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Chapter 56.1

As the guitar’s final note fell, the cheers and whistles continued for a long time, but the main character was no longer on stage— taking advantage of the sudden darkness, Xu Luoyang grabbed Qi Chang’an’s wrist and ran out of the venue.

By memory, Xu Luoyang pulled him through two turns, pushed open a small door and entered a storage room with an ‘out of order’ sign. Inside, there was only an empty wooden rack, the top light already broken, and after closing the door, the place became pitch black.

The melody of the musical instruments could still be heard faintly as Xu Luoyang panted and said, his hand still holding Qi Chang’an’s wrist, “No one will come in here.”

The loss of vision enhanced the sensitivity of hearing and touch, and the two people’s breathing seemed to merge together. Xu Luoyang’s heartbeat accelerating, his breathing trembled slightly as he asked, “What….. did you just say to the lead singer?”

Qi Chang’an said slowly, “I told him that the person I love is below, and that I want him to have only me in his eyes.”

At the same time, Xu Luoyang felt his lips being caressed by a warm fingertip and perhaps too sensitive, a few stinging sensations spread across his lips. Then, Qi Chang’an’s soft lips covered his.

However Qi Chang’an didn’t move, and with his lips pressed against Xu Luoyang’s, he asked, “Luoyang, can I kiss you?”

Completely unable to speak, Xu Luoyang acquiesced silently, then took the initiative to kiss him back— this little action between the two sparked an enormous wave and almost instantly, Xu Luoyang noticed that Qi Chang’an’s hand was pressed hard on his lower back, and then he was pressed against the door!

More intense kisses came surging and breathing became a difficult task as the roof of his mouth was teased by the tip of Qi Chang’an’s tongue. The rapidly spreading tingling made Xu Luoyang’s legs unsteady in an instant, causing his hands to instinctively tighten on Qi Chang’an’s coat, not knowing what to do.

Outside the door was the corridor where people passed by occasionally, and as their loud laughter and conversation filtered in, it stimulated the ones inside so much that their fingertips trembled!

Reaching out, Qi Chang’an lifted Xu Luoyang up, allowing him to lean against the door, his legs wrapping around his waist. Then holding Xu Luoyang’s butt with one hand, continued to kiss him.

Every nerve in Xu Luoyang’s body felt as if it was being washed with a wave of heat, and he felt as if he was about to collapse. He thought to himself, so all the kisses he had received before, all of Qi Chang’an’s gentleness in the past had been the result of his deliberate restraint? It turns out this was the true face of the big demon…

It wasn’t until the tip of Qi Chang’an’s tongue tasted the faint taste of blood that Xu Luoyang was let go. Leaning against the door and gasping for air, Xu Luoyang muttered, “Chang’an…”

Qi Chang’an was wiping the liquid from the corners of his mouth with his thumb when he heard Xu Luoyang’s voice. He responded softly, “Hmm?”

“I’m tasting blood.” Xu Luoyang told him, his breath unsteady. “Whose blood is it?” At the moment, his mouth was numb, so he couldn’t feel any pain.

In the darkness, Qi Chang’an’s voice was laced with a smile. “It’s mine. You were too excited just now and bit my lips.”


Am I really that powerful?

Due to this episode, the two didn’t continue. When Xu Luoyang returned to the hotel, he discovered that Zheng Dong had already arrived and was staying on the ground floor. He took a few steps towards the door, then turned back to check his reflection in the mirror to make sure everything was okay before going downstairs to knock on the door.

Zheng Dong opened the door, stepping aside to let Xu Luoyang in as he gave him a once-over. His expression was disgusted as he asked, “What happened to your earlobe?”

You can even notice this kind of detail. Zheng Ge, will you really not consider switching careers to become a detective? Xu Luoyang covered his earlobe subconsciously, feeling guilty. “Nothing happened!” He hadn’t noticed anything wrong with his earlobe when he checked the mirror earlier, but Qi Chang’an had definitely left a mark by biting and sucking on it.

Seeing Xu Luoyang looking like a cat that had had its tail stepped on, Zheng Dong felt a bit helpless. “In that case, I’ll pretend I didn’t see anything.” He held up the tablet in his hand. “You’ve caused another stir. As soon as the official news from Stu was released, several magazines called and said they would reserve their cover page for you.”

Xu Luoyang nodded, his expression calm. “Zheng Ge, after looking through them, do you think any of them is good?”

Zheng Dong nodded, a smile finally lighting his face. Relaxing on the couch, he said, “I was worried on the plane that you might float away after signing with Stu.” He knew Xu Luoyang couldn’t take praise, so he stopped immediately and began answering the previous question. “I’ve screened them, and the planning for ‘Color of Elegance’ is very good.”

“What planning?” Xu Luoyang was curious and unconsciously picked up some fruit to eat, slowly feeling that he was hungry.

“’Color of Elegance’ is planning a ‘Late Spring’ theme and wants to invite you and Qi Chang’an to take a picture together for the special edition to be published in mid-May.”

‘Color of Elegance’ was one of the five major magazines in C Country. It was published once a month and its cover page was always in high demand. Unlike other magazines that allowed photographers to choose their teams, ‘Color of Elegance’ always had a strong say in how their pictures were taken and with whom they were taken, following a pre-planned schedule.

“The cover page?”

Zheng Dong nodded. “The cover page.”

Xu Luoyang hesitated a bit after unconsciously biting into the apple. “Zheng Ge, what do you think?”

“Before I answer that, let me ask you, is your relationship with Qi Chang’an long-term?”

Xu Luoyang answered this question without hesitation. “It’s definitely long-term.”

Knowing that Xu Luoyang was like his father and that once he made up his mind, he wouldn’t turn back no matter how many difficulties he encountered, Zheng Dong thought for a moment before saying, “Since it’s long-term, you two can’t keep your relationship hidden forever. It’s bound to be made public eventually. Based on our original plan, we can keep it hidden for now, but it’s important that others gradually accept that there is nothing pure between the two of you. That way, it will be much easier when it’s made public.”

Seeing Xu Luoyang nod, he continued, “I received the message from ‘Color of Elegance’ before I got on the plane and then Liang Qiu contacted me, saying that Qi Chang’an’s side has agreed to the invitation.”

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