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Chapter 89.1

Editor: Jodi

After a few days, Xu Luoyang’s Weibo had an update, ‘I’m preparing to release an album!’ then shortly after, the hashtag #Xu Luoyang Prepares To Release A New Album# quickly went straight to the top three hot search list.

In the gym, Xu Luoyang got off the treadmill, wiped the sweat off his forehead with a towel, then asked Zheng Dong, “Zheng Ge, did we really not buy any hot searches? It’s been one, two, three, four, and now five days, how come I’m still up on the hot search?”

He gasped as he spoke, and when he raised his hand to wipe the sweat, one could see the well-defined muscle lines on his body, his whole person looking to be in very good spirits.

“No, I’ve already stopped buying hot searches a long time ago, so please be a little self-conscious about how popular you are!” Zheng Dong tossed him a throat lozenge then asked, “How many kilograms?”

Unwrapping the throat lozenge, Xu Luoyang put it in his mouth, then held up three fingers, answering with a smile, “Three kilograms!”

Since deciding to have a concert tour, he had incorporated a fitness plan into his daily schedule. Touring concert tours, with all the singing and dancing, were very physically demanding, and he was worried that he might faint on stage if he didn’t prepare. There was also the possibility that if he took off his clothes, he would have soft muscles and be ridiculed to death—he also wanted face!

“That’s not bad, worthy of praise.” Zheng Dong lowered his head and swiped the screen of his phone, updating him on the progress.

“Your new album called…. is already in the preparation stage.”

Directly skipping the name of the album, Zheng Dong paused before continuing, “But you wrote the lyrics, composed the music, and arranged it all yourself, so you don’t need to buy songs from a copyright company, all of which has saved us a lot of time as we can skip the early preparations. Also, about the producer, who are you planning to hire?”

“Me!” Then realizing he could be attacked by Zheng Dong’s glare again, Xu Luoyang added his reason quickly, “It can save money!” And saying this, he wiggled his fingers then started counting, “Zheng Ge, look, for my new album called ‘Chang’an,’ the initial investment is low, then I wrote the lyrics, composed the music, and arranged it all myself, and with a team of just thirty to forty people, we can start recording quickly!”

When Zheng Dong heard the emphasis Xu Luoyang placed on the word ‘Chang’an’, his cheeks hurt, so he change the topic directly, “The approval for the concert tour has been passed, and our company has its own production team, so coordination will be quick. The first wave of promotions will start before the New Year. Remember, in every interviews from now on, mention that you’re preparing for the concert tour.”

Nodding, Xu Luoyang drank half a cup of water from his thermos, looking self-conscious and obedient.

Zheng Dong continued, “And don’t forget to keep your Weibo updated frequently.” Then he shifted his gaze to his face. “Are you really sure about the cities for the concert tour?”

“Absolutely, they are all routes I planned carefully!” Xu Luoyang didn’t hesitate at all, then said with a smile, “Zheng Ge, you’ve asked me this question almost fifty times in the past week!”

“Who exactly am I doing it for?” Zheng Dong glared at him. “Does Qi Chang’an know? Does he know that you’re releasing an album and having a tour?”

“He doesn’t know yet, I haven’t told him.” The sweat on Xu Luoyang’s face ran straight down the line of his jaw, the messy hair on his forehead already wet. He brushed them back casually then said, “He’s been very busy lately, and I want to give him a surprise.”

“Oh.” Zheng Dong replied indifferently, pretending not to notice the incoming dog food, and putting his phone back into his pocket, he looked at Xu Luoyang. “Alright, change your clothes and go to the recording studio. The appointment was for 10 o’clock, and it’s already 9:40.”

Xu Luoyang walked towards the dressing room hurriedly, but then turned back, “Zheng Ge, how long did we rent the studio for this time?” Good recording studios charged by the hour, so it could become expensive as hell.

“Twenty-three days.”


On his way to the recording studio, Xu Luoyang kept calculating just how many hours that was!

For the next month, he practically lived in the recording studio, recording songs and even for the Chinese New Year, he only took a three-day break.

However, this Chinese New Year was unlike any previous ones, because Qi Chang’yin specifically flew back from Montreal, and then the three of them had a New Year’s Eve dinner together. Xu Luoyang also seized the opportunity to show off his excellent cooking skills, and gained two generous red packets, making him so happy that he woke up from his dreams with a smile.

Xu Luoyang’s daily Weibo updates had turned into check-ins for him going to the recording studio and the gym, showing his dedication, with Zheng Dong even filming a one-minute snippet video of him in the recording studio sometimes and then posting it online to maintain visibility for the upcoming album.

After recording the last song and coming out, Xu Luoyang bowed and thanked the studio staff, then without celebrating his escape from the misery of recording, he rushed straight outside, “Zheng Ge, Zheng Ge, give me the phone! Time’s running out!”

Having given up resisting, Zheng Dong handed him the phone silently.

Xu Luoyang’s nationwide concert tour had a total of seven cities, with the initial plan being to announce one city each day, and today was the seventh day.

Tapping open Weibo, Xu Luoyang quickly prepared his post. However before he pressed send, he showed it to Zheng Dong, “Zheng Ge, do you think this is okay?”

Although Zheng Dong was disgusted, he still helped him, “Go ahead. Others treat their every word like pearls, but you’re serving dog food with every word.”

Xu Luoyang just smiled joyfully before tapping send.

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