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Chapter 55.2

Because the crew adhered strictly to the working hours, they wrapped up at six o’clock sharp. Grabbing a make-up sponge to remove his make-up, Xu Luoyang struggled to keep his face expressionless while talking quietly to Qi Chang’an, “I just looked at the calendar and found out there’s a performance to watch today!”

Handing Xu Luoyang a cotton swab, Qi Chang’an asked, “What kind of performance is it?”

It was after seven and the twilight was getting thicker, so the two of them turned around and finally arrived at a bar called ‘Queen’s Heights’. Pulling Qi Chang’an along, Xu Luoyang said something quickly to the bartender who was polishing glasses. Nodding, the bartender handed over two pieces of metal from a black walnut box.

Xu Luoyang said a word of thanks, took them, gave Qi Chang’an one then continued inside.

Entering through a small, dilapidated door, he walked up a long mezzanine with thick graffiti on both walls and then could hear the gradually pronounced sound of music coming from the end of the mezzanine.

Qi Chang’an understood the performance Xu Luoyang was referring to, “Is it an underground band gig?”

“Yes!” Spinning the piece of iron on his finger, Xu Luoyang raised his eyebrows, “When I was in uni, this was my favorite place to come to listen to songs and these bands were great!”

Opening a slightly rusty iron door, waves of sound rushed straight through the venue. A large crowd had gathered, the lights were dim and disorienting and a bassist with a nose stud was standing on the stage, obviously showing off his skills which elicited a wave of screams.

Handing the iron piece to the bartender guarding the door, Xu Luoyang heard him ask, “Did you come alone? Is this your first time here? You seem to be an unfamiliar face.” With that, as if by magic, a tall glass was placed in front of Xu Luoyang, the liquid inside taking on a gradual color with bubbles rising up beautifully.

Before Xu Luoyang could reply, he felt a hand being wrapped around his waist and the strength of the arm was a little too strong, causing his entire body to fall into Qi Chang’an. Then Qi Chang’an’s cold voice rang in his ears, “Watch your eyes, he’s mine.”

When he said this, Qi Chang’an’s tone was full of warning and his face had little expression, the sharp ends of his eyes as intimidating as a blade.

“What a shame.” The bartender shrugged and not caring, quickly lifted another glass of the same drink and placed it in front of Qi Chang’an, “Well, have a good night in advance then!” With that, he turned to greet the other guests who had come in.

Noticing that Xu Luoyang was looking at him, Qi Chang’an’s eyebrows gentled and the hand on his waist moved down gently next to Xu Luoyang’s jeans-covered buttocks as he asked in a low voice, “Am I not your man?”

His tone surprisingly seemed a little aggrieved.

Before coming, Xu Luoyang had Qi Chang’an put on an exquisitely decorated aristocratic-style jacket and a pair of jewel-blue pupils, so now that he was being looked at intently by him with such deep eyes, Xu Luoyang felt his legs go a little weak!

At that moment, the sound of live music steeped in intensity and the cheering becoming intense caused Xu Luoyang to snap back to attention. He pulled Qi Chang’an through the crowd hurriedly and stood at the bottom of the stage, shouting, “I haven’t been to a show in a long time, I‘ve missed it so much!”

Qi Chang’an shielded the man in his arms and leaned over to nibble on his earlobe, “I’ll always be here to accompany you if you want to come over later.”

After the band came out, the atmosphere reached a crescendo and Xu Luoyang was ecstatic throughout, but even when he was singing along with the crowd, one of his hands was clasped tightly around Qi Chang’an’s, as if subconsciously worried that he would disappear.

“Chang’an, isn’t the lead singer very handsome? I really like his high-note singing technique! His voice is especially nice too!” Xu Luoyang couldn’t help but share with Qi Chang’an as his eyes fell on the stage, his eyes glistening.

Qi Chang’an’s eyes were on Xu Luoyang throughout as he stood next to him, however after hearing these words, he suddenly pushed slightly harder and tugged Xu Luoyang’s hand. Seeing him look over, he leaned closer and said, “Watch.”


Before Xu Luoyang could react, he discovered that Qi Chang’an had released the hand he hand been holding and taking advantage of the band’s thirty-second rest, his long legs straddled the stage directly.

It was unclear what Qi Chang’an said to the lead singer, but the two high-fived after which Qi Chang’an took a microphone as well. Cheers erupted around the room, but Xu Luoyang didn’t make a sound this time as he stared at Qi Chang’an on stage in awe, his heart pounding beat after beat like it was going to pierce his eardrums.

The noise around him gradually quieted down and after the intense accompaniment, Qi Chang’an’s cold voice rang out.

It was only at this moment that Xu Luoyang knew that Qi Chang’an could sing so well!

“……you are sunrise on the darkest day……you shout whenever and I will be there……”

You are the daylight bursting through the depths of my night, I show up to answer your call, every moment, every moment.

Xu Luoyang looked, in obsession at the man on stage who was holding a metallic microphone in his hand, and felt in that moment that a thousand words paled in comparison.

Standing casually under the gorgeous lights of the stage, Qi Chang’an had lowered his head slightly, the shadows trimming his features and giving him an almost decadent beauty.

However Xu Luoyang soon found himself surrounded by an audience that seemed to be stimulated as they screaming madly for Qi Chang’an, whistling incessantly.

Taking advantage of the lighting switch and the fact that the band’s lead singer was singing the next section of lyrics, Xu Luoyang took out his phone and quickly found a post he had sent out on October 24 last year—

“Xu Luoyang: #Xu Luoyang is jealous #officially here to dispel the rumors, I’m never jealous! As well, at the time I just asked Chang’an to read my palm for me.”

After sighing that a slap in the face really hurt, Xu Luoyang clicked delete at top speed.

Xu Nao Nao’s little emotions:

Which brand of vinegar is better?

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