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Chapter 57.1

Coming out of the lounge, Xu Luoyang’s mood was even better than the April weather. Remembering a joke he had seen on Weibo before, he quickly took a picture of the sky, posted it to his friend’s circle, then began to wait.

Five seconds later, the first person to like it appeared. Excited, Xu Luoyang clicked to see who it was— it wasn’t Qi Chang’an but Ye Shanshan. How disappointing!

Telling himself to be patient, Xu Luoyang continued to wait. It wasn’t until the fifth like that he finally saw Qi Chang’an’s name on the screen. Taking a screenshot with satisfaction, he then sent a private message to Qi Chang’an, “A friend’s circle that has been liked by you is a sweet spot!”

Qi Chang’an sent him a voice message, “So good. Nao Nao, how are you so sweet?”

Unable to resist listening to this sentence over and over again, Xu Luoyang felt like he was about to drown in Qi Chang’an’s slightly raised intonation. Controlling his excitement, he began to answer the question seriously, “From a biological standpoint, it is because the place where I grew up had a large temperature difference between day and night, hence the sugar accumulation was relatively high, thus making me very sweet.”

After sending the voice message, there was a quick reply with only eight words, ‘When you come back, I’ll have a taste’.

At this moment, Xu Luoyang was certain that the little deer that had been running wildly in his heart had already fainted! But why did he keep on feeling that Qi Chang’an had progressed much faster than him even though they had started learning about love from the beginner’s stage together?

It must be an illusion!

Putting his phone in his pocket, Xu Luoyang took a step out, however as soon as he did, he suddenly heard Wilson’s voice, “Xu, can you stay still in the same spot?”

Following the sound, Xu Luoyang saw that Wilson was holding a pencil and paper and writing as well as drawing. The moment their eyes met, Wilson shook the pencil that was in the middle of his fingers. Xu Luoyang understood instantly and stopped moving as he had been told to.

Wilson’s gaze was extremely eager, but didn’t make one feel repulsed. Xu Luoyang had once felt the same thing from his father— the fervor and concentration that came with a burst of inspiration.

After standing there for almost three minutes, Wilson walked over quickly, his eyes shining, “You are truly the muse of my inspiration! Look, what do you think?”

Xu Luoyang looked down and saw that on the paper was a design sketch of a scarf paired with a uniquely cut coat and although he didn’t know what it was supposed to express, it wasn’t ugly. So he said honestly, “It’s not ugly.”

Wilson slapped him on the shoulder, “You and your father are the same, your taste and aesthetics need improvement! When the clothes are done, I’ll give you a set and you can wear it to the show.”

Attracted by a word he had just said, Xu Luoyang’s voice was a bit cautious, “My….. father?”

“Yes, Xu Qunqing,” Wilson pronounced the name very standardly. He tucked the pencil behind his ear and continued, “Your father once directed a movie called ‘The Court Ball’. It tells the story of luxury and madness in the aristocratic society of this country. I designed all the costumes in that movie, but that was 20 years ago. Back then I had just graduated from the Rome Costume Academy.”

Xu Luoyang was surprised, “But I’ve never heard my father mention you.”

Wilson shrugged, raised his eyebrows and said in a tone that showed that he didn’t care, “That’s normal. We both disliked each other and thought that the other’s aesthetics were horrendous! You should know, if it wasn’t for the needs of the movie and art, I don’t think we would have ever worked together.”

Then he added, “Working with your father always shocked me. There was actually someone in this world with such terrible aesthetics!”

Xu Luoyang just laughed.

Seeing him laugh, Wilson also laughed, “But it’s obvious you didn’t inherit your father’s strange temper and stubborn personality. You are very smart and are a little cutie. A little cutie that brings me inspiration!”

“I’m already 25 years old.” Xu Luoyang made an effort to correct him.

“According to your tradition, I should be your father’s peer, so even if you are forty years old, it’s okay for me to call you a little cutie. ” Wilson smoothed his goatee, “Alright, tea time is over. Your Excellency, we need to continue shooting.”

After following him a few steps, Xu Luoyang hesitated for two seconds, but still asked the question in his heart, “May I ask why you chose me?”

Hearing this question, Wilson’s expression became serious, then he answered seriously in a self-deprecating way, “You should know, ever since I took over as the director of Stu, many people have been saying that Stu’s clothes are becoming increasingly difficult to wear. Of course, this isn’t how they truly feel inside. Perhaps in order not to show their shallowness and lack of aesthetic sense, they don’t say directly that the clothes are becoming more and more ugly.”

Xu Luoyang laughed then said tactfully, “Yes, they are very….. difficult to wear!”

“I think so too, especially for Asians. It’s very difficult to get the look I want, but you are an exception!” As he said this, Wilson took his phone out and flipped through the pictures from his album, “A few months ago, I saw this picture.”

Xu Luoyang recognized the picture immediately. It was a picture of himself taken at a New Year’s Eve concert, wearing a winter outfit from the fashion brand ‘Stu’. He had mixed and matched three pieces from the collection, which had been criticized by fashion bloggers as being poorly put together.

“These pieces are very hard to handle. One wrong move and it could have been disastrous, but on you, they looked natural and appropriate. It wasn’t the clothes wearing you, but you wearing the clothes. I could tell that you looked good instead of the clothes being eye-catching.” Wilson explained, gesturing with his hands.

Xu Luoyang began to understand why Wilson had chosen him.

“Alright, we have to finish before quitting time otherwise we’ll have to continue tomorrow.” Wilson said, tying his ponytail with a thin elastic band. “And have more confidence in yourself. You’re really great. You have a natural quality, like water, soft yet strong.”

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