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Chapter 49.1

Early the next morning, Xu Luoyang arrived at You Li Entertainment.

Walking straight into Zheng Dong’s office, Xu Luoyang put the packed breakfast on the table and set it up, “Zheng Ge, come and have breakfast. Where are Xue Ying and the others?”

“I’m here.” Before Zheng Dong could say anything, the door to the lounge next to him opened and Xue Ying, the publicity assistant, walked in. Her short hair a bit messy, she was wearing a crumpled white long-sleeved t-shirt and basically rushed over to the table, rolled up her sleeves and started drinking the congee.

Yawning, Lu Di followed behind. He was a little listless at first, but when he saw Xue Ying’s stance, he felt threatened and rushed after her, wiping out a loaf of bread in two or three bites.

Zheng Dong had had five ulcers in a row in the past two days and it hurt to speak, so he ate the congee slowly.

“Dai Xueqing issued a clarification yesterday, sort of untying one of the most crucial knots. Then, under the pressure of public opinion, the film school also issued a statement and although it only pushed a teacher who had already retired to come out and take the blame, it was enough.”

Seeing Xu Luoyang nod, Zheng Dong continued, “What we need to do now is to maintain the heat of the story, clarify every doubt and black spot and eliminate the possibility of a resurgence.”

Xu Luoyang said consciously, “Then I won’t update my account for the next few days then I’ll make my voice heard after your PR is over.” If he couldn’t update his main account, he could update the hidden one!

“Hmm. Because of this incident, your popularity is basically exploding all over the internet now and people’s sympathy for you is at an all-time high.” Zheng Dong analyzed it to him, “Unlike your current situation, when you were a freshman, you weren’t yet an adult and your parents died of illness, but under such circumstances, you still managed to get into the film school with your own hard work and got into it with the first rank, which is typical of the kid next door, very inspirational now. This point alone will turn many passers-by into fans.

Then not long afterwards, you were implicated in a feud with the previous generation, falsely accused and then forced to leave the country, a completely realistic version of the poor little cabbage, the gourmets love this kind of dogged and dramatic plot.”

Xu Luoyang whispered, “It’s actually not that bad….”

Pretending not to have heard what he said, Zheng Dong continued, “So after this incident, your popularity will soar. But it’s easy to attract fans and just as easy to lose them, so whether or not you can stabilize this wave of rising popularity depends on what happens later.

As for the internet discussing who is standing behind you that can make even Dai Xueqing issue a statement of apology, this doesn’t matter much for now. The partner of justice is also justice!”

Smiling, Xu Luoyang nodded then had another two seconds where he spaced out a little– he suddenly missed his partner of justice, Mr. Qi.

After slowly finishing the shredded mushroom and chicken congee, Zheng Dong handed his tablet to Xu Luoyang, “We’ve been blessed by the disaster. Since last night, my email inbox has been flooded with scripts, endorsements and variety show offers. I’ve sifted through them so you can look through them again and get a good idea.”

At this moment, Xue Ying rushed over with her laptop in her arms, “Wang Yuxing has been arrested!”

Xu Luoyang and Zheng Dong looked over at the same time, “Wang Yuxing has been arrested?”

Turning the computer screen towards them, Xue Ying nodded, “Yes, yes, yes, it happened just now. Possession of drgs and gathering for drg use. He was taken away by the authorities immediately!”

When Xu Luoyang heard the word ‘drgs’, he remembered that in Dai Xueqing’s office, he had noticed that Wang Yuxing had lost some weight, but he hadn’t given it much thought at the time. He thought Wang Yuxing had already given up drgs.

Seeing that Xue Ying still wanted to say something, Zheng Dong asked her, “Is there more?”

“Yes, yes, yes! There’s another one!” Xue Ying switched windows and pointed at the screen, “The incident a few years ago that happened on the set of ‘A Sword to Chill the Fourteen States’ when Wang Yuxing did something to the wire, causing Xu Ge to fall off it and be hospitalized has also been exposed in detail, with all the witnesses as well the video footage from somewhere. It’s the real deal.”

Zheng Dong read the long article from beginning to end carefully then finally looked at Xu Luoyang, “Your Mr. Qi must have planned this for a long time. This time Wang Yuxing will really have a hard time of turning things around.”

On another side, Qi Chang’an was having a video call with Qi Chang’yin.

“How’s your health these days?” Qi Chang’yin was sitting in his office with a huge painting behind him, dressed in a black suit with a neatly tied tie.

“Fine, Luoyang reminds me to take my medicine on time every day.” At the mere mention of his name, Qi Chang’an’s eyes softened.

Qi Chang’yin also smiled, “I saw the news. Did you work on Wang Yuxing as well?”

“En, it was me.” Qi Chang’an’s brow took on a bit of hostility when he thought of Xu Luoyang’s shocking fall from the wire and his pinky finger which was still a bit unnatural even now.

Having been paying attention to Qi Chang’an’s expression, Qi Chang’yin’s tone gentled, “Are you sure it’s him?”

“Mhmm, it’s him, there won’t be another one.” Qi Chang’an relaxed against the door frame, “Big brother, I’ve asked Liang Qiu to make arrangements. I’ll be at all future board meetings.”

Qi Chang’yin laughed, “Comparing things, you’re more talented than me in business and finance and Dad used to say that you were the most like him. But didn’t he use to drag you to meetings only for you to turn around and run when you got to the doors of the meeting room? Why are you suddenly taking the initiative?”

“I want to protect him.”

Qi Chang’yin was a little surprised to hear this answer, but felt that it was to be expected.

Looking closely at the person on the screen, he realized that Qi Chang’an had really changed a lot in such a short period of time. He smiled a lot more, talked more and was also talking to him in a relaxed manner. He was no longer on guard against everyone around him as he used to be.

Qi Chang’yin’s heart was somewhat relieved, but also conflicted. His little brother now had someone he wanted to protect with all his might and he even wanted to become strong for that person.

Qi Chang’yin said softly, “Big brother will always be there for you. You can definitely do it.”

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