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Chapter 31.1

Twelve o’clock in the afternoon.

Shi Yuanhao’s assistant stared at the data on the computer screen and was surprised to find that only twelve hours had passed since last night but public opinion had already swung completely in favor of Qi Chang’an and Xu Luoyang and there was no room for redemption.

He glanced at Shi Yuanhao who had a gloomy expression carefully and opened his mouth but still didn’t dare say anything. He wasn’t the only one. The others sitting in the ward didn’t dare make a sound, as they had all experienced Shi Yuanhao’s violent temper. Now he was like a powder keg, ready to go off at anytime.

But this was no way to go on, so in the end it was the assistant who had been with Shi Yuanhao the longest who opened his mouth cautiously, “Brother Yuanhao, do you think… we should contact Brother Wu?”

The next second, a teacup was smashed hard from the direction of the bed, followed by Shi Yuanhao’s cursing, “Idiots who live off me while secretly helping others! Don’t think I don’t know that all of you listen to Wu Bi! You don’t give a damn about me!”

He panted heavily, the muscles at the corners of his mouth tense as he raised his hand and smashed everything he could find around him.

Staring at the expressions of fear on the faces of the people in front of him, he growled, “Get out! All of you, get the fck out!”

Soon the ward was empty.

Shi Yuanhao wiped his face and with shaking hands, opened his social media. Weibo’s hot search number one had become #crowdfunding conveyor belt, with #carpark recording at number three and at number two was #myheart hurts for Gu Cheng CP.

Unresigned, he clicked on his own page and with a quick swipe of his thumb, discovered that the comments section on his page was full of comments telling him to get out of the entertainment industry. Anger surging upwards, he slammed his phone into the wall.

He sat on the bed for almost a minute then got out of bed a little stiffly, went to the window and looked down. Sure enough, the downstairs area was filled with reporters. His legs giving out, Shi Yuanhao dropped to the floor.

He was finished.

The penthouse suite of the Brighton Hotel.

Xu Luoyang slept until after 1pm and then opened his eyes, but the moment he did, his eyes felt astringent. He closed them again in a hurry, but in the next second realized that he seemed to be… held by someone?

Carefully opening one eye and turning his head sideways slightly, Xu Luoyang saw Qi Chang’an’s silent sleeping face. Qi Chang’an’s arms were tightly wrapped around his waist and their feet were hooked together. He could clearly hear Qi Chang’an’s steady breathing.

Feeling a faint sense of familiarity, Xu Luoyang thought for a while before he realized it. The position Qi Chang’an was holding him in, wasn’t it the same position he was in when he was sleeping with the plush piggy in his arms?

Xu Luoyang suddenly felt some sympathy for Qi Chang’an. Maybe he was just like him, also having to hug something to be able to sleep well but it was just that he was embarrassed, that’s why he never said anything?

The messy thoughts in his head spurn around until they turned into a ball. Xu Luoyang kept his body still, then began to sort out his confused memories – he had come over to steal the bed with his pillow last night and Qi Chang’an kindly took him in, then he cried and cried …… and seemed to have fallen asleep?

Crap, he had lost all face!

But he quickly calmed down again. In front of Qi Chang’an, did he still have such a thing as face?

It was long gone.

So he was ready to close his eyes again to continue sleeping for a while longer, only for Qi Chang’an to wake up.


Qi Chang’an’s voice was husky and very sexy. Xu Luoyang very much wanted to learn it and thinking that it sounded good to talk like this, deliberately made his voice a little husky as well, “Hmm, you’re awake?”

Qi Chang’an frowned worriedly, “You have a cold?”


His enthusiasm for studying instantly doused, Xu Luoyang’s voice went back to normal, somewhat chagrined, “I don’t have a cold, I’m rarely sick.” As he said this, he moved somewhat uncomfortably, but as soon as he did, he felt something poke him.

At first he didn’t realize what it was and even rubbed it, but it seemed to get bigger and bigger? Then he noticed Qi Chang’an bury his face in his shoulder and take a deep breath before saying, his voice a little huskier, “Don’t move.”

“That’s-” Suddenly realizing exactly what it was that was poking him, Xu Luoyang felt as if he had just done something very unbelievable. Staring up at the chandelier on the ceiling, he was a little embarrassed. His gaze drifted about, “I get it, it’s a normal physiological reaction!”

Ahh, really embarrassing!

“Hmm.” Qi Chang’an answered in a low voice.

Feeling Qi Chang’an’s breath tickle him a little as it landed on the skin of his neck, Xu Luoyang couldn’t help but shrink his neck in and suggest, “So do you… want to go deal with it?”

This time, Qi Chang’an took a while before answering, “Yes.”

It wasn’t until the bathroom door was closed that Xu Luoyang sat up from the bed. He couldn’t help but recall the scene he had seen just now when Qi Changan stood up. How come it felt and looked a little bigger than the last time he saw it?

Could it be that demons were gifted in this area and could change in size? Amazing!

Xu Luoyang took a shower in the other bathroom, dressed, dried his hair, and then made the bed again by hand. He also called room service and ordered lunch. Finally sitting down on the iron chair in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, he swiped through Weibo for a few minutes. Only then did Qi Chang’an come out of the bathroom.

Subconsciously glancing at the time, Xu Luoyang couldn’t help but say, “You… took quite a long time.”

Qi Chang’an’s steps paused, then he walked over naturally and sat across a table opposite Xu Luoyang, “It’s okay.”

Feeling that the subject and direction of this topic was very weird, Xu Luoyang subconsciously didn’t say more. He pushed a celadon cup towards Qi Chang’an, “I saw a jar of tea on the table so I brewed it for you. Can you try it and drink it?”

Qi Chang’an took a sip. “It’s delicious.” A smile appeared in his eyes. He liked strong tea and would habitually put in a lot of tea leaves, and Xu Luoyang had not only remembered, he had even used the exact same amount of tea leaves.

“Speaking of which, the video from the car parking lot was released in the early hours of yesterday morning and this morning, the recording that Lu Di recorded came out.” Xu Luoyang handed his phone over, “This is the news just now. Shi Yuanhao came out of the hospital alone and was surrounded by reporters. He injured two reporters on the spot, but Wu Bi never showed up.”

“He’s been dropped?” Chi Changan quickly responded.

“I think so.” Xu Luoyang retrieved his phone. “Wu Bi dropped Shi Yuanhao, but Shi Yuanhao’s contract is still stuck with the company. If he doesn’t terminate his contract, he’ll definitely be hidden. But if he terminates his contract for a different company, then he will definitely have to pay a high amount for breach of contract.”

Seeing Qi Chang’an look at him, Xu Luoyang smiled, “I’m not that saintly. Shi Yuanhao started it. If I don’t fight back, then I would have been the one surrounded by all those reporters and being pushed to ‘get out of the entertainment industry’. The stain of hitting someone will never be cleared up and there will even be rumors that I’m violent and like domestic violence, but I don’t even have a love interest yet, haha.”

A love interest? Taking a sip of tea, a bitter taste spread in Qi Chang’an’s mouth. He couldn’t help but ask, “If you were to fall in love, what kind of person would you look for?”

“That’s such a hard question!” Realizing he hadn’t thought about this much before, Xu Luoyang propped his chin on his hand and thought hard, “I haven’t even liked anyone before so I haven’t thought about it either, but I would probably look for someone who looks good!”

Qi Chang’an’s fingers unconsciously squeezed the handle of his cup, “So are there any requirements? Like height?”

“Height?” Xu Luoyang thought of his question. “I don’t really like short-looking people, because I’m 5’8″ myself and I’ll be a bit taller with shoes on so if my girlfriend is 5’6, when I’m holding an umbrella in the summer, her chin will definitely be tanned!” Xu Luoyang sounded distressed, “And walking as we wear the same scarf in winter is likely to strangle her neck as well!”

Qi Chang’an’s expression remained unchanged as he agreed, “Hmm, it’s true.”

“So, it would be better if it’s a boyfriend.”

Hearing this, Qi Chang’an’s heart trembled and barely keeping his voice steady, he asked, “Would you get a boyfriend?”

“I don’t know, I’ve never liked any man or woman. I’ll just let it happen, I’m very buddhist.” Xu Luoyang asked Qi Chang’an curiously, “What about you? What kind of person would you look for if you were to fall in love?”

“I would look for someone who smiles a lot, has fair skin, likes to eat meat, who can play the piano and sing.” Someone whose name is Xu Luoyang.

Instinctively misinterpreting Qi Chang’an’s gaze, Xu Luoyang was feeling a little weird inside when the doorbell suddenly rang. He stood up in a flash and headed for the door, “Lunch is here, I’ll get it!”

He thought to himself as he walked, saying this so specifically, could it be that Qi Chang’an had someone he liked? But why didn’t he feel so happy? Could it be it was because his best friend might be joining the ‘friends who preferred their lovers to friends’ club?

Mhmm, it must be because of this!

The two of them stayed at the Brighton Hotel for another night then went straight back to Xunyang Film City. They didn’t have time to go to B City for the buddha jumping over the wall.

When Xu Luoyang got off the plane, he was still downcast. Qi Chang’an rubbed his hair, “You really want to eat it?”

Xu Luoyang was about to nod when a bold thought suddenly popped into his mind. “If I say I want to, will you… book the chef along with the ingredients?”

Qi Chang’an nodded naturally, “Hmm, it’s not too difficult.”

Xu Luoyang stopped him hurriedly, “No need to go to such trouble, it’s the same to go back to have it later.”

“Mm, whatever you want.”

Looking at Qi Chang’an who was dressed in a black trench coat, Xu Luoyang thought silently in his heart – I didn’t think you really had the potential to be a domineering demon!

Once the New Year’s Day passed, the temperature dropped several degrees again and the boxed lunches got cold too quickly. The crew had already started eating spicy hot pot en masse. Xu Luoyang asked Lu Di to buy an induction cooker for them and put it in the dressing room stewing soup or eating hotpot every day in the afternoon.

Director Zhang pushed the door and walked in. Taking a deep breath, he laughed, “You two are really wonderful. Hiding here every day for a small meal!”

Xu Luoyang, who was gnawing on a chicken leg handed a bowl and a pair of chopsticks to Director Zhang, “Today’s soup is chicken with mushrooms, it’s especially delicious!”

Director Zhang finished the bowl of soup in two gulps. “It’s really fresh! But Luoyang, don’t you have a weakness for spicy food? I can’t believe you resisted the temptation and didn’t go for a spicy hot pot.”

Xu Luoyang thought to himself, if he had gone off to eat and drink spicy food, leaving Qi Chang’an alone, how unrighteous would that have been? He smiled and said, “This soup is very nourishing in winter.” Saying this, he ladled another bowl for Director Zhang.

Director Zhang drank three bowls of soup in a row, and only then did he get down to business, “We’ve been filming for almost three months, and the two of you are about to finish your scenes as well.”

Xu Luoyang swallowed the food in his mouth and sighed exaggeratedly, “It’s finally time to kill the production. I can finally escape from your evil clutches, Director Zhang!”

“Evil clutches?” Director Zhang turned on his megaphone and directed the mouth at Xu Luoyang, “Do you believe that I’ll make you NG a hundred times!”

“Don’t bully people like this!” Xu Luoyang covered his ears and hid bitterly in the direction of Qi Chang’an.

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