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Chapter 74.1

The stillness of the night enveloped the world outside the window and it felt as if they were the only two people in the world, the atmosphere overwhelmingly tender. Xu Luoyang’s heart pounding in his chest, he reached up and clutched Qi Chang’an’s collar as he leaned in, licking Qi Chang’an’s light colored lips softly, his breath ragged, more so than before as he asked on a whisper, “Chang’an, do you want to do it together?”

Qi Chang’an’s hand circled his waist loosely, the heat of his palm permeating through the fabric, causing Xu Luoyang to feel it clearly. Laying on Qi Chang’an’s chest, he tilted his head to look at him, his eyes glistening, “I have no plans for tomorrow and I won’t start reading the script until the day after.”

Originally, he had planned to return home after Stu’s fashion show, but plans never kept up with changes. Now, he had to wait for Meng Huazhang’s script, which meant a delay of several days. Hence as a result, his tight schedule loosened temporarily.

Xu Luoyang had made his intentions clear, and he knew, that it wasn’t only him who wanted it, but Qi Chang’an as well. They slept in the same bed every night and every morning, so neither of them could hide their physical reactions from the other.

Adding to that, they had already touched each other once before. If it hadn’t been for his sudden injury, everything would have naturally fallen into place by now.

Qi Chang’an’s hand slipped beneath Xu Luoyang’s clothes, tracing his spine gently with no barriers as his gaze deepened, “Then Nao Nao, you have to promise me, you won’t cry when we practice double cultivation.”

Cry? How was that possible! Xu Luoyang exploded instantly, indignant, “Mr. Qi, I have to seriously correct your erroneous assumption!” However after saying this, he deflated a bit and asked Qi Chang’an anxiously, “Will it really make me cry? It shouldn’t hurt too much, right? If I do end up crying, that would be so embarrassing!”

Qi Chang’an nipped at his earlobe, responding in a low voice, “You’ll cry from the sheer pleasure of it.”

The tip of Xu Luoyang’s ears turned red immediately— cry from making love? That was definitely a bluff! But if it was true…..

Another crucial point came to mind, “Did you bring the secret weapon?”

Qi Chang’an nodded, “I’ve had it with me all along.”

Hearing this, Xu Luoyang smothered his laughter in Qi Chang’an’s chest, then kissed his lips after his laughter subsided, “I knew you came prepared!”

“En, I’m always ready.”

Who would have thought you’re actually this kind of Qi Chang’an! Xu Luoyang sat up first, coughing lightly twice, “Mr. Qi, I can take a shower here right? I want to take a bath first.” He stared at the glass of water on the wooden table, avoiding Qi Chang’an’s gaze pointedly as he emphasized, “And I’m definitely not showering with you!”

Qi Chang’an smiled, “Then I’ll shower with you.”

“…..” What was the difference?

On one side of the treehouse, a small partition was separated by wooden boards, serving as a bathroom and shower. The space inside was extremely limited, just enough for one person to move around. If two grown men were to stand inside together, then they could only press against each other.

After a shower full of sparks, Xu Luoyang, wrapped in a black robe embroidered with silver patterns, ran out first, panting severely. He rubbed his constantly heating ears, fidgeting a little.

Staring blankly at the swaying tree shadows outside the window, he heard footsteps behind him and blurted out unconsciously, “Chang’an, is this….. considered doing it in the wild?”

As soon as his words fell, he was held from behind by a pair of hands, Qi Chang’an’s body pressed against him, still carrying the damp heat from the shower. As Xu Luoyang’s robe was tied loosely, Qi Chang’an slipped his hand in directly, inch by inch, stroking his sensitive waist while answering his question seriously, “Yes.”

Xu Luoyang’s imagination ran wild, “So we’re not only doing it in the wild, we are also shaking the tree!” Having said that, he started laughing at his own joke.

But as he was laughing, Xu Luoyang could feel the ‘key’ pressing against him from behind getting harder and harder and even through the robe, he could clearly sense the throbbing heat. Immediately, he didn’t dare move and remembering Qi Chang’an’s size, felt a little nervous, “Chang’an, let’s….”

“Hmm?” Qi Chang’an made a nasal sound as he pushed forward aggressively, not pulling back afterwards, but instead rubbing slowly against Xu Luoyang with his ‘key’.

Kissing Xu Luoyang delicately then sucking on his shoulder, he caused Xu Luoyang to shudder. Making what Xu Luoyang was about to say turn into a trembling breath.


“It’s me.” Qi Chang’an’s voice was hoarse, as if he was suppressing something, carrying a hint of danger. His fingers hooking Xu Luoyang’s waistband, he gave it a light tug and it fell onto the carpet. Then he continued to rub against him unhurriedly, asking Xu Luoyang, “Are you cold?”

“Not cold, it’s hot.” Xu Luoyang’s voice came out with a nasal tone as he tried to turn his head to look at Qi Chang’an, “You’re also hot.”

“En, I’m also very hot.” Kissing his hair, Qi Chang’an leaned in to ask him, “Do you want to do it on the bed or on the rug?”

Xu Luoyang, who was bold, answered directly, “I want to do it on you.”

Qi Chang’an laughed, “Nao Nao, won’t this position be too difficult? How about we try it next time?”

With a hum, Xu Luoyang agreed. Turning around, his waist, abdomen and muscular legs entered Qi Chang’an’s sight without any obstruction.

After they finished, they took another bath and the two of them lay back on the bed. Xu Luoyang’s voice was hoarse from moaning, the corners of his eyes tinged with a faint red, making him look inexplicably alluring. He lay in Qi Chang’an’s arms, playing with his fingers when he suddenly said, “Chang’an.”


“Nothing, I just wanted to call your name.” The name of the person I love.

The wind started up outside the window again and glancing over, he was immediately reminded of the scene where he had been pinned by Qi Chang’an against the window sill, getting pounded so hard he could barely stand. His hole tightened reflexively, the sore and swollen feeling still quite obvious. He didn’t dare to look again, pulling his gaze back quickly.

Yawning, his eyelids felt heavy and holding Qi Chang’an’s finger, he said slowly, “Chang’an, I’m sleepy.”

“Sleep then, I’ll wake you tomorrow. Goodnight, my Nao Nao.”

The dazed Xu Luoyang didn’t understand the deeper meaning of ‘I’ll wake you tomorrow’ until the next morning.

As his consciousness stirred, he felt that his hole was wet and sticky, with a finger massaging it gently. His breath hitching, Xu Luoyang’s memories of the previous night sprung up, immediately making him realize what was happening. But his first time had been incredibly pleasant, with Qi Chang’an penetrating him thoroughly in the end that he didn’t feel repulsion or fear towards this. On the contrary, he had developed a taste for it.

At this moment, Qi Chang’an kissed the back of his neck, “Nao Nao, are you awake?”

Xu Luoyang wondered if it was his just imagination, but he found Qi Chang’an’s voice particularly enticing at this moment.

Quickly choosing to face reality rather than pretend to be asleep, Xu Luoyang answered, “I’m awake.” Then noticing that Qi Chang’an’s movements hadn’t stopped, took a breath, “What are you doing?” His voice trembled at the end.

“Doing you.” As the words faded, Xu Luoyang felt the ‘key’ thrust straight into his ‘lock’, the force so considerable that it pushed in to the deepest point.

More than an hour later, Xu Luoyang finally got up, and wrapping himself in his robe, opened the window, intending to let out the heavy scent in the room. The early morning forest scenery was excellent, with birdsong echoing all around and the wind carrying the scent of plants; it was refreshing.

Humming a song, he entered the bathroom. But just as he took off his robe and turned on the faucet, he found that Qi Chang’an had come in again. He tried to push him away, “Get out, get out. It’s so cramped in here and it’s summer, we don’t need to huddle together for warmth!”

Leaning back against the wall, Qi Chang’an took hold of Xu Luoyang’s hand that was pushing him away, brought it to his lips and bit it lightly, “Nao Nao, if you treat me like this, I will be very sad.”

Hearing him say this, Xu Luoyang hesitated, “Really?” He always cared about Qi Chang’an’s feelings. And after learning about Qi Chang’an’s childhood, he felt that no matter how strong or indifferent Qi Chang’an appeared to be, his heart was actually very fragile.

Especially when he clearly perceived that Qi Chang’an had really let his guard down around him.

So, the more he was like this, the easier it was for him to hurt him.

Seeing the worry in his eyes, Qi Chang’an kissed the back of his hand, “No, it’s a lie.”


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