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Chapter 82.1

Editor: Jodi

“——Ah ah ah ah, what exactly did Chang’an say to Luoyang when they hugged? So anxious I want to cry! I keep on feeling that there’s a shocking secret behind this! Asking for the truth! Asking for the experts! Asking for a class rep! Asking for the fbi!”

“——Also asking! I regret that I don’t know how to read lips!”

“——The class rep is here, the class rep is here! After slowing down those ten-plus seconds, following lip reading rules, what Mr. Qi said should be ‘together after it ends.’ There’s another half sentence after that, but he intentionally avoided the camera, so only the first half can be deciphered, the second half can’t be seen!!”

“——Crying in front of my laptop! So angry! There’s a big difference between ‘eat together after it ends’ and ‘sleep together after it ends’ okay!!! Mr. Qi must have done it on purpose! Woo….”

“——Is it just me, or is whispering in front of the whole nation super romantic in itself? My girlish heart is exploding!”

“——I don’t care, screenshot, screenshot. I’ll look at it every day! Gu Cheng hugging in the same frame! Burst into tears!”

At this moment, on the award stage, Xu Luoyang was holding the Golden Maple Awards trophy in his right hand, the bright lights from above that were hitting the top of his head making him feel a bit warm. He adjusted the height of the microphone stand with his left hand then said the first sentence, “The trophy is a bit heavy.”

The audience responded with good-hearted laughter, then soon quieted down again. There wasn’t a trace of noise in the venue, allowing Xu Luoyang to hear his own heartbeat clearly.

All kinds of thoughts were twisted into a mess in his mind, with Qi Chang’an’s voice saying ‘let’s go home after it’s over’ one moment and the next, scenes from filming at the Gaoyu Film and Television City. Controlling his emotions, he approached the microphone once again.

“‘Chaotic World’ is a story I like very much. Like a canvas of chaos, it has the rise and fall of a country, the struggle of heroes, the shortness of courage, and also the depth of love. It’s a movie worth watching. Of course, while it’s still online, you can watch it a second or third time.”

His enthusiastic tone and expression were so obvious that there was another round of laughter from the audience.

After the laughter died down, Xu Luoyang smiled, “I’m really very happy to have received this award. Thank you to the judging panel for giving me this award. I also want to thank Director Chu Wei. I learned a lot from you, and I’ve benefited greatly. Thank you Director Zhang Bocheng, for introducing me to Director Chu, causing me to be able to try the role of Zi Chu. I want to say thank you to every hardworking member of the cast and crew, my agent, and my team. And thank you, my fans. Your support has led me step by step to where I am today.”

He looked down at the golden trophy in his hand, a faint smile spreading across his lips. “Lastly, thank you, Mr. Qi, for handing me this trophy.” After saying this, he took a step back then bowed sincerely.

At the same time, the barrage and comments on the livestream website were filled with hearts.

“—This is what you deserve! I remember being amazed the first time I attended Luoyang’s autograph session! Facing every fan, he would stand up and say ‘hello’ before sitting down again, and he signed five hundred albums that day. Standing up then sitting down like that, he repeated it five hundred times! Facing such a great person, it’s impossible to not be a fan!”

“—Upstairs, wait for me! I once went to pick him up at the airport at 3 in the morning. At that time Luoyang hadn’t slept for nearly thirty hours and was very exhausted, but worried about our safety, he personally made sure that each one of us got into cars, then noted down each license plate before finally leaving in his artist’s car!”

“——Every letter written by fans is opened carefully, and sometimes the typos are even corrected! My idol is too serious right! I’m going for my third viewing of ‘Chaotic World’ tomorrow!”

However the painting style changed after this.

“——Tsk tsk, my apologies, my apologies, but he’s really the supplier of dog food! Even forcing out a wave of thank you to Mr. Qi at the end! Ahh ahh ahh, why do I feel that him saying ‘thank you to Mr. Qi’ right now is a thousand times sweeter than him saying ‘thank you to Chang’an’?”

“——Wow wow wow, so what exactly was said? That it was like his eyes were filled with stars after he heard it! Xu Luoyang, I’m sure you were laughing secretly when you bowed!”

“——Since you’re thanking, then let’s see some sincerity! The pressing heads together team is already ready! 1Pressing heads together so they can kiss 💋

“——Whatever, I’ve already decided that the whispered words just now were ‘let’s go on a date after it’s over’ and no arguments are accepted! I was all ‘auntie-smiles’ throughout! Seeing you win the award, I’m really super happy!”

In the latter part of the awards ceremony, Xu Luoyang became somewhat distracted, his mind full of Qi Chang’an as he wished he could clone himself so he could run out to find him. Then after enduring until the end of the awards ceremony, he was just about to run off when he was stopped by the reporters.

Putting on his standard smile for the camera, he felt that his heart was about to turn into a river of tears—I just want to go to my boyfriend, why is it so hard?

After a twenty minute personal interview, the crew members gathered once more, and a simple backdrop had been set up backstage, featuring a large poster of ‘Chaotic World’.

As Chu Wei passed by Xu Luoyang, he whispered, “Don’t rush, he’s waiting for you.” Then after saying this, his face turned serious again then he continued walking.

Understanding these words, Xu Luoyang couldn’t help but turn away to make sure that no one saw the smile on his face.

This year’s Golden Maple Awards saw ‘Chaotic World’ as the biggest winner, with the crew taking home a total of five major awards and securing six nominations. Director Chu Wei even received a lifetime achievement award, returning with honors, and facing this situation, the reporters were exceptionally enthusiastic, looking at Xu Luoyang and his group as though they were looking at their headlines.

Although Xu Luoyang was anxious inside, it was his professional duty to cooperate with the publicizing of the movie, hence he suppressed the restlessness in his heart and maintained his expression with dedication throughout. And coupled with the fact that the reporters were skilled at reading situations, asking balanced and conventional questions and avoiding traps and inappropriate points, the atmosphere was generally harmonious.

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