My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 40.1

“Big brother, Mr. Liu and Jun Jun have arrived.”

Li Hanyu was the first to spot Liu Bohuai and went over to alert Li Qingzhou.

Hearing the news, Li Qingzhou turned around and the little guy inside the bubble also returned to normal instantly.

Meanwhile, Li Xusheng stood up to hug his little friend who had arrived.

“Shengsheng, I’ve missed you.” Xia Yijun said in a low voice.

Of course, he didn’t play favorites because after speaking to Li Xusheng, he looked up at Li Hanyu and stretched out his arms, saying sweetly, “Big sister, I’ve missed you too. Come, give me a hug.”

Amused, Li Hanyu squatted down to give the cute little guy a hug.

Li Qingzhou nodded to Liu Bohuai, “Third Master.”

At that moment, the doors of the gymnasium opened and the competitors and spectators went in separately.

Liu Bohuai walked by Li Qingzhou’s side and Li Hanyu, with one hand holding the little guy, followed the flow of people.

—Their figures gradually got submerged by the others.

“Mei Shan, what are you looking at? We have to go, we still have to go to backstage to line up for the drawing of lots later.”

After Dong Lin finished packing up his things, he did a final count.

However when he looked up, he saw his vice-captain, Lu Mei Shan with slightly furrowed brows and a thoughtful expression on her face.

Coming back to her senses, Lu Mei Shan told him, “I thought I just saw the CEO of Qingzhou Smart Technology Ltd…..”

“Li Qingzhou?”

Dong Lin exclaimed in surprise, “Impossible. How could a CEO like him come to a gymnasium to watch a robot competition? This is just a preliminary match, there’s nothing interesting to see.”

The preliminary match was a selection process where they selected the better robots and eliminated the ones that weren’t qualified to participate. It was the official match that was the main event.

Lu Mei Shan, “Maybe I was mistaken. Right, where is Yu Zhe?”

As she said this, she looked around.

Yu Zhe was the captain of their competing team and also the head of the studio, specializing in researching artificially intelligent robots.

He had recently just returned from studying abroad.

Lu Mei Shan was one of the few women in the field of artificially intelligent robots and was always fashionable and trendy.

Today, she was wearing a particularly stylish black work pants paired with a wine-red tight top, martin boots and a big wave perm tied into a ponytail.

And despite having minimal makeup on, she still looked very capable and refreshing.

Lu Mei Shan was very beautiful.

Just standing at the entrance of the gymnasium, quite a few people had already looked over and the bolder ones had even come directly to ask for her contact info.

However she had no intention of making contact with them and thus rejected them all.

Yu Zhe had previously said that a friend was coming and so he went to pick him up.

At that moment, Lu Mei Shan and Dong Lin were waiting anxiously.

Finally, Yu Zhe appeared, accompanied by someone. He brought his friend over quickly to introduce to the two—

“This is Qiao Huanming, my little brother. This is Lu Mei Shan, Dong Lin, my….”

“Hello.” Smiling, Qiao Huanming shook hands with the two.

After they got to know each other, Yu Zhe took Lu Mei Shan to the backstage of the gymnasium to draw lots to participate in the competition.

Qiao Huanming, on the other hand, went inside to find a seat. However as he sat down, he unexpectedly saw someone he was ‘familiar’ with.

“President Li? President Liu?” Qiao Huanming exclaimed.

Surprised as well, Li Qingzhou invited Qiao Huanming over.

In order to have an easier time getting in and out, they had purchased tickets for the first row.

Li Qingzhou’s wheelchair was folded up and he was carried to his seat in the gymnasium by Liu Bohuai— since this kind of thing had happened once, twice… it would happen countless times in the future.

Now that Liu Bohuai had picked him up from the wheelchair, Li Qingzhou had already adapted well.

Qiao Huanming’s seat was in the back row, so he switched seats with someone in the first row and sat next to Li Hanyu.

There was no other way. The seating order on the other side of Li Hanyu was as follows: Li Xusheng, Li Qingzhou, Xia Yijun, Liu Bohuai.

He didn’t dare sit next to President Liu.

“How did you end up here?” Li Qingzhou asked.

Qiao Huanming explained the reason why.

He looked at President Li’s siblings, then looked at the child sitting next to President Liu and guessed that the two presidents should have come to relax with the children.

Children really did like robot competitions.

The initial competition system was a unified mass selection, with regulations for the robot’s qualifications. Those who didn’t meet the requirements would be eliminated immediately.

This was also a rough inspection of the contestants’ production levels, and those who qualified would advance successfully.

Qiao Huanming explained the competition system and other aspects of artificially intelligent robots to Li Qingzhou and others.

He said: “Robots are divided into several different types based on their usefulness, types, etc.”

“So, there aren’t just one form, one project when it comes to intelligent robot competitions….”

There were airborne robot competitions, underwater, land…..

And there were also simulation robot competitions, rescue robot competitions, service robots, robot martial arts arena competitions and so on.

“The initial competition is relatively simple, but when it comes to the official competitions and semifinals, it starts to group competitions and the system becomes more complex.”

“And, each contestant doesn’t just need to prepare one intelligent robot.”

“How many do they need to prepare then?” Xia Yijun asked curiously.

Qiao Huanming replied: “It depends on the situation.”

“Like my friend. He’s not just participating for fun, he’s vying for the championship of the final round, so naturally the more comprehensive the intelligent robot, the better.”

Li Qingzhou asked: “What’s your friend’s name?”

Qiao Huanming: “Yu Zhe. The studio he has set up isn’t well-known yet because he just came back from studying abroad, but he is very capable.”

He introduced his friend’s studio briefly.

Li Qingzhou nodded.

[We’ll be able to meet in a bit.]

—The little guy in the bubble sat with his chubby legs crossed, one arm propped on his legs, thumb and index finger rubbing his chin in deep thought.

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