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Chapter 39.2

Xu Luoyang pursed his lips, “There’s nothing I can’t say,” he clicked on the details, “Chang’an is in LA right now, so there’s a sixteen hour time difference. So the call at six in the morning was to remind him to make sure to take his medication after lunch, he’s been a bit under the weather the past few days. The call at nine was to remind him that it was time for dinner.”

“Oh–” Song Tan trailed off in an ambiguous tone, “Luoyang you’re really attentive. Then why did you call again only an hour after nine?”

Liu Yi answered, “Are you stupid? Of course it’s to remind him to remember to take his medicine after dinner!”

Xu Luoyang nodded, “En, that’s right. The last call at 12 o’clock in the afternoon was to tell him I was going to be on the show and as per the script in the show’s schedule, I might call him.” Xu Luoyang was very honest.

“This is the important part. Did he say yes?”

Xu Luoyang nodded, “Yes.” As soon as he said this, there was a chorus of ‘call him’ from the audience.

Song Tan said with deliberate seriousness, “The script has been exposed, so if we change the person on the fly, it will look like our show is so fake so hurry up and make the call!”

Xu Luoyang tapped his phone and the screen showed that he was calling him. Inexplicably a little nervous, he explained subconsciously, “Chang’an has been very busy these last two days and it’s already nighttime over there, so he’s probably sleeping. “

No sooner had the last word been said than the phone was picked up and Qi Chang’an’s slightly raspy voice came out of the stereo, “Luoyang?”

The end note rose slightly, with a gentle sensuality.

Talking to Qi Chang’an on the phone in such a scenario, Xu Luoyang found himself a little shy. He had to put to use his acting skills at full percent before he was able to maintain a calm expression, “It’s me.” After saying these two words, his throat became a little dry, “Are you going to sleep now?”

“Mhm, I was getting ready to go to sleep after taking your call.” Qi Chang’an’s voice had a distinct smile to it and it was natural, his tone similar to the one he used when it was just the two of them talking, “I’ve taken my medicine and also had half a cup of warm water. I’ve also set the alarm clock.”

Xu Luoyang blurted out, “It’s going to rain in LA at night, so remember to close the windows….” He swallowed back the last two words, but it was obviously too late as he had revealed the fact that he had been paying attention to the weather forecast for LA, eliciting low boos from the audience.

Qi Chang’an was stunned for a few seconds and then said quickly, “Okay, I’ll close it right away.” Then came the faint sound of footsteps, Qi Chang’an obviously talking to him as he walked towards the window, “Are you on the set now?”

“Um, yes.” He knew full well that Qi Chang’an couldn’t see it, but Xu Luoyang still nodded, “It’s on speaker in public and everyone on the set can hear you talking. Do you want to say hello?”

Qi Chang’an raised his voice slightly, “Good afternoon everyone. It’s nice to say hello to everyone in this way, I hope everyone is having a good time.” Realizing that Xu Luoyang hadn’t gotten to the point yet, he asked somewhat helplessly, “Luoyang, what was the question you didn’t get right?”

It was then Xu Luoyang remembered that he had something to ask. He replied hurriedly, “It’s a maths question.” He read the question out from the question card, and added, “It’s okay if you don’t know it, the punishment is quite easy.”

But to his surprise, after the sound of the tip of a pen rubbing against the paper, Qi Chang’an gave the answer, followed by the reassuring comment, “Don’t worry, you won’t be punished.”

Meanwhile, the answer was announced on the big screen and it was the same as Qi Chang’an had said.

Xu Luoyang was surprised, “You’re amazing, you actually know the answer to this question!”

This question was a deliberate obstacle question set up by the program crew just to get the artistes into the punishment section, so the questions were both professionally difficult and high level.

Qi Chang’an was amused by his tone, “I studied business at Westminster University where advanced maths and financial maths is compulsory, and the professors are very strict.”

Xu Luoyang was a little short of words, a line of pop-ups floating in front of his eyes– bow down, bow down. Qi Chang’an is actually a god of learning! Being a top demon, but having such a good grasp of human knowledge was really very foul!

After hanging up the phone, Song Tan also sounded very surprised, “To be honest I was really shocked just now, I think everyone should have heard of Westminster University, right? It is ranked number one in E Country and is ranked in the top three in the world for business!”

Then, the conversation quickly turned back to Xu Luoyang, “I remember that Luoyang Also went to University in E Country, right?”

Sensitively avoiding the question, Xu Luoyang simply nodded, avoiding answering the key points, “Yes, the food there was really, really bad and my weight dropped to an all-time low straight after I went there.”

Noticing his evasiveness, Song Tan followed suit with a natural discussion of the country’s cuisines, and as he was an excellent host, he didn’t sound unnatural at all.

According to the schedule, this episode would end with Xu Luoyang singing the song for the ending credits of his debut film [I waited for you].

As the lights around the stage dimmed, Xu Luoyang looked at his nineteen-year-old self on the big screen wearing a school uniform and suddenly felt that time was really the most effective anesthetic. It could numb one’s nerves, as the pain of those years was no longer felt now, even if it was hidden deeper inside.

Leaving the TV station in his artist’s van, Xu Luoyang ate a fruit and vegetable salad while swiping through Weibo and found that the Gu Cheng CP had surprisingly made it to the hot search again.

He clicked on it only to find that it was the advance trailer for [Divergent Road] that had been released. The trailer was very short, less than a minute and the shots in it switched very quickly and accordingly, but they were all very representative.

First, there was the scene of Qi Chang’an who acted as Xu Zhan, leaning down slightly while Xu Luoyang was asleep after filling out the University choice forms. Then, it switched momentarily to a spliced image of Xu Luoyang as Qin Chao in his police uniform and Xu Zhan with his head slightly bowed in serious carpentry. Soon, the scene transitioned back to the two men lying on a single bed as they talked after a long absence. And the final scene, showed Xu Luoyang with a g*n in his hand, pointing it straight at Qi Chang’an.

As the trailer started playing again from the beginning, Xu Luoyang discovered that he remembered every scene with Qi Chang’an so vividly that he could even trace in his mind Qi Chang’an’s micro-expressions in every moment.

After flipping through the contents of the #Gu Cheng CP, Xu Luoyang turned his phone off and only after a few seconds did he look up to say to Zheng Dong who was sitting across from him, “Gu Cheng CP is on the hot search again.”

Zheng Dong nodded, “En, I’ve seen it. Director Zhang mentioned beforehand that once the first version of the film came out, it would definitely have this effect.”

Xu Luoyang weighed his words, “There are a lot of rumors online that Qi Chang’an and I are together and that we are even in a relationship, and for that matter…… I have to clarify it. “

Taking his eyes off the tablet, Zheng Dong looked at Xu Luoyang. His brows twitched, his temples throbbed and for a moment he had a bad feeling. He replied cautiously, “Okay, tell me.”

“Those aren’t rumors, they’re true.” Having said that, Xu Luoyang again felt that it didn’t quite fit the reality, so he added hastily, “It’s not true yet, but in the near future, it will become true.”

Zheng Dong put his tablet to the side. The more shocked he became, the more calm he became, “Explain what you mean by that statement.”

“What I mean? The meaning of this statement is, I like Qi Chang’an, but we’re not together yet. When I’m able to win his heart, the rumors will become true.” Xu Luoyang didn’t dare look at Zheng Dong’s expression as he lowered his head slightly to hide the smile at the corners of his lips, “So for now, the rumors are only half true. I’m done.”

Zheng Dong: “……”

Xu Nao Nao’s little emotions:

My family’s (crossed out) Qi Qi is awesome!!

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