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Chapter 42.2

Qi Chang’an sat by the hospital bed without speaking, his eyes focused on Xu Luoyang who was lying on the hospital bed. Zheng Dong said softly, “Di Zi and I have to go and deal with the follow-up, so Mr. Qi, I’ll leave Luoyang in your hands.”

Seeing him nod, Zheng Dong didn’t say anything more and simply led Lu Di out of the ward.

As they came out of the ward, Lu Di was a little hesitant, “I don’t want to go, I want to stay and take care of Xu Ge.”

Zheng Dong glared at him, “Let me ask you a question. When your Xu Ge wakes up later, would he want the first person he lays his eyes on to be Qi Chang’an or you?”

“……” The correct answer was so hurtful that Lu Di refused to answer.

Then the topic of the conversation changed. Zheng Dong said with somewhat of a headache, “But Xu Luoyang, this brat unexpectedly gave me a big problem without telling me. Too unscientific. What sort of event was this that he was even able to get an epiphany to confess his love in such a high-end manner?”

“Huh?” Lu Di was bewildered, “When did Xu Ge confess his love?”

“……” Patting Lu Di’s shoulder, it took a long time before Zheng Dong was able to say out loud, “Di Zi, you’ll really be single for five hundred years if you continue like this.”

On the other side, the sound of footsteps faded away, leaving only the sounds of medical equipments operating in the room. Qi Chang’an looked at Xu Luoyang with extremely focused eyes, as if there was only this one person in front of him in the whole world.

After a long time, he stood up slowly, then leaned down and turned his head sideways, pressing his ear against Xu Luoyang’s chest.

As heartbeat after heartbeat entered his ears, Qi Chang’an closed his eyes and only then did his muscles, which had been tense, relax– even his fingers trembled lightly because they had been tense for so long.

No one knew how panicked he had been the moment he saw Xu Luoyang lose consciousness in his arms.

Carefully tucking in the corner of Xu Luoyang’s blanket, Qi Chang’an didn’t dare reach out to touch the other side, fearing that, like a glazed glass, he would break at the first touch. But the uneasiness in his heart spread like wild grass, leaving him powerless to fight it.

After more than ten seconds of hesitation, Qi Chang’an put his hand under Xu Luoyang’s hand that had the drip in it but carefully, lest he should feel the slightest pain.

Under the dim light of the ward, Xu Luoyang was completely devoid of the glowing look he’d had on stage previously; his face was white without a trace of blood, yet an abnormal redness pervaded the areas of his two cheekbones.

Qi Chang’an thought back slowly. He had been sitting very close to the stage and so had been sensitive to the fact that something was wrong with Xu Luoyang from the very beginning– after sitting up on the stage, Xu Luoyang hadn’t dared to make even the slightest of strenuous movements and had even sang songs that weren’t too demanding on his breath.

Just then, the drowsy person on the bed suddenly let out a muffled murmur and it wasn’t until Qi Chang’an got a little closer that he realized Xu Luoyang was calling his name.

His heart feeling like it was being clenched by a sharp claw, Qi Chang’an clasped Xu Luoyang’s five fingers in his hand, his voice restrained and gentle, “I’m here. Nao Nao, don’t worry, go to sleep, I won’t leave.”

His faintly knitted eyebrows loosening, it was as if Xu Luoyang had finally settled down, as even his breathing calmed down considerably.

Gently kissing Xu Luoyang’s hot forehead, Qi Chang’an closed his eyes, hiding his emotions.

My silly Nao Nao.

Even until the early hours of the morning, after the first set of fluids had been given, Xu Luoyang’s fever still hadn’t subsided. He seemed to be dreaming all the time and slept very restlessly. Whenever this happened, Qi Chang’an would go up next to his ear and talk to him softly, sometimes humming a little of Xu Luoyang’s own song. This method worked and before long, Xu Luoyang would fall back to sleep.

After moistening Xu Luoyang’s dry lips with a cotton swab that had been soaked in water, the screen of the cell phone on the shelf suddenly lit up. Stretching his hand to pick it up, Qi Chang’an saw that it was Zheng Dong calling.

Not long after he answered it, Qi Chang’an’s eyes went cold.

“Luoyang recorded a variety show on the 14th and it was broadcast at eight o’clock this evening. Before the variety show was over, someone posted an article saying that Luoyang was expelled from university as a freshman for serious indiscipline and this topic has already exploded.”

Afraid of waking Xu Luoyang up, Qi Chang’an kept his voice low, “What’s going on?”

Zheng Dong didn’t hide it, as this matter could easily be found out if he wanted to. Instead of letting Qi Chang’an misunderstand when he learned the so-called ‘truth’, it would be better for him to tell the truth directly.

“Luoyang got into the film academy with the highest score in the art exam and cultural subjects, but his parents had offended someone, so after Luoyang enrolled, that person pressured the school through various means and eventually, in one October, staged a play to expel him from the academy.”

“And then what happened?”

Hearing the chill in Qi Chang’an’s voice, Zheng Dong continued, “Then Luoyang was sent abroad to university by his father’s personal friend and it was only two years later, when that man lost his power, that Luoyang came back from abroad, signed with me and entered the entertainment industry.” There was a note of worry in Zheng Dong’s voice, “I’m worried that with the way the attack is coming violently and fast this time, together with the way they are going straight to the firing–“

“You’re worried it’s the same person from before?”

“Yes.” This was one of the reasons he had contacted Qi Chang’an.

Fingers gently stroking Xu Luoyang’s fingertips, Qi Chang’an had little to no expression on his face, “Contact Liang Qiu and tell him I asked you to.”

Hanging up, Qi Changan’s phone ran out of power and turned black straight away. He hesitated for a moment then took Xu Luoyang’s phone– Xu Luoyang had never hidden the password of the lock screen from him.

Sure enough, after he tapped into Weibo, the topic of ‘Xu Luoyang’s expulsion’ had already exploded and it was obvious that someone was guiding the public’s opinion. Some so-called ‘classmates’ even broke the news that Xu Luoyang had been expelled for bullying on campus and forcing a girl suffering from depression to die. Then someone else revealed the so-called ‘inside story’, pointing out that Xu Luoyang had also done something ‘unimaginable and intolerable’, which led to his outright expulsion from the school.

There was an uproar, and as if participating in a sumptuous gourmet feast, countless people stepped into the camp of the so-called righteous people, attacking and denouncing Xu Luoyang as if waiting a second longer would be a betrayal of glorious humanity.

Dialing Liang Qiu’s number, Qi Chang’an spoke, “It’s me.” He looked at the needle holes left on the back of Xu Luoyang’s hand and said in a low voice, “I want to know who exactly is behind all this.” Who exactly was trying to push Xu Luoyang to death?

“Understood, Young Master Qi.”

After the call ended, Qi Chang’an clicked back into Weibo and found that PR was already working, but people’s preconceived notions weren’t always easy to break, and from an overall perspective, the results were minimal.

Thinking quickly, Qi Chang’an prepared to log into his account, but after tapping the screen twice, he suddenly realized that the account he had logged in to wasn’t ‘Xu Luoyang’s account’, but a secret account– ‘Xu Nao Nao’s little emotions’.

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