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Chapter 89.2

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And as Zheng Dong had expected, the moment the last hosting city was announced, all the fans went crazy.

“—I…. I need to calm down first!!!”

“—The seventh city is, Chang’an? Do you have to be so obvious! I, I also need to calm down!”

“—The starting point is Luoyang, and the endpoint is Chang’an. Wow, I also need to calm down!”

“—All those who need to calm down are all weak, okay! Do any of you dare to use a pen to mark out the locations of these seven cities on the map, and then connect them with a straight line? Anyway, my eyes have already been blinded by this diamond dog food!”

When Xu Luoyang saw this comment, he went to discuss it with Zheng Dong, “Zheng Ge, my fans have really sharp observation skills. They even found this Easter egg so quickly!”

Zheng Dong didn’t even want to mind him.

“—My little heart! When you connect them, it’s actually a…… heart shape? And Chang’an is still right in the middle of this heart… I still need to calm down again! I wonder if I can calm down!”

“—Ah ah ah ah ah why is my favorite cp so sweet! So sweet out of this universe ah ah ah ah! I want to run around the city I live in! How long until the tickets go on pre-sale? Buy buy buy!”

“—I’ve decided to attend every concert tour ah ah ah ah ah, from Luoyang to Chang’an, I’m so excited I might faint! Gu Cheng CP is real! Stand firm, stand firm!”

Very satisfied with the results, Xu Luoyang put that one down, then in a serious manner, continued to clock in on Weibo, “Studio 2323, that’s a wrap.”

Humming a song till he arrived home, Xu Luoyang left his car keys at the door then smoothly grabbed a throat lozenge from inside the small transparent jar Qi Chang’an had prepared, then stuffing it into his mouth, he crunched it a few times then swallowed it. Both the jar and the lozenges had been prepared by Qi Chang’an, and Xu Luoyang saw them by the door the first day he came back from the recording studio, and ever since then, whenever he entered or left the house, he would habitually take a few throat lozenges and put them in his pocket.

“I’m back!”

Changing into slippers while shouting towards the inside of the house, Xu Luoyang walked inside happily— there was someone waiting for him at home, hence he could say confidently, I’m back.

Passing by the kitchen, he found that spare ribs soup was simmering, and unable to resist, he walked over quietly to take a taste first, but ended up with his tongue being scalded immediately.

He rushed to the living room,

And his brows furrowing, he put his head on Qi Chang’an’s shoulder directly, looking at him with an aggrieved expression.

Laughing, Qi Chang’an asked, “Scalded?”

His head snapping up, Xu Luoyang used his eyes to ask— how did you know?

Holding his chin in his fingers, Qi Chang’an whispered, “Open your mouth, let me see if the burn is serious.”

Xu Luoyang opened his mouth obediently, his voice vague as he asked, “Can you see it?”

“I can see it, it seems a little red.” Qi Chang’an continued, “Stick the tip of your tongue out a little.”

Xu Luoyang nodded, however he didn’t expect that the moment he stuck his tongue out, Qi Chang’an would kiss him, and then press him directly onto the sofa. He pretended to resist for a moment, then gave in, his hands wrapping around Qi Chang’an’s back.

When they separated, the two of them were slightly out of breath. Xu Luoyang lounged lazily on the sofa, the corners of his lips still stained with liquid, and realizing that his tongue no longer hurt, he opened his mouth, “Chang’an Ge-ge, are you hungry? Kissing with so much strength.”

“En, I’m hungry, I want to eat you.” Taking his hand, Qi Chang’an kissed his wrist lightly, and hanging on this wrist, was a small wooden fish that he had carved for Xu Luoyang himself that was strung on a fine metal chain, and because he wore it so often, the surface of the wooden fish was extremely smooth.

“Big demon, you’ve finally revealed your true colors!”

Hearing him saying these words with a righteous tone, Qi Chang’an asked with a smile, “So what are you going to do?”

“Of course I’ll sacrifice myself to save others! To prevent the big demon from harming othersI can only sacrifice myself!” Xu Luoyang said then he himself laughed first, “So demon Ge-ge, it’s enough to harm only me.”

“Okay, but you still haven’t told me about the concert tour.”

It was only then Xu Luoyang realized that Qi Chang’an was watching the entertainment news, and it just happened that they were talking about how the seventh city to host his concert tour had been announced, but that the name of the concert tour was still being kept under wraps.

He avoided Qi Chang’an’s gaze. “This, this is nothing!”

“Nao Nao, can you tell me?” And after saying this, Qi Chang’an even flashed a smile at him.

Xu Luoyang was completely captivated in just a matter of seconds, then he couldn’t help but raise his hand to touch the slightly sharp corners of Qi Chang’an’s eyes gently, and suddenly remembered that the first time he had seen Qi Chang’an smile in Qinli Town, he had only felt that the words ‘the ice and the snow melts, and spring returns to earth’ wasn’t even enough to describe it.

So he quickly betrayed his own principles of secrecy and said a little shyly, “This is a concert tour for you, it starts in Luoyang and ends in Chang’an, roughly something like that.”

He still had some self-restraint and so didn’t reveal the name of the concert tour, the title of the new album, or the lead single.

“Nao Nao—”

Knowing what Qi Chang’an wanted to say, Xu Luoyang said with a laugh, “I’m a bit greedy. I want to act well, work hard on my singing, and I also want everyone to know that the person I love is you.”

He was very well aware that although Qi Chang’an never showed the possessiveness he felt towards him in his heart, as well as the negative emotions like self-doubt and insecurity, him not showing them didn’t mean they didn’t exist. Qi Chang’an had always been restraining and enduring for his sake, and he knew all of this.

And because he knew, because he understood, he couldn’t bear to let go.

“The concert tours are for you, so you have to be there, at every single one, okay?”

Qi Chang’an didn’t know what to say, so he just answered seriously, “Okay.”


Xu Nao Nao’s little emotions:

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