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Chapter 83.2

Editor: Jodi

It was already well into the early morning, and Xu Luoyang’s whole body was completely sore and weak. He had no idea how things had escalated to this point. He had eaten two navel oranges 1Navel oranges – means to ride it (on top). So here, Luoyang rode Chang’an two times 😜🫣 in a row, both given to him by Qi Chang’an, but two was his limit. He couldn’t eat any more after that!

Lying on top of Qi Chang’an then feeling his hand tracing down his spine gently, Xu Luoyang’s body trembled slightly. “No, I really can’t anymore…” His voice was noticeably hoarser than before.

Qi Chang’an kissed the top of his head. “Really can’t anymore?” His tone was teasing, like fine wine.

“Really!” Xu Luoyang said decisively. He really didn’t find navel oranges enjoyable at all. He preferred things lower down, like what they had done in the kitchen earlier.

Then thinking, he lay back down on him then started to chat, “How did you come up with the idea to present me with the award?” Thinking back to the image of Qi Chang’an getting up the steps then walking slowly to the centre of the stage, his heartbeat was still a bit chaotic, “Besides, what if I wasn’t the one who won? Wouldn’t that have been very embarrassing?”

There was extreme confidence in Qi Chang’an’s voice, “You are the only one who could have won. I watched the nominated films, and none of those people can compare to you.”

Xu Luoyang loved hearing this, however he still pretended to be modest. “No, no, it’s clearly because you’re using the boyfriend filter.”

“There’s no other reason, you’re just that good.” Others might not be aware, but Qi Chang’an knew and understood how much progress Xu Luoyang had made from ‘Divergent Road’ to ‘Chaotic World’ and then to ‘Turn Back Time’ as well as the dedication and effort he had put into each role.

After chatting aimlessly for a while, Qi Chang’an suddenly spoke.

“Nao Nao.”

“En?” Xu Luoyang’s response was noticeably slower. The warmth from Qi Chang’an made him feel comfortable, what’s more the effects of the cold medicine were kicking in, hence he was starting to feel drowsy and his mind wasn’t very clear.

“My big brother wants to meet you.”

The instant this bombshell dropped, it jolted away all traces of sleepiness. Xu Luoyang got off Qi Chang’an quickly and sat on the bed, his back straightening unconsciously as he stammered, “Your big brother wants to…. meet me?”

“En, but I haven’t agreed yet.” Qi Chang’an, noticing that Xu Luoyang’s voice had dropped, tried to reassure him, “If you want to meet him, we’ll meet him. If you don’t want to, we won’t. It’s okay, the decision is entirely up to you.”

“I do want to meet him.” Xu Luoyang said hurriedly. He pulled the blanket around himself then lay back down beside Qi Chang’an as he said slowly, “Meeting the parents is still important, and if we count, between the two of us, it’s just your big brother left as the parent.”

There was a brief silence in the air, then Qi Chang’an made an ‘En’ sound, his tone soft, “After the Flanders Film Festival, we’ll go to Montreal to meet my big brother.”

“Okay!” Xu Luoyang said, but then immediately became nervous. “What does your big brother like? Is there anything he enjoys eating or using! I need to consider what gift to bring carefully! Also, is your big brother married? Should I prepare a gift for one person or for two?”

Hearing Xu Luoyang’s rapid-fire questions, Qi Chang’an couldn’t help but smile, answering seriously, “He likes making money, but he doesn’t care much about food or gifts. Actually, you don’t need to bring anything, and there’s no need for a gift. Just your presence will be more than enough. He hasn’t married yet even though he’s had many dating partners. He’s never seriously considered marriage.”

Speaking of this, Qi Chang’an explained, “He has a strong aversion to marriage and believes there’s more misfortune and unhappiness in it. It’s mainly due to the influence of my father’s failed marriage.”

Seeing Xu Luoyang nod, then a hint of doubt appear in his eyes, Qi Chang’an asked with a smile, “Are you wondering if my big brother and I are think alike?”

Xu Luoyang nodded but didn’t say anything— ever since he learned about Qi Chang’an’s childhood, he rarely brought up topics related to it.

Just because things had passed didn’t mean they didn’t exist.

“I used to be like him, thinking that marriage leads to tragedy.” Qi Chang’an admitted without reservation, but his smile lost some of its brightness. “Besides, my health isn’t good and I don’t know how long I’ll live, so why implicate someone else?”

Feeling as if his heart was being cut by a sharp blade, Xu Luoyang couldn’t help but lean closer, holding his hand with his as he said with utmost seriousness, almost grave. “Chang’an, you don’t need to worry about implicating someone else for the rest of your life because you already don’t have the opportunity! So you can only implicate me.”

With that, he took Qi Chang’an’s tie and tied their hands together firmly.

After this happened, Qi Chang’an looked down at their bound hands and the knot he had tied, then kissed the back of Xu Luoyang’s hand solemnly. “Okay, I promise you.”

Having just you is more than enough.

The next morning at 6 o’clock, it was still pitch black outside when Xu Luoyang was awakened by his alarm clock.

He released Qi Chang’an’s hand, whispered, “Chang’an, go back to sleep for a while”, then made his way to the bathroom quietly. Chewing on his toothbrush, he picked out his clothes, taking just twenty minutes to get ready. Finally, he rushed back to the side of the bed, leaned down to kiss the corner of Qi Chang’an’s lips, then said with a refreshing hint of mint.

“Chang’an, I’m heading to work now. I have three interviews today, totaling about six hours. I won’t be done until around one in the afternoon. You can have lunch first, no need to wait for me.”

As he reached the doorway, he hesitated for a moment, then returned and pressed his lips firmly against Qi Chang’an’s, only pulling away after more than ten seconds, “I’m really leaving!”

Qi Chang’an smiled, “Alright, be safe on the road.”

Once in the car, Xu Luoyang took the folder Zheng Dong handed to him and went through the questions he would be asked during the interviews from beginning to end twice and had a rough idea of what to expect.

“Zheng Ge, do I have a couple of days free after the Flanders Film Festival?”

“Hmm, roughly.” Zheng Dong lifted his eyes to look at him. “Do you have plans?”

“I do.” Xu Luoyang told him, unable to contain his smile, his eyes shining with the gleaming reflection of waves in the sunlight. “I’m going to meet the parents.”

Seeing Zheng Dong’s surprised expression and that it was taking him a while for him to react, Xu Luoyang coughed lightly. “Speaking of which, about the first time visit to the parents, I’ve done some research online and there are so many guides that my eyes are spinning!”

After saying this, he looked at Zheng Dong with a hint of expectation, clearly wanting some advice.

However before Zheng Dong could respond, Lu Di, who was sitting beside them opened his mouth first, “Xu Ge, why do you think that Zheng Ge and I would have such a legendary experience of meeting the parents?”


Xu Nao Nao’s little emotions:

Swish, swish, swish, taking notes: Navel oranges really aren’t good!

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