Wu Bi.”

“Go on.”

Hearing the anger in Qi Chang’an’s voice, Liang Qiu’s heart flinched instantly. Sure enough, it had been right to call.

“Wu Bi has three artists under him, one is Yun Shu, one is Shi Yuanhao, and there is a singer who has good connections. He invited the two major investors of the film to a banquet at a fancy club in the afternoon, so he should have received a verbal promise, so he started to operate the public opinion in the evening,” Liang Qiu said carefully. “Half an hour ago, the news was already in the top ten.”

The door was left open and Xu Luoyang’s happy humming could still be heard. Qi Chang’an looked out the window and remembered what Xu Luoyang had written on his Weibo account earlier, “I can’t sleep,” and asked him on the phone if he liked acting with him, and his heart felt a dull ache.

“Heh,” Qi Chang’an pulled open the two buttons on his shirt collar with one hand, the suffocating feeling was only slightly relieved, his voice was low, with a few hints of coldness at the end of his eyes, “Firstly, contact the two major investors for me, ask them to have a meal. Secondly, make a plan, if all the investors of this film withdraw, how much money do I need to invest?”

Liang Qiu on the other side of the phone froze for a couple of seconds – was young master Qi ready to simply invest his own money in the film if he didn’t reach an agreement with the investors? But he didn’t dare to ask more., “Yes, young master Qi.”

Hanging up the phone, Qi Chang’an rubbed his fingertips over the wood-carved fish, stood in place for a while, then opened Weibo and updated it with six words, “If he’s not here, I’m out.”

In the living room across the hall, Xu Luoyang was holding his mobile phone, taking pictures of the neatly arranged food in the fridge, when Qi Chang’an’s Weibo update suddenly popped up – he had previously set himself as Qi Chang’an’s special follower.

Looking at the six short characters, Xu Luoyang felt his heart tremble.

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