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Chapter 17.2

Xu Luoyang poured a glass of warm water for Qi Chang’an, and then said, “Brother Xiang has an old injury that flares up when the weather changes. His mother had a stroke and has been paralyzed for several years and relies on him to take care of her. His wife was stabbed by a drug dealer who came to her door, and she has no children and is not well so I just thought, ‘Nothing is as good as sending money’.”

Seeing Qi Chang’an’s eyes focused on him, Xu Luoyang whispered again, “I saw it, under the wine jar, you also put a silver bank card.”

Qi Chang’an nodded and admitted, “Hmm, Master Zhuang had a piece of good material on his mind, but he couldn’t buy it.”

The two men looked at each other and smiled.

Xu Luoyang lifted his glass of tea, “Congratulations on the successful conclusion of our experience. Then, let’s have a happy cooperation working together!”

Qi Chang’an also picked up his glass, the glasses making a crisp clinking sound as they came together, “Hmm, let’s have a happy cooperation working together.”

It’s always a pleasure to be with you.

The next morning, the crew’s car came to pick them up. When he got into the car, Xu Luoyang learned that six staff members, including Director Zhang, a scriptwriter and an assistant director, had been living in Qinli Town during this period of time. He was shocked, “Did you go into hiding? Qinli Town is so small, I can’t believe I never even saw you guys!”

Director Zhang laughed at him, “What else do you see but food?”

Standing next to Qi Chang’an, Xu Luoyang raised his chin, “There’s also my family’s Xu Zhan!”

“Okay, you seem to have gotten into the scene, not bad!” Holding a large thermos with Malva nuts water in it, Director Zhang cut into the conversation quickly, “What about the lyrics and music? Have you written it yet?”

In that moment Xu Luoyang was frightened as he quickly pulled Qi Chang’an to sit in the unoccupied seats in the back.

The driver and a total of nine people, drove away in the minibus. It didn’t take long for Xu Luoyang to doze off after he sat down.

Last night he still didn’t dare to sleep alone, but had felt embarrassed to run to Qi Chang’an’s bed again, afraid that if he woke up the next morning, he would really look like an octopus, hugging Qi Chang’an. Wouldn’t he be super embarrassed then?

So he braced himself to sleep alone, and woke up in the morning depressed, not even knowing whether he had slept last night or not.

The car was driving steadily down the road, when Director Zhang suddenly shouted, “Luoyang, I went back to B City earlier, and your agent asked me to bring you something you forgot to bring when you left. Without it, you’ll definitely have trouble sleeping at night.”

Xu Luoyang was curious, “Why didn’t I even know that such a thing existed?”

Then he saw Director Zhang take out a large bag and remove a piggy plush toy out of it.


It was Peppa from his bed!

Pretending not to hear the snickering of those in front, Xu Luoyang calmly took the piggy into his arms and calmly carried it back to his seat, deciding to maintain his cool and not speak easily.

But it did work, because as Xu Luoyang hugged Peppa, within a few minutes he fell asleep.

When the director’s assistant came over to broadcast the set footage, he saw Xu Luoyang sleeping with Peppa in his arms, his head resting on Qi Chang’an’s shoulder. And Qi Chang’an was using Xu Luoyang’s mobile phone to play games, and when the car turned a corner, he immediately reached out to protect Xu Luoyang’s head.

The assistant felt that the existence of the online Gu Cheng cp fans was also very justified because at least at this moment, he silently became a fan.

The assistant lowered his voice and asked, “Mr. Qi, what are you playing?”

Qi Chang’an first subconsciously looked at Xu Luoyang to see if he had been woken up before answering in a low voice, “Luoyang’s elimination game, I’m playing to help him pass this level.”

At this point, the driver honked and Qi Chang’an’s hands moved very fast. He carefully covered Xu Luoyang’s ears, and only when the sound was gone did he withdraw his hands naturally and continue playing the game.

The assistant looked down. Sure enough, the pop-up screen in the live room had directly exploded.

“——I’m the little treasure that little brother Luoyang is holding in his arms! No one should steal it from me!”

“——Gu Cheng cp is official again! It’s so sweet! But please continue, I can take it!”

“——Mr. Qi, I’m counting on you to take care of Luoyang!”

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