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Chapter 34.1

After the 10th of February, the mood in the set was getting restless. Xu Luoyang was standing in front of the dressing mirror while the stylists and assistants were draping armor over him, with Lu Di putting a hand on the side because it was too heavy.

Receiving Lu Di’s look, Xu Luoyang coughed lightly and spoke with a smile, “Sister Fang, seeing as there is one more week before New Year, is our group off for the New Year?” After saying that, he waited for the answer with a nervous expression on his face.

Tang Fang was half-heartedly euphemistic, “According to past practice, no holidays.”

Chu Weiguo filmed both inside and outside the country, and had a set of his own regular crew in order to improve efficiency and save the crew’s bonding time. A stylist like Tang Fang had been with Chu Wei for several productions hence she knew the Director’s habits very well.

Hearing this answer, Xu Luoyang and Lu Di looked at each other, both of their hearts breaking into eight pieces.

But the intensity of the shoot made Xu Luoyang instinctively put away his sadness that there was no holiday for the Spring Festival as soon as he stepped out of the dressing room. Outside the king’s tent in the early hours of the morning, the torches were red, the group of actors in armor were in place, and Director Chu was standing on a meter-high stand, setting up his equipment.

Xu Luoyang didn’t need to be reminded to stand in his spot.

But he had only been standing for two minutes when the lighting technician tilted his head and argued with Director Chu on the stand, who spoke coldly and venomously, while the lighting technician was a cannonball. The battle escalated rapidly as they argued over how the scene should be lit.

Knowing that they wouldn’t get anywhere in ten minutes, and not wanting to be drawn into the fight, Xu Luoyang sat a little further away with his little bench and started rubbing ointment on his palm in a leisurely manner – the ointment Qi Chang’an had brought over was particularly effective. Within two days, the wound had almost healed, with only a few light scars left…

After thinking about it, Xu Luoyang asked Lu Di to take a full body picture of him with his mobile phone to make sure his image in the picture was in good shape before sending it to Qi Chang’an, with the comment, ‘I am showing the majesty of the Son of Heaven!’

Xu Luoyang originally thought that Qi Chang’an would be asleep at 4am, but to his surprise, he replied in almost seconds, ‘My emperor is the prosperous destiny of his nation.’ Clearly he was still awake.

Looking at this sentence, Xu Luoyang’s hand pause mid type then he simply sent a voice message, “Chang’an, are you not feeling well?” Basically after he sent the voice message, he wanted Qi Chang’an to reply with whichever method was more convenient.

Qi Chang’an replied more slowly this time, “I’m not feeling so bad after taking my medicine.”

Xu Luoyang was familiar with Qi Chang’an’s tone and could hear that there was clearly some weakness in his words. He was worried when another message popped up on his screen, “Is it alright if we have a video call?”

Without even thinking about it, Xu Luoyang sent the video invitation. Soon, Qi Chang’an appeared on the screen of his phone. He was leaning against the bed, his face pale, wearing a black pajama top with a loose collar, causing his collarbone to be visible.

Subconsciously moving closer to the screen, Xu Luoyang asked worriedly, “Why have you lost weight again? Is it because you can’t eat?”

“Mhmm, it’s too cold and my appetite isn’t good, but it’s nothing serious.” Looking at his heavily armored appearance, Qi Chang’an smiled, “My Emperor is filming in the early hours of the morning?”

Feeling that the word ‘Emperor’ was inexplicably very suave when Qi Chang’an said it, Xu Luoyang raised his hand to touch the gold crown on his head and nodded carefully, “Yes, it’s a very big scene this time. ” As he said this, he moved his phone around to show Qi Chang’an the scene around him, “I’m fine, I caught three hours of sleep in the middle. It’s Director Chu and the others who had a hard time, they stayed up all night.”

He poked the screen with his finger again, “Are you really better? Did Liang Qiu follow you?”

“Yes, he is staying next door.” Qi Chang’an relaxed against the pillows and smiled, “I’m feeling much better after seeing you.”

Xu Luoyang’s heart raced a bit and the tips of his ears burn a little. Fortunately, just then he saw Director Chu gesturing towards him, so he said a little hurriedly, “The Director is calling me, you have to make sure to get some rest, remember to take your medicine, and take care of your health.”

Looking at Qi Chang’an, who looked sickly but still smiled at him, Xu Luoyang felt a rush of sourness in his heart, “You have to be fine.”

Qi Chang’an nodded, “Okay, you go and film, I’ll sleep very soon.”

After ending the video call, Xu Luoyang tossed the phone to Lu Di to help hold it, but after thinking about it and feeling uneasy, he urged, “If Chang’an calls, make sure to remind me and if I’m filming, give me a sign.”

As he said this, he had already brainstormed seventy-seven or forty-nine ways to pretend to NG.

It was only after seeing Lu Di nod that Xu Luoyang stepped towards the camera.

This was a scene where the emperor, Zi Chu, was punishing his military generals during an expedition. When Zi Chu, who was a strange and fickle character, difficult to please, hard-handed and not an emperor who listened to advice, heard that the enemy had captured three cities in a row, he personally escorted the provisions to the front line.

At this moment, Zi Chu sat on a high platform, the wind in the wilderness whistling, burning torches having changed the night into day, and the five-clawed black dragon embroidered on the king’s battle banner almost ready to devour people.

He was playing with the emerald-coloured glazed marble in his hand, his crimson lips flirtatious, the tail end of his words lifted slightly, “Why are the generals silent?”

None of the generals under his seat dared to raise their heads.

Zi Chu’s smile deepened, then he threw the glazed marble in his hand violently, shattering it with a ‘pop’. Standing up, he stepped on the table in front of him with his left foot, leaned forward and smiled faintly, the look in his eyes sinister and ruthless, “You all take me for a fool, don’t you? You think that because I’m stuck in a deep palace and grew up under a woman’s hands I don’t know anything.”

Saying this, he slowed down his words and ordered the guards near him, “Take my three generals, Wang, Yang and Zhao, and drag them outside the tent to be beheaded.”

The guards close to him acted swiftly, quickly dragging the men out.

Only then did Zi Chu remove his feet and said in a slow manner, “Anyone who wants to retreat from the two cities and give them away will be punished for treason, do all my ministers want to try?”

The military officers knelt down one after another, “We dare not!”

A somewhat slimmer Zi Chu turned his back and looked at the large marching battle map on the wooden frame, “All those who should roll must roll, the territory underfoot is mine. Not even half a step into it is allowed!”

After going through the scene completely, Director Chu shouted ‘cut’ and then standing behind the monitor, looked carefully at the effect of the shot, while discussing something with the lighting technician.

Seeing that he had nothing to do for the moment, Xu Luoyang sat down on the ground, overwhelming a large area of dry grass. The armour he was wearing was so heavy that he was sweating in the middle of winter.

Lu Di trotted over with his thermos, “Mr. Qi didn’t call.”

“En, you should pay attention anyway.” Xu Luoyang drank two sips of water and looked up at the sky, “I can’t believe I’m shooting on New Year’s Eve. It’s the middle of nowhere and windy, I feel like my heart is getting cold right now.”

Lu Di nodded his head repeatedly in agreement.

Xu Luoyang’s hand on the lid of his cup tightened, “It’s better to suffer alone than to suffer together, you should take a holiday for New Year’s Eve to keep your parents company, otherwise aunt and uncle won’t remember what you look like and come back on the third day of the New Year.”

Seeing that Lu Di was about to refuse, he smiled and patted his shoulder, “Your parents are waiting for you at home, it’s good. Besides, didn’t your mum arrange a blind date for you? Try to leave the single life soon, Di Zi!”

Lu Di rubbed the back of his head, a little embarrassed, “Okay, I’ll be back on the third day of the New Year.”

But to everyone’s surprise, on the morning of New Year’s Eve, Director Chu had a conscience and announced that the whole crew would take two days off and start filming again on the second day of the New Year.

Xu Luoyang was so excited that he ran over and gave Director a bear hug in his 20-plus pounds of armor, but he didn’t expect Director to be unable to withstand the force, which caused him to fall down on his butt, making laughter erupt around him.

Xu Luoyang stood there in a daze, “Director, can I still get a red packet?”

Chu Wei stood up with a cold expression on his face, “Ask Qi Chang’an for it, I’m not giving any!”


Xu Luoyang arrived in B City in the afternoon and was recognized by a few fans on the plane, so he hastily gave them autographs to help keep the secret. The fans were very cooperative and even whispered, ‘I hope you and Mr. Qi have a happy Spring Festival!’ before they left.

After getting off the plane, Xu Luoyang sent Qi Chang’an a relay of the incident and what the fans had said, and then sent an emoji saying, ‘Begging big boss for a red packet’.

When he picked up his luggage, he saw that Qi Chang’an had really sent him twelve red packets, each one containing 888 yuan. After happily receiving them, Xu Luoyang hurriedly sent a voice message in a very flattering tone, “Happy Spring Festival Mr. Qi, wishing you good health and a successful career for the coming year!”

Qi Chang’an still replied quickly, “Thank you. Happy Spring Festival to Nao Nao too.” Then he asked, “Are you back in B city?”

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