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Chapter 79.2

Editor: Jodi

“Hold it… yes, just like that…” Meng Huazhang was much more nervous than the people next to him. He observed ‘You Su’s’ eyes through the camera, watching him slowly reveal a smile that was even sadder than tears, watched him wanting to cry but unable to, and finally, watched him push down the sadness, his expression blank for a moment as his eyes filled with confusion, as if he was asking himself a silent question–

So what exactly did I go back in time for? What I wanted to change didn’t change, and what I wanted to stop, still happened.

“Cut!” Meng Huazhang finally opened his mouth, then stopped Qi Chang’an who was about to get up. It was only after a few seconds that he called out, “Xu Luoyang.”

Xu Luoyang’s reaction was a bit slow, however after a moment, he turned his head, answering, “What is it?”

His voice was choked up, raspy, as if he had just cried.

Hearing this response, Meng Huazhang smiled, “Very good, excellent! Let’s do that shot again!”

Xu Luoyang made a ‘wait’ gesture with his hand, then seeing Meng Huazhang’s inquiring look, he explained, “Can I have two minutes?”

Meng Huazhang nodded, “Of course.”

The moment his words fell, he saw Xu Luoyang grip the bars of the crib and rest his head against the back of his hands and soon, the sound of sobbing reached them.

After repeating the scene three more times, Xu Luoyang’s scenes for the day were finished. He took the bottle of water that Qi Chang’an handed him, holding it for a long time without drinking.

Already accustomed to Xu Luoyang’s recent tendency to be lost in thought, Qi Chang’an didn’t rush him, waiting patiently and after almost a minute, Xu Luoyang suddenly looked up, “That scene just now, I feel like it seems different from before.”

Over the past week, Xu Luoyang had become accustomed to discussing his feelings about his acting with Qi Chang’an, and after each scene, he would reflect on what his state while on camera had been like.

“What was different?” Seeing that he wasn’t in the mood to drink, Qi Chang’an took the thermos and covered it back up.

“It just felt different.” Xu Luoyang thought for a moment, organising his words carefully, “It’s like my body was split into two. One part, ‘me’, was watching ‘You Su’ feel sadness, grief, and confusion, but the emotion that arose in ‘me’ was sympathy, like that of a bystander.”

After Meng Huazhang, who had been listening on the side heard him say this, he tossed him a packet of cookies, “Take this, as a reward for your progress!”

Catching it with both hands, the corners of Xu Luoyang’s eyes curved in happiness. “Thank you, Director Meng!”

Walking back to where they stayed, once the door was closed, Xu Luoyang jumped onto Qi Chang’an happily, his voice lively, “Chang’an, have I really improved a lot?”

“Mhmm, you really have.” Wrapping his arms around Xu Luoyang, Qi Chang’an led him further in, “Nao Nao is amazing.”

Rubbing his hair that he had intentionally grow out a little longer, Xu Luoyang became a bit shy, “Where am I amazing? It took so long to make a little progress.” Saying this, his ears turned a little red as his voice dropped, “But your method, it’s really effective.”

Throughout this week, every time they made love, Qi Chang’an would ask him if he was Xu Luoyang or You Su, and after a few times, Xu Luoyang noticed that during filming, he had changed a lot from before. Perhaps it was because subconsciously, he felt that the one making love with Qi Chang’an could only be Xu Luoyang, and definitely not You Su or anyone else.

“It worked because you’re a little vinegar bag.” Lowering his head, Qi Chang’an nibbled on the tip of his flushed ear, chuckling, “What do you want to eat tonight?”

“I’ll make dinner tonight!” Xu Luoyang was in a good mood, because after he finished saying this, he went into the kitchen and in no time at all, the sound of him humming could be heard from inside the kitchen.

However, not even five minutes had passed when he peeked out of the kitchen, “Chang’an, do you know where the salt is?”

“It’s on the shelf, I saw it before I left.” Qi Chang’an walked in, only to find that the shelf was empty. Looking at Xu Luoyang, he immediately opened the cupboard and saw the jar of salt sitting inside.

“You hid it on purpose?”

Xu Luoyang blinked innocently, “Yes.” Answering without a hint of guilt as he strode over to close the kitchen door.

“Why did you hide it?”

“So I’ll have a reason to call you in.” He walked over to Qi Chang’an, kissing the corner of his lips. “Mr. Qi, please stand still right here. That way, every time I turn around while cooking, I’ll be able to see you. Seeing you will make me very happy, and that will make the deliciousness of my dishes increase by twenty percent!”

“That’s some crooked logic.” However although Qi Chang’an said this, he still stood quietly in the same spot for twenty minutes until Xu Luoyang finished a plate of scrambled eggs with tomatoes, and only then did he come out of the kitchen, with the dish in hand.

Xu Nao Nao’s little emotions:

Thank you, Mr. Qi, for your cooperation. There’s a reward~

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