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Chapter 19.2

Xu Luoyang pursed his lips and smiled, but didn’t say anything. The feeling of being protected without principles, was really enjoyable.

It was already two o’clock when they came out of the hotel. Xu Luoyang took Qi Chang’an around and finally went to a soup kitchen and asked for a private room. Just as they were about to enter, he was recognized by seven or eight fans.

Xu Luoyang was known for doting on his fans, so after being stopped, he took the initiative to sign autographs and chatted with them while signing the autographs, asking them how many days they had waited, where they lived and if it was safe.

He had just finished writing ‘I hope you’re happy every day’, when he heard the young lady standing in front of him say, “Can Mr. Qi please sign too? We’re all standing in the presence of the ‘Gu Cheng CP’!”

Xu Luoyang understood and couldn’t help but smile as he replied, “I can’t make the decision for him, but I can ask for you.” Saying that, he turned his head to Qi Chang’an who was waiting patiently for him a few steps away and pretended to cough twice, “Mr. Qi, can you come and sign a few autographs?”

Qi Chang’an was looking at the menu absentmindedly, but when he heard Xu Luoyang call him, he walked straight over. He was wearing a white shirt and black pants today, with a long black trench coat over it, making him look tall and long-legged, but his aura was so cold that no one dared to talk to him.

“Where do I sign?” Qi Chang’an took the pen from Xu Luoyang’s hand, his voice lowered out of habit, looking very gentle.

Xu Luoyang put his fingertips on his signature, “Next to mine, remember to write it very close to it.”

“Okay.” The corners of Qi Chang’an’s lips rose as he asked Xu Luoyang, “Fans of ‘Gu Cheng CP’?”

When the word ‘Gu Cheng CP’ came out of Qi Chang’an’s mouth, it was as if a fuse had been lit. The fans around them couldn’t help but scream in low voices.

Xu Luoyang’s eyes curved into a smile, but he pretended to be serious, “Mr. Qi, you understand a lot!”

“You’ve taught me well.” Qi Chang’an flexed his fingers, squeezed the pen and wrote his name next to Xu Luoyang’s signature very seriously and carefully.

At that moment, a girl with long hair and big eyes next to him suddenly asked Xu Luoyang: “Do you…. do you really like the little plush piggy?” Before she could finish her sentence, she started blushing.

“……” Xu Luoyang suddenly thought to himself, ‘I’m never going to be able to live down this piggy stunt in the future’, and with a straight face, answered, “No, I don’t like it.”

Qi Chang’an was just finishing with the signing of his name and when he said that, he replied naturally, “It’s mine, he was holding it for me.”

“It’s a gift I got when I went to buy milk!”

The two people uttered the words at the same time, with no sense of tacitness between them at all. Xu Luoyang couldn’t help but poke the back of Qi Chang’an’s hand with his finger twice, but Qi Chang’an caught it.

The eyes of the fans lit up as they whispered amongst themselves. Xu Luoyang heard the words, ‘protective’, ‘so spoiled’, ‘gentle gong’, ‘Gu Cheng is giving out sugar.’

Xu Luoyang: “……” It’s better if I pretend not to have heard anything.

Closing the lid of the pen, Qi Chang’an said, “We’re going to dinner, so you should be safe when you get back.” His tone wasn’t harsh, but it was unconsciously convincing. The fans nodded their heads, thanked him seriously and left very quickly.

As the two of them walked towards the private room, Xu Luoyang asked, “Do you feel uncomfortable or uneasy being so close to strange people?”

“It’s okay,” Qi Chang’an said with his hands in the pockets of his trenchcoat and to explain his words, he added, “It’s okay because you’re around.”

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