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Chapter 29.1

All the grievances in his heart instantly turned into more complicated emotions then Xu Luoyang’s body gradually relaxed little by little and finally he rested his forehead on Qi Chang’an’s shoulder.

He never thought that someone would always stand by his side, protect him and support him unconditionally. How many times had this happened?

He had completely lost count.

From the age of seventeen to now, eight years had passed and Xu Luoyang had gradually grown accustomed to relying on himself for everything, and couldn’t and didn’t dare rely on anyone, but at this moment, he suddenly realized that he could be weak once in a while.

”Chang’an Ge.”

”Yes?” Qi Chang’an’s voice was very low and soft, as if it contained infinite patience.

“I’m just calling you.” After Xu Luoyang said that, he laughed, then took a step back, stood up straight, and started to worry again, “Does your hand hurt now? Are you dizzy?”

“My hand doesn’t hurt and I’m not feeling dizzy either.” Qi Chang’an tried to ignore the feeling of loss after his arms were empty and then said, “I have learned grappling techniques before, don’t worry.”

Xu Luoyang nodded his head and seriously cooperated with his act, “Yes, I understand.” A demon’s power couldn’t be shown in front of people, so there had to be a proper reason to cover it up, like the grappling technique.

But it was really amazing that Qi Chang’an could even sense to use his nickname Nao Nao!

At this time, Lu Di dragged three reporters over, with cameras still around their necks. Lu Di had a very sturdy physique and was very strong, hence the reason why he was able to catch them. “Xu Ge, I stopped three but two of them as well as Shi Yuanhao ran away. What should we do now?”

”Di Zi, contact Zheng Ge and ask him to come down immediately.” Xu Luoyang himself could find an excuse to leave the party early and not attend it, but Zheng Dong needed to sort out his contacts and maintain his relationships, so he was always busier than Xu Luoyang at such parties.

Lu Di nodded, called Zheng Dong on the phone and in a few words, explained what had happened. Xu Luoyang looked at Qi Chang’an and unconsciously felt uncomfortable, “What about you?”

Although Qi Chang’an had started out with his work, no matter what, with the stigma of ‘beating someone up’, it would always have a bad effect. He now regretted it, if only he had done it himself.

Qi Chang’an didn’t really care whether there would be a bad effect, but he didn’t want Xu Luoyang to keep feeling guilty about it, so he said, “I’ll contact Liang Qiu and ask him to come and deal with it.”

A few minutes later Zheng Dong and Liang Qiu arrived at the car park at about the same time.

Liang Qiu was anxious and after making sure that Qi Chang’an wasn’t hurt, relaxed immediately then stood by quietly waiting for orders.

But Zheng Dong couldn’t hide his irritability at all, “Are you hurt? I’ll kill that one surnamed Shi. Who gave him the guts to come here?” He took Xu Luoyang’s arm and looked him up and down twice to make sure he wasn’t hurt, and only then did his face look a little better.

Xu Luoyang cooperated with Zheng Dong’s examination while explaining, “I’m not hurt, it was Chang’an who helped me.”

When Liang Qiu, who was standing next to him heard this he looked at Qi Chang’an in surprise but quickly withdrew his gaze.

His mind turning a few times, Zheng Dong turned his head to Lu Di, the tone of his voice a bit fierce, “Tell me, are your muscles just for show?”

Lu Di still had the camera around his neck but he stood still, and didn’t argue that he had wanted to help in the fight, but Qi Chang’an was too quick. Before he could react, his enemy was already down– Qi Chang’an didn’t give him a chance to do anything.

He knew that he had failed to do his duty, so he listened carefully to Zheng Dong’s words, before handing over his mobile phone, “There is a recording inside.”

On hearing the word ‘recording’, all of them looked at the phone in unison. Zheng Dong asked very carefully, “What recording?”

”It’s the recording of the whole process when Shi Yuanhao came over to pick a fight.” Noticing that four people were staring at him with eight eyes, Lu Di rubbed the back of his head and subconsciously explained, “As soon as he opened his mouth, I thought he looked like a bad guy. Zheng Ge, didn’t you say that we should keep a hand on everything? So I turned on the record function. Anyways, he didn’t notice me and there was still a lot of battery left in the phone.”

“Di Zi you reacted quickly,” Zheng Dong reached out and patted him on the shoulder, praising him, “I’ll give you a bonus! Good job this time!”

Taking the phone, Zheng Dong clicked on the recording file. It didn’t take long so he finished listening to it very quickly. His face dark, he had to calm himself before looking at Xu Luoyang, “Your father was a wife con. Sleeping with actresses? He would never do this even if he lived for another 800 years.”

Xu Luoyang nodded in agreement, pursuing his lips as he smiled, “En, that’s true.”

Seeing that Xu Luoyang’s mood wasn’t affected, Zheng Dong went on to say, “Tell me more about the situation.”

Xu Luoyang nodded his head and recalled everything that happened between the time he walked out of the elevator and the time Zheng Dong came to the car park, including the conversation and Shi Yuanhao’s expressions.

After that, he looked at Zheng Dong and said, “The problem now is that Shi Yuanhao has a broken nose and lost three teeth, and he’s not going to let this opportunity go. Bystanders are always subconsciously sympathetic to the weak, and with the pictures and videos taken by journalists, Shi Yuanhao will take action soon.”

Shi Yuanhao’s impulsiveness and lack of thought in his words and actions were well known in the circle, and his agent, Wu Bi, had managed to create a ‘straightforward’ persona for Shi Yuanhao. To put it bluntly, his emotional intelligence was too low to be saved.

Zheng Dong nodded, thinking that if it was Shi Yuanhao he could really do it. Without even telling his agent he would just do it himself.

As a fellow agent, Zheng Dong was extremely excited when he imagined how Wu Bi would look when he found out what Shi Yuanhao had done!

”Since he’s so intent on posting photos and videos to discredit you, let’s give him the opportunity to do so and let him have his way!” With his mind made up, Zheng Dong thanked Qi Chang’an in earnest, “Thank you, Mr. Qi, for helping Luoyang today, I won’t let you suffer any loss.”

Qi Chang’an shook his head, “There’s no need for thanks, Luoyang and I are good friends, it’s only right.” And he asked, “Does Zheng Ge have a plan in mind?”

This ‘Zheng Ge’ made Zheng Dong’s heart skip a beat. He looked at Xu Luoyang for a moment then replied, “Yes, but we still need to refine the details. Anyway, if we don’t make him go down this time, my name will be written backwards!”

“That’s good.” Qi Chang’an nodded with a smile and looked at Liang Qiu, who was standing next to him and had not said anything.

Liang Qiu quickly reacted and smiled kindly at Zheng Dong and said, “We’ll cooperate with you and it will be a good opportunity to learn from Zheng Ge.”

Zheng Dong also smiled back. Between the two of them, the basic cooperation was settled. Xu Luoyang’s team would play in the front while Qi Chang’an’s team supported.

After the two had reached a temporary strategic cooperation, Zheng Dong looked at Xu Luoyang and said warmly, “It’s late now, you go back and play then get some rest. And don’t worry after this, it’s my home turf. But until things settle down, don’t post a single word on you and Mr. Qi’s social feeds.”

When they left the car park, Xu Luoyang was driving the car himself, and Lu Di had been temporarily deployed by Zheng Dong.

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