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Chapter 92

Editor: Jodi

May 26th, Luoyang. June 2nd, Lincheng. June 9th, Yongzhou. June 16th, Ye State. June 23rd, Ming South. June 30th, Chu City.

July 7th, Chang’an.

From 7 p.m. until 9:30 p.m., the concert was nearing its end. The summer night breeze finally brought some coolness, driving away the heat of the day, and inside the venue, the lights were dazzling, countless glow sticks forming a brilliant galaxy.

After the last song ended, on the stage, the two-meter-high elevating platform descended slowly, and inside the venue, the brilliant lights as well as the brightness of the big screen suddenly went out. Then a spotlight turned on, illuminating only the area where Xu Luoyang was standing, dazzling and bright.

Tidying up his jacket, which had become somewhat disheveled from his dancing, Xu Luoyang stood on the stage, adjusting his breathing as he took off his in-ear monitor and holding the microphone, he smiled as he asked, “Excuse me, may I take a bit more of your time?”

Bright lights shone down from above his head, revealing the sweat covering his smooth forehead, the tips of his wet hair and his smiling eyes.

Seventy thousand people inside and outside the venue responded at the same time, “You can!”

“Thank you all, I—” He suddenly stopped mid-sentence, went back two steps, bent down, and took a bottle of mineral water from the light box beside him.

However after opening the bottle, he didn’t drink it but poured it over his head instead, then with his left hand, he swept his drenched hair up carelessly, letting the cool water run down his neck, soaking his clothes and revealing his tight muscle lines.

Then seemingly having calmed down a little, he turned back to the microphone, speaking a bit slowly, his voice slightly tense, “I’m very nervous right now.” After he finished saying this, he emphasized, “I have never been this nervous before. I’m feeling much more nervous than the first time I sang on stage and the first time I acted in front of the camera.”

From the moment he began speaking, the venue became very quiet, with only the sea of glow sticks twinkling silently.

“Lately, I’ve been really fond of the number ‘seven’.”

The moment he finished saying this, the originally quiet venue erupted into screams, glow sticks flickering around continuously.

And hearing many people shouting ‘Chang’an’, Xu Luoyang steadied his expression before he looked at the audience, counting one by one, “Seven songs in the album, seven concerts, a seven-day gap between each concert, singing the first song at seven o’clock in each one, and today there are seventy thousand people here at the venue.”

Saying up until this point, he smiled again, “But you guys are really awesome. Seventy thousand tickets were all snatched up in less than a minute, nearly crashing the website.” After saying this, his voice lowered as he added sincerely, “Thank you guys for coming.”

Then amid another wave of screams, his fingers tightened slightly on the microphone, and when the venue quieted down, he spoke again, “Today, my tour is about to end.”

At this moment, the picture on the big screen changed.

Then one could only see that on the outline of a map outlined with grey lines, seven star-like points of light lit up in sequence, then between the six points of lights on the periphery, they were connected by lines which finally formed a heart shape.

Then slowly, on the light point representing the starting station ‘Luoyang’, a thin line extended, then lengthening gradually, it finally connected to the light point representing the final station ‘Chang’an’.

Then the pattern was finally complete.

And looking at the pattern on the big screen, the corners of Xu Luoyang’s lips curved into a smile, “From the 26th of May to the 7th of July, I traveled all the way from Luoyang to Chang’an.”

He paused for a few seconds then suddenly began, “From the time I announced the cities for the concert tour, to the time I released the promotional posters for the album and the concert tour, to the release of the album, to singing the same song at the start of each concert, till me standing here, during this period of time, there have been many, many related comments online.”

At this moment, the entire venue quieted down, with all eyes focused on Xu Luoyang who was in the center of the stage.

It was only after almost ten seconds that Xu Luoyang opened his mouth again, his tone serious, “What I want to say, is that those are not rumors, they are not scandals, not any misunderstandings and they are not any hype for publicity. They are all true.”

“I have someone I like, and his name is Qi Chang’an.”

Gradually, whispers emerged in the quiet venue, then like small streams joining together, they swelled up into a huge wave!

Many people in the audience thought they were hallucinating—what did he just say?

Xu Luoyang touched his name that was engraved in the microphone, his eardrums trembling along with the pounding of his heart. Then he heard himself say, “I released an album with his name, I used his name as a song title and wrote a song for him. I want to sing my feelings to him, a hundred times, a thousand times, no, even ten thousand times isn’t enough.”

It was only at this moment that his fans who were in the venue reacted to what Xu Luoyang was actually saying, and unable to help themselves, they started to scream, and in the live feed that switched out on the big screen, it could be seen that many people were cheering while shedding tears, looking very emotional.

The cheering and screaming continued for nearly two minutes, and only after it finally quieted down again did Xu Luoyang bow deeply, saying for the third time, “Thank you guys.”

Then straightening up, his eyes filled with a warm smile, he brought the silver microphone back to his lips, “Today, the 7th of July, is Chang’an’s birthday.”

He pronounced ‘Chang’an’ softly, as if just the mere mentioning of his name made him unconsciously gentle.

Then the corners of his lips still hooked up in a smile, he casually sat down cross-legged on the stage, his posture relaxed as he reached out to take the candles, as well as the white carved candle holders that were handed over to him by a staff member, and while lighting them up, he said, “Happy first birthday to my Chang’an, happy second birthday, happy third birthday….. happy twenty-seventh birthday, happy twenty-eighth birthday.”

There were twenty-eight candles in total.

Towards the end, under the candlelight, Xu Luoyang’s eyes reddened slightly, his voice carrying an almost imperceptible nasal quality to it, however his every word was very gentle.

“Chang’an, I’m very sorry that I wasn’t by your side in the past, but that won’t happen anymore, I will always be there.”

“I hesitated before about whether to release such a boyfriend album, whether to hold a boyfriend concert tour, but then I decided, I wanted to do this. Because my Chang’an is so wonderful and I’m very proud of you. I also hope that when we are both old, we will be able to remember the me at this age who was so straightforward and not shy in the slightest to say in front of ten thousand people that I love you, that I want to be with you forever.”

After he finished saying this, he laughed with his head down, took a light breath, then said, “Alright, I’m about to help him blow out the birthday candles.”

Then in the venue, without any direction or accompaniment, the melody of ‘Happy Birthday’ gradually rose and converged from the audience seats in all directions.

However just at that moment, another voice came through the sound system, “Can I blow out the candles you lit for me myself?” The voice was gentle, seemingly smiling, with the end of the sentence rising slightly, lingering in the warm air.

His breath hitching, Xu Luoyang stood up subconsciously with the candle holders in his hand, and at the same time, after a few seconds of stunned silence, the screams and cheers of the audience exploded again, the atmosphere so electrifying that it was as if the place was about to ignite!

It was Qi Chang’an!

With eyes that looked as if they had been filled with moonlight, Xu Luoyang looked towards a certain spot below the stage, his voice soft as he said, “Okay.” With only the tail end of his words revealing his nervousness.

Seconds later, Qi Chang’an stood on the stage, dressed in a white shirt and dark trousers, looking somewhat formal. His sleeves had been rolled up twice, revealing his wrists, the ring on his ring finger shining brightly. The ring, nearly identical to the one Xu Luoyang was wearing, had a detailed delicate pattern on its surface– it was Xu Luoyang’s name.

Between the two of them there were twenty-eight red candles, their flames reflected in both of their eyes at the same time.

Qi Chang’an asked Xu Luoyang, “If I make a birthday wish, will it really come true?”

And as if bewitched by him, Xu Luoyang nodded, “It will, it will definitely come true.”

A gentle smile rippling at the corners of his lips, Qi Chang’an said, “I never made a wish on my previous twenty-seven birthdays.”

Because he’d had no expectations, no hopes, and never believed that he would be favored by fate or attain happiness.

Xu Luoyang’s breathing tensed, then blinking, he suggested, “Then you can make all the wishes you haven’t made before today. As long as it’s your wish, it will definitely come true!”

Qi Chang’an shook his head, “But I only have one wish, and only you can fulfill it.”

At this moment, all the stage lights, the murmurs in the venue, as well as all the images and sounds seemed to fade away as Xu Luoyang stared at Qi Chang’an, extremely nervous as he asked, “What wish?”

“I’m in love with someone, his name is Xu Luoyang.” Qi Chang’an spoke with extreme clarity, each word seeming to bear the weight of life, “Luoyang, will you accept my proposal?”

In that instant, the world lit up.

And without even hesitating for a second, Xu Luoyang nodded, beaming before Qi Chang’an could even finish the last of his sentence, “I accept!”

Lowering his head, Qi Chang’an blew out all twenty-eight birthday candles.

Because at this moment, all the wishes of the years up until this point had been fulfilled.

After the candles were extinguished, Xu Luoyang looked up at Qi Chang’an, his eyes and brows radiant with a smile, “Hello, my name is Xu Luoyang, ‘Xu’ as in a gentle breeze and ‘Luoyang’ from Chang’an Luoyang.”

The same words he had said when they first met.

Qi Chang’an also smiled along with him, “Hello, my name is Qi Chang’an, ‘Qi’ as in distressed heart and ‘Chang’an’ from Chang’an Luoyang.”


Xu Nao Nao’s little emotions:

For the rest of our lives, please let’s take care of each other~

——The end——

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