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Chapter 64.1

Xu Luoyang tugged at his coat and after being silent for over ten seconds, said, “I can’t believe it’s a limited edition. My taste is really good, isn’t it?”

“…..” Aren’t you focusing on the wrong thing? Nevertheless, Zheng Dong felt that he had developed an unshakable heart and so said calmly, “Shouldn’t it be Qi Chang’an who has the good taste?”

“His taste is quite good.”

Just as Zheng Dong was about to nod, he heard Xu Luoyang continue happily, “He chose me, so his taste is definitely exceptionally good!”


After saying their goodbyes to the director and the staff, Zheng Dong and Xu Luoyang left first. Despite the fact that the discussion about ‘Qi Chang’an’s same coat’ had created a high buzz, Zheng Dong didn’t intend to do any PR. On the one hand, ‘wearing the same clothes’ could be explained as the two having a good relationship, because the more they tried to manipulate the public’s opinion, the more guilty they would appear. On the other hand, the fans who were driving the buzz were mostly their CP fans, while the rest of the fans who admired them for their looks or career showed indifference and didn’t care. So in a few days, this buzz would naturally die down.

Once they got into the car, Xu Luoyang started to text Qi Chang’an again happily while listening to Zheng Dong talk about the schedule for the next day.

Pausing his tapping on the screen, Xu Luoyang looked up, “Is tomorrow afternoon free?” Then remembering what Zheng Dong had said earlier, a look of concern appeared on his face, “Zheng Ge, does this mean I’m going to become redundant soon?”

“Redundant? You’re overthinking it. A previous engagement was rescheduled, that’s why you can take the opportunity to rest for half a day.” Zheng Dong handed him a thermos, urging him to drink more water as he continued,

“Speaking of which, the film you and Qi Chang’an shot, ‘Divergent Road’, will be submitted to the film festival in June and Director Chu’s ‘Chaotic World’ will soon enter its promotional phase. Anyone with eyes can see that by the end of the year, your value would have increased significantly. There are so many people wanting to sign with you right now that my inbox is about to burst every day.”

Xu Luoyang’s eyes curved in a smile, but he replied seriously, “But I’ll wait until ‘Divergent Road’ is released before accepting any new scripts.”

“What’s the reason for thinking that way?”

“Chang’an said that after that, the scripts offered to me will be of a higher level. If I sign now, I’ll be at a loss!”

“Right, he’s absolutely correct.” This was also one of the reasons why Zheng Dong was optimistic about Xu Luoyang. Whether he was redundant or popular, Xu Luoyang was always clear-headed, knowing what he wanted and how to work hard to achieve his goals. After all, in this industry, fame and money came too quickly and easily, often causing people to lose sight of their original intentions.

Putting his phone down, Xu Luoyang hesitated for a moment before finally voicing his thoughts, “Zheng Ge, can you not look at me with that expression?”

“What expression?”

“It’s the same relieved expression you have when you see your husky finally able to use the toilet on its own.”


When Xu Luoyang got home, it was almost eight o’clock. Going over, he hugged Qi Chang’an, giving him a kiss, “I missed you so much!”

Holding his hand in his, Qi Chang’an led him inside, “Are you tired?”

“I’m not tired from work, but I’m tired from missing you. My brain cells were thinking of you every second, it was quite exhausting!” Xu Luoyang’s slippers made ‘clatter’ sounds as he walked then smelling the aroma wafting through the air, he stopped Qi Chang’an in his tracks, “I can smell it; there’s something delicious!”

“Your nose is that sensitive?”

Realizing that he had guessed correctly, Xu Luoyang’s heart bloomed with happiness. He quickly set the dishes on the table, took a bite of the braised pork ribs with potatoes, then squinted with delight. After swallowing the food, he said, “Chang’an, you don’t have to wait for me in the future. If I come back late, you can eat first. Your stomach isn’t great, so you have to be careful.”

Holding a small bowl, Qi Chang’an served him some soup, “I really enjoy the feeling of having dinner together with you. It’s very warm.”

Xu Luoyang couldn’t help but smile, “I love it too!” Taking the bowl of soup, he suddenly remembered something, “Right, are you free tomorrow afternoon?”

Although they lived together, Xu Luoyang wasn’t entirely sure what Qi Chang’an was working on recently. Sometimes he would catch a glimpse of Qi Chang’an looking at documents filled with dense figures and charts.

“As long as you want me to be, I’ll always be available.”

“Then since I have the afternoon off tomorrow, let’s make egg pancakes together!”

However, it was clear that Xu Luoyang had greatly overestimated his and Qi Chang’an’s abilities.

“I never thought that kneading dough would be so much harder than filming!” Xu Luoyang looked at the picture in the tutorial, then at the dough he had mixed and felt deeply that it was a sight too horrible to endure!

Staring at his hands and then at Qi Chang’an who was washing tomatoes nearby diligently, he approached him stealthily then extending his flour covered hand, drew a large ‘C’ on Qi Chang’an’s face.

Looking helplessly at Xu Luoyang who was laughing so hard that he couldn’t stand straight, Qi Chang’an fed him a piece of tomato without saying anything.

But that night, when the two of them lay in bed together, Xu Luoyang became nervous. Clutching the blanket with both hands, he asked Qi Chang’an, “Mr. Qi, please be honest, will you take advantage of me while I’m asleep to exact your revenge for this afternoon’s flour incident?”

Qi Chang’an covered his eyes with his hand, “No, just go to sleep. Weren’t you already feeling sleepy at seven?”

Xu Luoyang nodded in agreement, however he still couldn’t let go of his concern, so closing his eyes, he adjusted his breathing then pretended to be asleep, determined to keep an eye on any suspicious activity.

Just when his fake sleep was about to turn into real sleep, Xu Luoyang suddenly noticed that Qi Chang’an, who was lying next to him had moved!

Excited and nervous, Xu Luoyang felt his heart race as he marveled at the fact that perseverance really paid off. Sensing Qi Chang’an turning towards him and getting closer slowly, he counted to five in his mind then suddenly opened his eyes, “Wow, I’ve caught you! I knew it, you were planning to take revenge!”

Startled but quickly amused, Qi Chang’an met Xu Luoyang’s triumphant gaze then said seriously, “Nao Nao, I was just getting ready to sleep and wanted to give you a goodnight kiss.”



After examining Qi Chang’an’s expression carefully, Xu Luoyang felt that there seemed to be no problem, so he closed one eye and looked at him expectantly, “Then go ahead and kiss me!”

Qi Chang’an’s lips curved, “But now I don’t want to kiss you. Let’s sleep. Nao Nao, goodnight.”


Feeling aggrieved, Xu Luoyang wrapped himself tightly in the blanket, experiencing a sense of loss as if he had lost both wealth and love.

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