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Chapter 63.2

The interview was scheduled with a website that they were familiar with. Zheng Dong had already reviewed the list of questions and had removed three inappropriate ones, and the website was very cooperative, so the atmosphere was harmonious.

“Luoyang, on the June 1st every year, you hold a birthday celebration with your fans. Will you do the same this year?”

Hearing the host’s question, Xu Luoyang did a quick mental calculation; today was the 17th— his birthday seemed to be just around the corner. Sighing internally at the fleeting nature of youth, he shook his head seriously, “This year’s birthday party will probably be held a day or two in advance. I’ll keep the day of my actual birthday free.”

“Do you have other plans?”

Clasping his hand into a fist, Xu Luoyang covered the smile at the corners of his lips as he nodded, “Yes, very important plans.” And knowing that the host would ask what they were, added quickly, “It’s a secret, the kind I can’t reveal.”

“That’s a pity, but your fans are really lucky to celebrate your birthday with you every year!”

Seeing Xu Luoyang nod, the male host glanced at the prompt card in his hand and continued, “We noticed that you shared Director Chu’s new movie ‘Chaotic World’ on weibo. However, many viewers have said that they only found out you were also in the film after seeing this post. Could you reveal the reason for keeping it a secret before?”

“Of course I can reveal the reason. It’s simply because I wasn’t confident! You could say I was too cautious.” Xu Luoyang’s smile was relaxed, “As everyone knows, Director Chu has a particular habit: he would film a lot of footage, but he might not use it all in the final cut.”

“That’s indeed true. Director Chu has always had a unique way of doing things, so it’s understandable, it’s understandable!” The male host laughed as well. “Then Luoyang, do you think you’ll have the chance to work with Director Chu again in the future?”

“Of course I’d love to. I would even be willing to work without pay and bring my own funding to the project! Director Chu is truly an excellent director and I believe every actor can learn a great deal from him.” As he said this, he looked into the camera and said earnestly, “Director Chu, if you have any good role in the future, please contact me, not Chang’an! My phone number is 139—”

In a very cooperative manner, the male host interrupted, smiling hurriedly, “Let’s hold back on the sharing of phone numbers and the like for now!” Seeing Xu Luoyang picking up the microphone again, he looked into the camera, “We hope that both of Luoyang’s movies will be box office hits! And that all of his wishes would come true!”

Back in the artist car, Xu Luoyang didn’t even take the time to drink a sip of water as he lowered his head to check his phone. Seeing the mysterious smile on his lips, Zheng Dong felt a sourness in his teeth, “Texting your Mr. Qi again?”

“Zheng Ge, you’re so perceptive!” After saying this, Xu Luoyang lowered his head again, his fingers flying at lightning speed.

“It’s not that I’m perceptive, it’s just that you’re too obvious.” Zheng Dong handed him a thermos cup, “Didn’t they say that couples get tired of each other after a while? How come you two seem to be getting even more inseparable?”

Xu Luoyang grinned, “Because a lifetime is too short, we must cherish every moment.” Pretending not to see the disgusted look in Zheng Dong’s eyes, he asked, “Zheng Ge, where are we going next?”

“We’re going to Century Flower City. If there’s no traffic, it’ll take about thirty minutes.”

After sending his current location and his next itinerary to Qi Chang’an, Xu Luoyang turned his phone off, hugged the thermos cup then took a few sips of water, before taking a quick short nap.

On the other side, Qi Chang’an was looking through documents. When he received the message from Xu Luoyang showing his location his eyes softened immediately.

From the time he left home at noon, Xu Luoyang would send his location whenever he arrived at a new place along with a few words or a picture. Sometimes he would take pictures of the surroundings and sometimes he would take selfies. It was as if he was telling Qi Chang’an where he was, what he was doing, and what he would do next.

Qi Chang’an knew that Xu Luoyang was trying to give him a sense of security in his own way—

You don’t have a sense of security, so I’ll do everything I can to give it to you.

His fingers moving on the screen of his phone, he typed then deleted words over and over again. In the end, he just sent three words— I love you.

Xu Luoyang had just gotten out of the car when he received the reply and seeing these three words, he felt all his exhaustion vanish in an instant, his mood lifting so much that he wanted to hum a tune.

Putting his phone in his pocket, he suddenly remembered something, “Zheng Ge, before we go in to change clothes, will there be media reporters waiting to take pictures?” After getting an affirmative answer, he handed his phone to Zheng Dong, “Please take a full body picture of me. I want to post it on weibo. Make me look handsome!”

Complying, Zheng Dong took the picture then watched as Xu Luoyang uploaded it with the caption, “It was very difficult, but I finally managed to snag the same jacket Chang’an has! Does it look better on me than it does on him?”

After he posted it, Zheng Dong examined him carefully from head to toe, “I just noticed that the size is a little off. It’s a little too big, but it’s not very noticeable. So the jacket is Qi Chang’an’s?”

Xu Luoyang nodded, his eyes sparkling with excitement, “Yes, this jacket looks great, doesn’t it? I saw it when I was leaving in the afternoon, put it on quietly then run away— it was too exciting!”

After filming the brand promotional video, Xu Luoyang got his phone back from Zheng Dong and logged in eagerly into weibo to check the comments, only to see the top comment in the popular section.

“—Let me clarify something, this jacket is a globally limited edition from brand SA, with only five pieces in total. They are owned by the following people: Frank Gerard, Alan Cole, Leo Terry, Wayne Neville and Qi Chang’an. So, Luoyang, where exactly did you get your hands on the same edition? It must have been quite difficult indeed!”

The replies below were lined up neatly:

“—From Qi Chang’an, hahaha! I can’t stop laughing! I’ve taken a screenshot! Don’t try to deny it!”

“—From Qi Chang’an. Luoyang is so adorable~ My heart is melting!”

“—From Qi Chang’an. Alright, alright, it must have been tough for our Luoyang to snag the jacket from Mr. Qi. It really wasn’t (emphasis) easy!”


Xu Nao Nao’s little emotions:

Sta….. stabbed! qaq

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