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Chapter 36.1

Chu Wei also got a hot cup of coffee, and while drinking it, he looked in the direction where Xu Luoyang was and asked his assistant standing next to him, “Ten minutes should be enough time to complete a full crush, right?”

“Huh?” The assistant looked bewildered.

Chu Wei muttered to himself, “That must be enough.” Then he put his coffee cup down next to him and raised his voice, “All departments get ready, make-up artist, fix Zi Chu’s make-up, we’ll start filming in five minutes!”

Hearing Chu Wei’s voice, Xu Luoyang turned his head in response and reluctantly handed the hot cocoa to Qi Chang’an, “Then I’ll get going.”

“En, I’ll be right here waiting for you.” Seeing that Xu Luoyang was still looking at him intently, Qi Chang’an added with a smile, “I’m going back to B City tomorrow.”

Xu Luoyang was instantly happy and spoke quickly, “Then after the scene, I’ll take you to eat something delicious, the same place I mentioned on the phone last time, you’ll love it!”


When he was done with his makeup, Xu Luoyang couldn’t help but look at Qi Chang’an, who was standing not far away, again, thinking that this was a novel experience. In the past, on set, it was always the two of them acting opposite each other, one being Xu Zhan and the other being Qin Chao. But this time it was different, he was the one in the scene and Qi Chang’an was the audience outside the scene.

Xu Luoyang was suddenly a little nervous.

The stylist, Tang Fang, was fixing his armor when Xu Luoyang whispered, “Sister Fang, can you polish my armor a bit?” Qi Chang’an had come to visit him for the first time, so he had to look very handsome!

Tang Fang didn’t reveal his little intention, she just smiled and said, “Okay, I’ll polish it one more time.”

“Thank you, Sister Fang!”

Then, Chu Wei also noticed that Xu Luoyang was in very good shape for this scene. He glanced at Qi Chang’an, who was sitting next to him with a concentrated expression and thought that these two were really interesting.

In this scene, the only person in the center of the camera was Xu Luoyang, who had just beheaded a general who advocated peace in front of the King of Yingchuan, and had his guards take the King of Yingchuan down to rest, making it so that no one dared to face him directly for a while.

Zi Chu sat on a long wooden couch, his hand propped up on his chin, his eyes smiling, but his tone was extremely cold, “Generals, I ask you, do you want to fight, or not?” He was like a dagger that had already seen blood and would take another life without a second thought.

There were originally eighteen generals in the tent, but now there were only ten left. These ten men lowered their eyes in fear, knelt down on one knee, and said in a loud voice, “Fight! Our emperor will win!”

After hearing this chant, Zi Chu’s eyes showed a bit of mockery, “Heh, look, these are my generals!”

He stood up sharply, his battle armor reflecting a cold light, and his voice sounded as if it was forced from his throat, “Do you have to be forced by me with a sword before you are willing to go into battle and k*ll the enemy and keep them away from the gates? Huh? I’m asking you!” His voice was hoarse by the end of the sentence.

No one dared to answer, and there was silence in the tent.

Zi Chu slowly walked step by step to the general kneeling at the front, crouched down, inclined his head slightly, and asked softly, “My great general, you tell me. I’m asking you.”

The man being questioned didn’t even dare to raise his head.

Sitting straight down on the ground, Zi Chu’s eyes were red, his crimson lips were pursed, and his voice was soft, “Get lost.”

“Your Majesty-“

“Get out! Get out, all of you!”

The sound of locking armor clashing rang out, and the kneeling generals rose and quickly withdrew from the tent.

The camera gave a close-up of Zi Chu’s face as he sat in the empty tent, his eyes closing slowly, concealing all emotions, while a hint of mockery at the corner of his mouth gave away his bitterness and disappointment.

But soon, as he stared at the frontier map, his expression became resolute again. Walking over to the weapons rack, Zi Chu reached out and gripped the hilt of his long sword, ready to pick the weapon up. But after trying – sh*t, why couldn’t he lift it? Xu Luoyang maintained his expression and tried again, but still wasn’t able to pick it up.

Was it possible that he just didn’t have any fate with this sword today? So cruel!

Chu Wei also noticed that something was wrong and stood up from behind the monitor, asking Xu Luoyang, “What’s wrong?”

Xu Luoyang took a deep breath, “I can’t pull it out.” His expression was still flawless, but he was already crying in his heart. For the sake of effect, the crew’s weapons were not foam models, but almost all real swords and g*ns, which weighed heavily in the hands every time they were held.

“Your hands are weak?” Chu Wei reacted immediately, “Stop, Xu Luoyang go and rest first then get ready and shoot the scene with Prince Xian of Yingchuan.”

Xu Luoyang’s head hung low as he sat down next to Qi Chang’an, taking a few sips of water from his thermos, listless. After thinking about it, he pulled Qi Chang’an to his feet again, “It’s too cold outside, I’ll take you to the dressing room to rest.”

When he opened the door and went inside, Xu Luoyang hesitated but couldn’t resist asking Qi Chang’an, “Did I …… look particularly silly just now?” It was really embarrassing to have his hands become weak and not be able to lift a prop or something! He gestured twice more anxiously, “The way I wielded my sword before was very handsome and particularly aesthetically pleasing!”

Qi Chang’an laughed and was immediately met with a sad glare from Xu Luoyang. He stopped laughing and thought seriously, “I haven’t read the script before and I’ve only seen this scene so far, but I can tell that this emperor you’re playing isn’t too physically strong, but has an extremely tough personality, moreover his character is a bit of evil.”

“Yes, yes, yes, it’s evil!” Xu Luoyang’s attention was immediately drawn to it, “What else?”

“Your lines were excellent from start to finish, with the tone, accent, and rhythm all captured perfectly. And in the scene where you close your eyes, the micro-expressions are spot on. The resentment, resignation, agitation and forced self-control, even the little twist in the character’s psyche, all come through; your emotions are very three-dimensional.”

Being praised caused the corners of Xu Luoyang’s lips to rise and not being modest at all, he asked, “I’m great aren’t I? Right, right?”

Qi Chang’an nodded, “En, you are very great, your acting has improved again from before.”

The excitement in his heart overwhelming him, Xu Luoyang took out his phone and posted very quickly, “Chang’an says my acting has improved.”

By the time Qi Chang’an reposted it, the comments below the post had already reached five figures.

“–Oh, okay, got it, we all get it, fancy dog abuse.”

“–You’ve been complimented? En, another way of spreading dog food.”

“I’m indifferent in the face of the official show of affection, and quietly pick up the dog food in an 800m sprint!”

Thinking about it, Qi Chang’an didn’t comment and just clicked repost.

The production wrapped up after dark. Xu Luoyang changed back into his clothes, took Qi Chang’an out to dinner, and the two of them wandered around the city until after nine o’clock before returning to the hotel, where they ran into Chu Wei at the entrance.

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