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Chapter 64.2

On the afternoon of May 22nd, Xu Luoyang boarded the car arranged by the ‘Top Secret Action’ program crew with his suitcase. As soon as he sat down, he sent Qi Chang’an a message, “I’m in the car now!”

Immediately, Qi Chang’an replied, “I’m also in the car, be good.”

Watching the smile on Xu Luoyang’s face, Zhao Xing, who was filming asked in a timely manner, “Luoyang, are you chatting with Mr. Qi?”

Xu Luoyang nodded, “Yes, it’s him. We’re discussing where the production team will be sending us to this time. Last time we at least knew our destination, but this time they only informed us of the departure time. I’m so nervous!”

Despite claiming to be nervous, within ten minutes, Xu Luoyang had fallen asleep leaning against the chair, breathing evenly. Zhao Xing stared at him in awe then quickly zoomed in for a close-up shot.

The car drove out of city B and arrived at the meeting point near dusk.

Getting out of the car, Xu Luoyang saw the surrounding wilderness with endless mountains and forests in view. Quickly running to Qi Chang’an, he stood beside him, “Chang’an, Chang’an, I have a bad feeling about this!”

Qi Chang’an helped him tidy up his windblown hair casually and asked, “What kind of bad feeling?”

“I’m thinking Director Wen won’t give us any food!”

Director Wen, who was standing nearby glanced at Xu Luoyang, “You giving a spoiler this early will make me think that the planning team has betrayed the program team.”

Xu Luoyang was shocked, “I was just joking, but who would have thought that Director Wen really has such thoughts! This is simply the destruction of humanity!”

After saying this however, he raised his chin proudly, “But I’m not afraid!” Then he reached into the large pocket of his clothes, took out two loaves of bread and two small cans of juice and handed one of them to Qi Chang’an, “These are your favourite flavors.”

When Qi Chang’an took the food, Xu Luoyang held his can of juice and with an arrogant expression, clinked glasses with Qi Chang’an, looking extremely deserving of a smack.

Jiang Liu, who had arrived earlier than Xu Luoyang, came over to ask, “Xu Ge, do you have any more food in your dimensional pocket?”

“Let me check.” Xu Luoyang reached in again and after a while, finally found a piece of candy.

Looking at the plum candy lying in his palm, the two of them exchanged glances then Xu Luoyang said hesitantly, “How about….. you just make do with this?”

After everyone had gathered, Director Wen started talking through a megaphone.

“Welcome to the second episode recording of ‘Top Secret Action’. The location of the recording is right underneath your feet, Mount Daze. The recording time is 24 hours, which means tonight, everyone will be spending the night on the mountain.”

Xu Luoyang whispered happily to Qi Chang’an, “Camping in the wild, how exciting! I even brought mosquito repellent bracelets, one for each of us!”

Jiang Liu, who was standing beside them overheard this conversation. He looked at the large pocket on Xu Luoyang’s coat curiously— mosquito repellent bracelets too? Was it really a dimensional pocket?

At that moment, the tasks were also assigned. The six people would be divided into three groups, and while setting up their tents before nightfall, they would need to go into the mountains to find food for their first dinner in the mountains.

The most active, Qin Xiaoran was the first to raise his hand, “Are there any tools provided? Like nets for hunting, for example?”

Director Wen replied with a smile, “Besides a utility knife and a lighter, nothing else will be provided.”

Jiang Liu also stepped forward, “What if we can’t find any food?”

“Go hungry.” Director Wen answered.

Hearing these two words, Xu Luoyang leaned his head on Qi Chang’an’s shoulder, “I’m more and more convinced that this show is very simple, natural and not at all contrived!”

Qi Chang’an adjusted his position to make it more comfortable for Xu Luoyang then whispered reassuringly, “Don’t worry, I won’t let you go hungry.”

The groups were once again assigned by drawing lots. Song Yao and Qin Xiaoran were in the first group, Jiang Liu and Guan Xian in the second group and finally, Xu Luoyang and Qi Chang’an were teamed up again.

Looking at the plastic card marked with a ‘C’ in his hand, Xu Luoyang knew that it was because their pairing had the best effect and the highest popularity after the first episode aired, that was why the program team didn’t plan to separate them this time.

After receiving their tents, the six of them arrived at the designated camping location by the production team. Groups A and B both worked separately, with one person setting up the tent while the other went to look for food. Xu Luoyang asked Qi Chang’an, “Should we split up too? It might be more efficient.”

“There’s no need, I’d be worried if I left you here alone.”

Xu Luoyang smiled with his back to the camera, feeling as if his heart had blossomed—heavens, my Chang’an Ge-ge is so charming!

After clearing the surrounding weeds and spending twenty minutes setting up the tent, Xu Luoyang and Qi Chang’an went into the forest together.

Along the way, they both picked up branches calmly and occasionally plucked some grass. The cameramen following them asked curiously, “Are you collecting firewood to start a fire?”

Xu Luoyang said with a mysterious expression on his face, “I won’t tell you, it’s a secret!”

Half an hour later, when a bow and five wooden arrows took shape in Qi Chang’an’s hands, one of the cameraman finally realized, “You’re actually making weapons!”

Xu Luoyang nodded repeatedly, “Before shooting ‘Divergent Road’, Chang’an specifically learned woodworking.” He then shook the arrows in his hand and said, “Isn’t it amazing? Chang’an can do anything!”

When Qi Chang’an managed to shoot a rabbit with his makeshift bow and arrows, the two cameramen were stunned. Cheering, Xu Luoyang ran over, hugged Qi Chang’an, bounced twice then squatted down to look at the rabbit, only to quickly realize a problem.

“I’d bet on Director Wen’s megaphone that this skinny and slow moving rabbit isn’t a wild one. There’s an 80% chance that it was released by the program team on purpose.”

At this moment, Director Wen’s voice came through the walkie-talkie, sounding distressed, “It’s fine if you know it in your heart, but can you not expose it? This rabbit was originally meant to be the program team’s dinner! And how is it skinny? You’re still picky even when you have something to eat, why don’t you just go to heaven?”

Holding on to Qi Chang’an’s coat with one hand, Xu Luoyang was unable to stop laughing.

When Jiang Liu and Qin Xiaoran returned, they were carrying quite a few wild fruits and mushrooms, a bountiful harvest. However, seeing that Xu Luoyang was actually preparing rabbit soup, they exchanged glances then quickly sat down next to him.

Jiang Liu handed over the best looking wild fruit in his hand and asked, “Xu Ge, since you’re eating meat, can we have some soup?”

Nodding several times, Qin Xiaoran hurriedly handed over the mushrooms in his hand as well.

Xu Luoyang smiled brilliantly, “There’s no need to bribe me.” He pointed at the prepared rabbit meat, “Chang’an hunted two rabbits, so we can all eat together and anger the program team!”

He knew that even though Qi Chang’an had caught the rabbits, if only the two of them ate it, they would be criticized once the show aired, so since there was plenty of food and the two of them couldn’t finish it all, it was better for everyone to share.

So they got to work, setting up the utensils they had borrowed from the program team and started a fire then the six of them threw the cleaned rabbit meat and wild mushrooms into the pot. Finally, they sat in a circle and divided the wild fruits among themselves.

After taking a bite of the wild fruit, Qin Xiaoran suggested, “Since the meat will take a while to cook, why don’t we find something to do in the meantime?”

Song Yao had been pulled over by Qin Xiaoran and so unwilling, had an unpleasant expression on his face, seemingly not interested in joining the conversation. Guan Xian and Qin Xiaoran didn’t get along, so he stayed silent as well. In the end, Xu Luoyang smiled and picked up the conversation, “So what should we play?”

The previously awkward atmosphere broken, Qin Xiaoran laughed, “It’s already dark and we’re deep in the mountains. The atmosphere couldn’t be better. How about we take turns telling ghost stories?”

Instantly, looking like a frightened cat, Xu Luoyang hid behind Qi Chang’an, poked his head out and said with a sad expression, “Can we play a friendlier game?”

Seeing him scared, Song Yao immediately became enthusiastic, “Since there’s a difference in opinions, let’s just vote!”

Ten seconds later, among the six people, only Qi Chang’an, in support of Xu Luoyang, didn’t cast a vote in favor of the ghost stories.

Xu Luoyang did some quick calculations and concluded that he probably wouldn’t be able to sleep tonight. He glanced at Qi Chang’an secretly and began to think about the possibility of sneaking into Qi Chang’an’s tent at night.


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Qi Qi, do you want to hang out?

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