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Chapter 73.1

Ever since Qi Chang’an sat next to him, Xu Luoyang had been distracted. Taking his gaze off the runway, he couldn’t resist writing a sentence on the paper in his hand then passing it over to Qi Chang’an quickly.

“You’re really not….. a demon?” He even drew a face at the end.

Qi Chang’an raised an eyebrow as he read the words on the paper and quickly understanding Xu Luoyang’s train of thought, wrote on the next line,

“Are you talking about teleportation?”

Xu Luoyang nodded slightly. His meaning, if it’s not teleportation, how did you get here so quickly!

His brows relaxing, Qi Chang’an’s slender fingers held the pencil as he wrote earnestly, “After hanging up, I booked a flight.” And seeing Xu Luoyang’s surprise, he added a few more words, “I missed you so much, I couldn’t resist coming to see you.”

Quickly raising his hand that he had turned into a fist, Xu Luoyang pressed it against his lips to hide his emerging smile, keeping his eyes on the runway as he quickly reached out to take the little notes exchanged between them, tucking them into his pocket. In the dim light and concealed by his clothes, he lightly hooked his little finger with Qi Chang’an’s, the hidden joy in his heart ready to explode.

Throughout the rest of the show, the two didn’t say anything else, yet in the unseen corners, the palms of their hands burned faintly.

After the show came the celebration banquet, and as the global spokesperson for Stu, Xu Luoyang had to conscientiously greet and take pictures with everyone. Otherwise before tomorrow, talks of his disagreement with the brand would quickly dominate the headlines.

After taking a picture with Wilson, the creative director of Stu and uploading it to their respective social accounts, the two found a topic to discuss.

They spoke for a few minutes until Wilson noticed Xu Luoyang’s attention begin to waver. Clinking glasses with his, he asked, “Thinking about someone you like?” But before Xu Luoyang could say yes or no, he winked at him. “I don’t know anything, I don’t understand anything. I’ll excuse myself and go say hello to that gentleman over there.”

With that, he downed the contents of his glass in one gulp and left immediately.

In the southwest corner of the banquet hall, Qi Chang’an was sitting on a crimson velvet sofa. Xu Luoyang approached slowly, a hint of nervousness rising in his heart. Holding the stem of his wine glass, he instinctively lightened his footsteps. However, as if sensing it, Qi Chang’an quickly turned his head. “Here already?”

“I am.” Xu Luoyang replied, unable to contain his smile. He was dressed in Stu’s designer pieces today, wearing a neatly tailored shirt that was paired with a vintage-style necktie that was fastened with a gleaming gold-threaded emerald brooch, trousers, and a long coat that reached down to his calves which looked incredibly magnificent with hand-embroidered patterns that stood out under the lights.

Seeing Xu Luoyang smiling at him, Qi Chang’an’s lips curved up as well then he asked with a genuine London accent, “My prince, what would you like to drink?”

His pronunciation was so rich that Xu Luoyang found it more intoxicating than any wine, and looking at Qi Chang’an sitting on the crimson sofa, his complexion appearing even paler against it, he lifted his chin slightly, replying with a smile, “Tea. I want to drink tea poured by you.” There was really a hint of arrogance in his words.

“As you wish.”

Then, Qi Chang’an lifted the teapot and poured two-thirds of the tea into the cup. Then touching the surface of the cup with his fingers lightly, tested the temperature before placing it in front of Xu Luoyang.

Xu Luoyang mumbled as he looked at the cup that was brought over, “This is your cup, and it’s your used cup!”

Qi Chang’an chuckled softly. “Nao Nao, could it be that you don’t want to kiss me indirectly?”

D*mn it! Qi Chang’an, can’t you behave properly?

Glaring at him, Xu Luoyang whispered, “I understand, you’re taking advantage of the fact that I can’t kiss you here directly!”

Really….. angry!

Qi Chang’an continued to smile, leaning back in the chair in a relaxed posture as he adjusted his ruby cufflinks, his eyes filled with a playful smile remaining fixed on Xu Luoyang. “So, do you want to or not?”

The tone of his voice had a hook-like quality to it that made Xu Luoyang’s heart tremble.

Originally intending to remain resolute and reject any tricks, Xu Luoyang, in the end succumbed to Qi Chang’an’s charm. Lifting the tea cup weakly, he took a sip. However just as he swallowed, he heard Qi Chang’an say:

“It needs to be moved a bit more to the left.”

“Huh?” Xu Luoyang didn’t react at first, but did as he said. But after shifting positions and taking another sip of the tea near the rim of the cup, he suddenly realized something, “Indirect kiss….. one hundred percent success?”

“En, a complete alignment. I’m very happy.”

Seeing that he had made no progress while Qi Chang’an had made a huge breakthrough in his flirting tactics, Xu Luoyang sighed inside— ey, why is there such a big gap between people?

Sitting down, Xu Luoyang drank tea with Qi Chang’an for a while before standing up, saying in with a distressed tone, “Chang’an, I need to walk around a bit more.” Then he couldn’t help but say worriedly, “I paid attention and realized that you’re allergic to almost all the cookies. When it comes to beverages, make sure you remember to ask for no ice, otherwise your stomach will hurt. There are cherries among the fruits, which you like, and they look tasty. If the tea cools down, remember to ask for a hot one.”

After saying a few more words, Xu Luoyang felt a bit embarrassed, thinking that he was being too verbose. However he was really worried about Qi Chang’an and so couldn’t let go completely.

Just then, he noticed Qi Chang’an standing up with a glass in his hand and was somewhat confused. “Chang’an?”

“En, Nao Nao. There’s something I have to remind you of.”

“What is it?”

“Please take your valuable items with you.” Qi Chang’an said as he lowered his eyes slightly, looking at him. “So, can you take me with you?”

“….” After holding it in for a moment, Xu Luoyang still couldn’t resist voicing his thoughts, “Mr. Qi, may I ask where you honed your whispers of love skills?”

Qi Chang’an answered seriously, “It’s a natural talent of great demons.”


We won’t be able to bypass this joke right?

However he quickly noticed that Qi Chang’an had led him through the dazzling lights, guiding him with clear direction as they walked to the middle of the banquet hall. Realizing something, he turned his head to ask, “Where are you taking me?”

“To meet someone.” Qi Chang’an leaned in a little closer. “When you see him later, just talk normally, there’s no need to be nervous.”

However Xu Luoyang became even more nervous when he said this!

Soon, Qi Chang’an’s pace slowed down and Xu Luoyang adjusted his own speed while taking care of his expression. But when he finally saw the person he was supposed to meet, he couldn’t help but be shocked.

It was Meng Huazhang!

Although he had been in the entertainment industry for several years, he had never met Meng Huazhang in person. On one hand, Meng Huazhang hadn’t released any works for years, reportedly due to health issues and was in a semi-retired state. Another reason was that with his status and level, he wasn’t yet at a point where they could meet.

“Director Meng, long time no see.”

Hearing Qi Chang’an’s voice, Xu Luoyang suppressed all the emotions that had welled up and smiled sincerely and non offensively. “Director Meng, good evening. It’s an honor to meet you. I’m Xu Luoyang.”

After saying these words, he couldn’t help but squeal inside like a groundhog— Dad, I’ve met your idol!

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