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Chapter 58.1

Although the question asked wasn’t within the scope of what he had prepared beforehand, Xu Luoyang still accepted it confidently, choosing his words carefully as he answered, “Stu gathers top designers from all over the world, hence each garment represents countless efforts. Especially after fully understanding the intricate process involved in creating haute couture, I realized that these aren’t just clothes, but pieces of art. That’s why I purchased three of them as a gift for Chang’an.”

After saying this, he smiled at the reporter in front of him, thinking to himself, ‘Ask away, keep asking. After all, as a spokesperson for Stu, it’s my duty to boast about it.’ And on the plane I drafted several pages, I’m not afraid at all!

As a result, no matter what question was asked, Xu Luoyang was able to steer the conversation smoothly back to Stu and boast about it 360 degrees, leaving Lu Di, who was standing next to him shocked.

Slowly, after the reporters discovered that no matter how hard they tried they wouldn’t find any breaking points, they gave up.

However as soon as Xu Luoyang got into the car, his demeanor changed and he threw himself into Qi Chang’an’s arms, complaining aggrievedly, “Chang’an, I was bullied!”

Laughing, Qi Chang’an patted his back gently, “Who bullied our Nao Nao?”

“That’s not important, the important thing is how you’re going to coax me!”

“En, how should I coax you?” Qi Chang’an sought advice humbly.

“That’s easy!” Xu Luoyang sat up straight, full of excitement, “Can you not stay in the hotel and stay with me instead? I’ll make breakfast for you every morning and warm your bed every night!”

When he saw Qi Chang’an nod, Xu Luoyang leaned in to whisper in his ear, “I’m really happy. The thought of sleeping next to you tonight makes me feel like I could even wake up laughing from my dreams!”

Qi Chang’an’s lips were still a little pale, but the smile at the corners of his mouth was deep, “I’m happy too, very happy.”

However, this time they only stayed at home for three days before setting off for a small town in Jiangnan to shoot the ‘Late Spring’ series for ‘Color of Elegance’.

Xu Luoyang was excited all the way, unable to calm down from the plane to the artist van, making Zheng Dong annoyed with him, “Student Xu, you’re here to work, not here for a spring outing. What’s the excitement for?”

“How can I not be excited? Working with Chang’an is like going on a spring outing!” Saying this, Xu Luoyang opened the backpack he was carrying and showed it to Zheng Dong, “Look, I also prepared snacks, drinks and a thermos cup!”

“….” Zheng Dong said to himself that it was too hot to look at and so pressed the button on the wall of the car compartment, directly raising the partition, deciding that out of sight was out of mind.

Putting back the watermelon seeds he had originally wanted to give to Zheng Dong, Xu Luoyang calculated the time in his mind then took the thermos cup out of his bag and gave it to Qi Chang’an, “It’s time for your medicine, exactly four hours.”

Reaching out to take the cup, Qi Chang’an opened it and drank a sip of warm water then found that Xu Luoyang was looking at him nervously with wide eyes as he asked, “Is it hot?”

“No, the water has just the right temperature.”

Xu Luoyang’s expression was proud, “That’s a must. I had to make it several times before I was able to control the temperature.” He said, his smile brightening as he moved closer to Qi Chang’an, “I find it particularly satisfying when I take good care of you!”

At this moment, Qi Chang’an’s heart was filled with sweetness as he looked at his lover with adoration in his eyes, kissing his forehead.

Their destination was a small water town called ‘Yi Shan’ located in the south of the river, where all the buildings were built along the water and the air was damp and fragrant with the scent of flowers. The white walls, black tiles, willow trees, and green stone slabs enhanced the peaceful atmosphere.

By the time they arrived, it was almost dark, so the crew went straight to the hotel they had arranged to stay in previously and set a time for work the next dayy, after which everyone went to their rooms to rest.

After a quick organizing of his luggage and a fresh change of clothes, Xu Luoyang took Qi Chang’an out of the room quietly, saying, “There seems to be a traditional folk festival of sending away the spring gods in this town. It’s dark and the light is dim, so we can wear hats and no one will recognize us.”

Just as Xu Luoyang had expected, the main street of Yi Shan was packed with people. Lamps were hanging from the trees on both sides of the street and traditional instruments were being played at the crossroads, attracting the attention of most of the people.

Noticing that the stalls next to the road were empty and with few people, Xu Luoyang took Qi Chang’an over and asked, “Have you played this before?”

Shaking his head, Qi Chang’an replied, “No, I haven’t.”

Before he was twelve years old, he spent most of his time in bed and in a wheelchair and after he was twelve, went to study at a boarding school and so had had no opportunity to play this type of small game.

“How about we play it together today? It’s very simple. You hold the plastic ring, aim, throw and whatever you catch is yours. But you can’t cheat using your demon powers!”

After seeing Qi Chang’an nod, Xu Luoyang gave the stall owner ten yuan in exchange for five plastic rings then gave them all to Qi Chang’an, shouting ‘you can do it!’ several times.

After Qi Chang’an took the plastic rings, he took one with his right hand then suddenly raising it, placed the ring on top of Xu Luoyang’s head.

Before Xu Luoyang could react, he heard Qi Chang’an’s low and magnetic voice, “I’ve got Luoyang, so Luoyang belongs to me.”

Xu Luoyang’s hands shook and his heart beat irregularly, even as he felt very unconvinced inside— why can’t I come up with a romantic line like that? How unfair!

Just then, a voice asked from beside them, “Excuse me, are you guys….. Gu Cheng?”

The smile on Qi Chang’an’s face disappeared immediately and he hid Xu Luoyang behind him, only giving one word in answer, “No.”

It was a skinny, tall young girl who had spoken, who, somewhat panicked, said repeatedly, “I don’t have any ill intent and I didn’t take any pictures. I absolutely won’t tell anyone about meeting you here!” She unconsciously dared not look directly at Qi Chang’an as she said quickly, “I just really wanted to tell you in person that I will always support you guys!”

At this moment, Xu Luoyang stuck his head out from behind Qi Chang’an, with a finger resting on the edge of his black baseball cap, his voice carrying a laugh in it, “But we’re not the Gu Cheng you’re talking about, but if they heard what you said, they would definitely be very grateful.” Saying this, he pulled on Qi Chang’an’s sleeve, “Come on, I just saw some delicious food over there!”

Turning his head to look at Xu Luoyang, the warmth in Qi Chang’an’s eyes was very obvious, “Okay.”

Seeing that the two were leaving, the young girl mustered up the courage to ask, “Excuse me, you guys….. are definitely real right?”

Xu Luoyang adjusted the black baseball cap on his head, “Guess?” And with that, he returned the plastic rings to the vendor quickly and, holding Qi Chang’an, ran off into the crowd. After winding through the crowd to make sure that they had gone far enough, he finally stopped, his smile extremely brilliant.

Feeling a sense of helplessness, Qi Chang’an fixed the hat on him well, “So happy?”

“I’m so happy!” Straightening, Xu Luoyang gestured, “I feel as if I’m a hidden behind-the-scenes boss in an anime, very mysterious and special!” He continued regretfully, “It’s a pity that we couldn’t complete the round!”

“It’s okay, we can play something else.” Looking at the person in front of him, Qi Chang’an felt that as long as he was with him, anything would become very interesting.

The next day, the weather changed from cloudy to a light rain, but ‘Color of Elegance’s’ top team that was responsible for photography was very efficient. After explaining the general idea and composition to the two of them, they immediately cleared the scene.

In the shot, Xu Luoyang was wearing a white sport jacket and sitting on the blue stone pier at the stone bridgehead, chewing a bubble gum leisurely. Then, his eyes lit up— Qi Chang’an was riding an old style bicycle over from a distance. As he approached, Xu Luoyang quickly blew a white bubble, his eyes curved in laughter, filled with a radiant light.

Then he waved at Qi Chang’an, who stopped with one foot down and looked towards him, his cold expression warming up slowly.

Holding Xu Luoyang and Qi Chang’an’s jackets and standing outside the field with Zheng Dong, Lu Di whispered, “This scene is just as if Xu Ge and Mr. Qi were in high school. The two agreed to go to school together, but Xu Ge is especially lazy and doesn’t want to ride a bike or walk, and so pressured Mr. Qi, making him ride a bicycle to take him.”

He thought for a moment then said again, “However, they will definitely be caught by the principal. I can see that there is a kind of love wave flowing between the two of them!”

Zheng Dong glanced at him, “Only you have good eyesight!”

However, it turned out that there were many more people with better eyesight than Lu Di. The supplement of ‘Color of Elegance’ was quickly sold out, and the behind-the-scenes footage of the ‘Late Spring’ series from the ‘Color of Elegance’ official blog had already reached six figures in the number of forwards.

Xu Luoyang and Qi Chang’an’s Weibo were quickly filled with comments.

“—The two of them walking on the cobbled road under the same umbrella. This picture is really beautiful that it makes me cry! Especially the eyes! The eyes! A glance for ten thousand years!! If this isn’t love!”

“—-I bought three magazines in one go! Gu Cheng is mighty! The flag of Gu Cheng will never fall! Sure enough, only coughing and love can’t be disguised. In the end, it’s all about true love, just look at the eyes! I’m really falling in love with Gu Cheng. Qi Chang’an and Luoyang are seriously sweet!”

“—The most beautiful thing in the south in May isn’t the green stone slabs or the oil paper umbrellas, but you sitting waiting for me at the bridgehead!”

“Why do I feel like crying when I see these pictures? It’s clear that the official release of sugar is the sweetest tt. Maybe they grew up as childhood sweethearts in some time and space!”

Xu Luoyang didn’t see any of these online comments. On the day of the release of the special edition of ‘Color of Elegance’, Rainbow TV’s outdoor variety show ‘Top Secret Action’ also officially began recording.

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