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Chapter 96 Ending chapter

Editor: Jodi

After quickly posting the update, Xu Luoyang commented below hurriedly, “Mr. Qi, you’re really very arrogant!”

Then after tapping send he turned his phone off.

And the moment he got off the plane he turned his phone back on to first call Qi Chang’an to tell him that he had landed safely and then after reading his reply, couldn’t help but go to Weibo to check the comments. The result? He found that there were tens of thousands of comments under the post he had sent earlier.

“– Ah, I’m really going to go from a fan to a sunspot! Eating sweets like this every day, I’ll really become fat! Become fat! Fat!”

“– Mr. Qi, the domineering president doesn’t need to explain! Okay, okay, okay, it’s you, it’s you, it’s you. Continue to work hard, you’ve got this! Also, I just flipped through! After so long, the person Mr. Qi is following is still just Xu Luoyang! And all his Weibo posts are reposts from Xu Luoyang’s posts, there are no exceptions! This style of ‘you are my only one’ is really sweet enough to make me swoon!”

“– As a single dog, exactly why do I run to Gu Cheng’s square every day to eat wedding candies? Crunch! But, please…..please continue to work hard!”

And in the following months, Xu Luoyang really did work hard. The album ‘Chang’an’ broke sales records continuously and the title song ‘Chang’an’ dominated the top of various charts from the peak of summer till early winter, holding its position steadily.

On November 11th, early in the morning, Xu Luoyang updated with a morning selfie with the text, “I really hope that one day someone will wake me up with a kiss every morning, sigh, the extravagant hope of a single dog!”

A minute later, Qi Chang’an reposted it with the comment, “I’ll fulfill your extravagant hope.”

Instantly, the fans who were waiting under the post exploded.

“– Light the torches, squad assemble! This fairy isn’t okay! Xu Luoyang, hurry up and wake up! Are there any single dogs like you? What kind of misconception do you have about your status!”

“– I’ve accidentally learned another way to show off love after following Gu Cheng! Taking notes at lightning speed!”

“Imagining the scene of being ‘woken up with a kiss’ every morning is causing me to roll around on the bed excitedly!! Ah ah ah ah I’m having a nosebleed! Quick, bring me a red date blood replenishing set meal!” 

And soon, #Gu Cheng CP# once again climbed to the top of the hot search list in a strong manner.

Xu Luoyang swiped through the news for a while, tossed his phone aside, then turning over, sprawled on top of Qi Chang’an, biting his chin playfully, “Mr. Qi, I heard you’ve decided to fulfill my extravagant wish?”

Qi Chang’an wrapped his hand around his waist, his voice slightly husky from just waking up, “En, do you agree?”

Of course I agree!

And seduced by Qi Chang’an’s voice, the tip of Xu Luoyang’s heart quivered. He laid back on the bed and closed his eyes hurriedly, and understanding quickly, the corners of Qi Chang’an’s lips curved into a smile as he leaned down directly and kissed his lips. And after about ten seconds or so, Xu Luoyang pretended that he had only just woken up, opening his eyes slowly, the tails ends of his eyes curved into a smile, “Chang’an Ge-ge, good morning!”

“Nao Nao, good morning.”

And then not lingering in bed any more, Xu Luoyang shuffled in his slippers to the hotel bathroom for a shower and in less than ten minutes, rushed out, his hair still damp as he asked, “Chang’an, what time did Zheng Ge say I should be downstairs?”

Qi Chang’an, already out of bed and holding a soft fluffy towel, walked over to dry his hair carefully, “Half-past nine. You have two interviews scheduled, one with a magazine and one with a TV station.”

Then he provided the details, “You have a meeting with Director Meng Huazhang at ten-thirty and have an interview with a TV program from E Country. Don’t worry, it’s just nine now, you won’t be late.”

Xu Luoyang nodded. This time as the male lead, he was accompanying Director Meng Huazhang and the crew of ‘Turn Back Time’ to Silesia for the Golden Ivy Awards ceremony. Qi Chang’an had come with him and the two of them had only just checked into the hotel just yesterday afternoon.

After getting dressed and quickly styling his hair, Xu Luoyang headed for the door. However after a few steps, he remembered something then turned back and asked, “Are you really not the esteemed guest presenter this time?”

“I’m not.” Qi Chang’an smiled, kissing his forehead, “Go on, I’ll be watching you from the audience.”

Xu Luoyang, already a bit nervous, felt his heart beat even faster when he heard this. “It’s uncertain if I’ll win the award, but no matter what, I’ll continue to work hard!” Then after saying this he leaned up to kiss the corner of Qi Chang’an’s lips then left the room.

The entire day was hectic. The skies darkened early in Silesia, hence by the time it was six o’clock, the sky was completely dark, and sitting inside the stretch limousine, Xu Luoyang looked out at the somewhat dazzling lights outside, adjusting his tie subconsciously

Meng Huazhang, dressed in a sharp black tailcoat, was sitting across from him, and seeing that he was nervous, smiled, “Very nervous?”

“En, I’m very nervous.” Xu Luoyang nodded honestly. “I never imagined that I would one day be nominated for the Golden Ivy Awards.”

After all, compared to the Silver Awards, the Golden Ivy Awards was more prestigious and ranked first among the world’s three major film festivals.

Meng Huazhang smiled, “When I was younger, I couldn’t believe it either when I first won the Golden Ivy Award. It felt like a dream.” And saying this, he looked at the red carpet entrance that wasn’t far away, the smile on the corners of his lips deepening, “But then I became calm about it, because over the years that I’ve been making films, I’ve won four Golden Ivy Awards and three Silver Awards.”

And after saying this, he winked at Xu Luoyang, “Just think, in the future, you’ll also be overwhelmed with all kinds of awards and then when you look back at this Golden Ivy Award in front of you, wouldn’t it make you feel that there had been nothing to worry about?”

A few minutes later, Xu Luoyang and Meng Huazhang stepped onto the red carpet together.

The night air was cold, making smiles somewhat stiff. However this time Xu Luoyang hadn’t dared to arm himself with warmers strapped to his waist, hence he could only rely on sheer willpower to keep warm.

Then finally inside the venue, he slowly regained feeling in his hands and feet and sitting down, immediately sent Qi Chang’an a message, “Chang’an, do you see me? I’m in the middle of the second row.”

Qi Chang’an replied quickly, “I’m right behind you, look to your right.”

Xu Luoyang turned around quickly and saw Qi Chang’an who was seated three rows away from him smiling at him. Subconsciously, his anxious heart settled.

And Meng Huazhang, seeing his taut expression relax by quite a lot, laughed, “Sure enough, Chang’an works wonders.”

Xu Luoyang nodded, replying seriously, “Yes, he’s my panacea.”

However there were times when even a panacea wouldn’t work as well, because the moment the guest presenter appeared on stage and began announcing the nominees, Xu Luoyang had the illusion that his heart was about to beat out of his chest. Subconsciously, he touched the ring on his finger to focus his attention.

Each second seemed to drag on by endlessly, yet it also seemed to fly by at an extremely fast pace, and when Xu Luoyang heard, “The winner of the Best Actor at the 79th Silesia Film Festival is—Xu Luoyang, ‘Turn Back Time'” from the stage, the taut strings in his heart loosened immediately.

Subconsciously, he looked back and was met with Qi Chang’an’s eyes that were looking over, causing him to be unable to help but smile radiantly at him, and then it was only after he saw him smile back that he turned back around again.

Then standing up, he hugged Meng Huazhang, shook hands with the directors and actors who were beside them and then made his way to the stage slowly.

And the one presenting the award to him, was a world-renowned film master with silver hair. Xu Luoyang bowed respectfully, and then received the heavy Golden Ivy Award trophy.

Then looking at the intertwined golden vines on the trophy, Xu Luoyang stood behind the microphone and facing the audience, his heart that had climbed to the peak calmed down gradually.

“I’m very happy to receive this award.” He said as he stood in the light, the smile in his eyes rippling out like the surface of a sparkling lake.

“I’ve been on sets watching other people filming ever since I could first remember, and at that time I thought to myself that when I grow up, I want to be an actor too. Then a lot of things happened later, but I’m very glad that I’ve always strived and never given up. I love the profession that is acting and will continue to do so. Thank you.”

And the moment he finished saying this, amidst the thunderous applause and cheers, under the dazzling lights, he looked in Qi Chang’an’s direction, lifted the Golden Ivy Award trophy with his right hand, then kissed the ring on the ring finger of his left hand gently, his smile brilliant and beautiful.

——The End——

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  1. Oh my god it’s completed!!! Their Journey is over now!!!
    But they will have endless happiness!!!

    THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH FOR THE HARDWORKS IN FINISHING THIS NOVEL TRANSLATION!!! 🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇 xEndlessEverlastingGratefulness ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🤗💕😭💕

  2. Tysm for this translation.

    Tbh i jumped from chapter 60 to last chapter ’cause i thought this story is too long (my bad).

    I hope to see your other translations. Keep up the good work.

  3. I think I accidentally stumbled upon this novel in a reading trail I left behind a long time ago, probably a few years ago before the translator finished the translation. And I thought, why didn’t I read this story right away?
    I regret T………T

    I’ve finished many novels. SO MANY. So much so that sometimes I forget about them. But for now, in the midst of my tears, I want to reveal that this is the sweetest NOVEL I’ve ever read!!!

    Really!!! I cried so much, so many times, not because this story is sad, but because this story is SO sweet, so sweet that I felt heartache 😭😭 this is really a story full of sugar, so touching, honestly until my eyes are swollen. I even want to attach a photo as proof.

    In my mind, I just want to say that from beginning to end, from chapter 1-96, the author described the story like a newlywed honeymoon story. What a senseless spreader of PDA 😭

    From Luoyang to Chang-an, from the author choosing the names to creating the characters of the two of them. I LOVE THE WRITER for this vitamin mood 😭😭

    And to the translator who introduced this story to us, thank you so much. I’m really happy after reading this story.

    I’m still crying until now

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