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Chapter 83.1

Editor: Jodi

Watching the comments flooding the live broadcast room, Xu Luoyang resisted a smile and asked seriously, “What are you all discussing? I don’t get it. Just now? Just now, I took my own medicine and drank my own water!”

The comments seemed to pause for a couple of seconds, then flew by again.

“—The worst excuse of the year, no doubt!”

“—I’ve taken screenshots, you can’t escape. I’ll just watch you pretend!”

Xu Luoyang was enjoying the comments when he suddenly noticed something near his mouth. Without looking, he opened his mouth and took it in. It turned out to be a piece of candy. As soon as it touched his tongue, sweetness spread and all traces of the bitter taste from the medicine disappeared.

He placed the tablet upside down on the couch, leaned over quickly, kissed Qi Chang’an quickly, then sat back on the couch, holding the tablet as if nothing had happened.

“—My god, Xu Luoyang, what were you doing in those ten seconds just now! You even blacked out the screen manually! I’m going crazy, I’m going crazy. I’ve imagined countless scenarios! What on earth did you do that we couldn’t see?”

“—Feeding candy after medicine! It’s too sweet! I want to get sick too!”

“—It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter. A hallucination is a hallucination, so let the hallucinations be more intense! I beg you! P.S. Mr. Qi’s fingers in the hallucination are just perfect!”

With his tongue pressing against the candy in his mouth, Xu Luoyang’s smile brightened. He relaxed against the soft couch, holding the tablet as he tilted his head back and said, “The candy just now, I fed it to myself, so everyone don’t overthink it! After taking cold medicine, I’m starting to feel drowsy, so I’m going to bed first. Goodnight, everyone!”

Soon, the screen was flooded with ‘goodnights’, and Xu Luoyang made a heart with his hands in front of the camera before ending the live broadcast. Then putting the tablet on the side, he pounced on Qi Chang’an directly, leaning in for a kiss.

However just as their lips met, he seemed to remember something and pulled back a bit abruptly. “No, no, I can’t kiss you. I have a cold, I might infect you!”

Qi Chang’an didn’t say a word. He simply reached out, cupped the back of his head and reclaimed his lips, saying in a hushed tone, “Nao Nao, don’t move. Let me kiss you properly.”

Hearing these words, Xu Luoyang immediately obeyed, letting Qi Chang’an take control, their kiss deepening.

After being separated for so long, their passion blazed intensely. Previously, whether it had been at the awards ceremony or later in the artist’s car, they had known that the timing and location wasn’t right, hence they had restrained themselves. But now, it was just the two of them in the whole room, so there was no need for so much restraint.

As a result, not even a minute passed before Xu Luoyang found himself pinned to the couch, their lips locked in a searing kiss as their bodies stuck to the other’s tightly, making every reaction and sensation crystal clear. With one hand gripping Qi Chang’an’s tie, Xu Luoyang’s breathing became increasingly labored— making him very unhappy. Because he had caught a cold, his stuffy nose made it hard to breathe, causing him to feel as if he might suffocate any moment!

Sensing that he was getting distracted, Qi Chang’an chuckled. “How about we forget it today and take a bath first?”

Hearing this, Xu Luoyang couldn’t help but stop again. Standing on the couch, he looked at Qi Chang’an with an aggrieved expression. “Mr. Qi, your attitude is unacceptable! I strongly advise you not to leave your boyfriend unsatisfied, otherwise it can lead to major issues!”

Listening to his slightly nasal voice, Qi Chang’an nodded seriously, playing along. “I’d like to inquire, if I were to really leave my boyfriend unsatisfied, what kind of major issues could occur?”

Xu Luoyang hadn’t thought about this question, and so needed to improvise quickly. After a moment’s hesitation, he replied, “It could lead to rebellion, an uprising from below. Going into more details…. for instance, f*cking you while you’re sleeping.”

The moment Xu Luoyang said this, even he was shocked by his own words— I’m actually so ambitious! I didn’t even realize it when looking in the mirror!

After hearing ‘f*cking you while you’re sleeping’, the smile on Qi Chang’an’s face still remained unchanged, “Okay, I’ll fulfill your wish.”

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