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Chapter 82.2

Editor: Jodi

An hour later, as the crowd dispersed, Xu Luoyang walked to Zheng Dong hurriedly, “Zheng Ge, do I have any more interviews?”

Zheng Dong swiped the screen of his phone , “You have three exclusive interviews tomorrow, so get ready for that then you’ll fly straight to The Flanders Film Festival.” Then turning off his phone, he coughed twice lightly then lowered his voice, “He’s waiting for you in the car. Is thirty minutes enough?”

His eyes brightening, Xu Luoyang nodded repeatedly, “Thank you, Zheng Ge!”

Then avoiding the reporters all the way to the parking lot, he stood in front of the car, his heart racing.

At this moment, the door of the car was opened slightly from the inside and blinking, Xu Luoyang slipped inside hurriedly then shut the door behind him quickly, just in case.

Then after sitting down, he looked over at Qi Chang’an. The heater in the car was on, hence Qi Chang’an had taken off his suit jacket and placed it aside, leaving him in only a vest and a white dress shirt, his tie loosely tied in a relaxed fashion.

And he didn’t know if it was because of the heater, but Xu Luoyang felt that his whole body was heating up. Making sure that all the windows were closed, and that nothing could be seen from the outside, he stared at Qi Chang’an for almost twenty seconds before he dimmed the lights to the lowest setting then jumped on him.

Reaching out to catch him, Qi Chang’an was about to say something when Xu Luoyang leaned in to kiss him hurriedly, and his slightly cold lips meeting his, because of the urgency with which he kissed him, although the kiss was without finesse, it still ignited a fire in their hearts.

Smiling as he sighed, Qi Chang’an parted his lips and allowed Xu Luoyang to kiss him passionately, then after his intensity subsided, grabbed him by the back of his neck, taking control directly.

Feeling Qi Chang’an’s hand reaching inside his clothes, as if to touch his waist, Xu Luoyang felt that something was amiss in his hazy state, however before he could think about what it was, Qi Chang’an released his tongue, followed by the sound of his deep and pleasant laugh, “Nao Nao, how many warmers did you stick to your waist?”


Hearing the key words, Xu Luoyang instantly came back to his senses, freezing in place– it turns out Qi Chang’an had wanted to touch his waist, but had ended up touching a handful of warmers?

This was really too embarrassing. Burying his head in Qi Chang’an’s shoulder, he hesitated for a few seconds, before saying in a small voice, “It’s not that many, it’s just four.”

And what this response got him was Qi Chang’an’s laugh.

Being interrupted like this, the small fire that had been burning in Xu Luoyang’s heart extinguished halfway, and removing all the warmers on his waist, he put them to the side.

Then he leaned against Qi Chang’an’s shoulder, tilted his head back slightly and kissed him very lightly and slowly, unable to help but mumble, “I missed you so much.”

“I missed you too.” And saying this, Qi Chang’an wrapped his arm around his waist and kissed the tip of his nose, “Nao Nao is very powerful, getting the Golden Maple Award.”

Being reminded, Xu Luoyang widened his eyes, trying to look at Qi Chang’an seriously, “Liar!”

Qi Chang’an was still smiling, “What did I lie to you about?”

“You said you wouldn’t walk down the red carpet–” Saying up until this point, Xu Luoyang realized that he seemed to have fallen into Qi Chang’an’s words trap again?

Qi Chang’an indeed hadn’t lied to him, because he really didn’t walk down the red carpet.

“Ahh, angry to the point of being deformed!”

Qi Chang’an’s smile widened as he leaned over to kiss him heavily, “Okay, don’t be angry, it’s my fault.”

Burying his face in Qi Chang’an’s shoulder, only the red tips of his ears visible, Xu Luoyang grunted, “Fine, I’ve barely regained shape.”

The two of them sat like this in the dimly lit car, until Zheng Dong came over and knocked on the car door and hearing the sound and figuring that time was up, Xu Luoyang sat up straight, tidied up his disheveled clothes quickly, and only after making sure that Qi Chang’an looked appropriate without a thing out of place did he open the door.

Zheng Dong glanced at him, hesitated for a moment, and then advised, “You have an interview tomorrow, so don’t leave any traces. The rest is up to you.”

Then after saying that, he took Lu Di and sat in the front driver’s and passenger seats, raising the partition in the middle very thoughtfully.

However the car hadn’t gone far when, possibly because the potency of the strong cold medicine had worn off, Xu Luoyang started to cough and sneeze again, looking very pitiful with teary eyes.

Reaching out to touch his forehead, Qi Chang’an’s brows furrowed. “How come you’ve caught such a severe cold?”

“It’s too cold in E Country.” Xu Luoyang coughed twice softly, then leaned in a little closer. “Maybe a kiss from Mr. Demon will make me better.”

“Alright.” Smiling, Qi Chang’an kissed his forehead. “I hope Nao Nao gets better soon.”

After this, Xu Luoyang leaned against Qi Chang’an’s shoulder, feeling drowsy, then the car finally stopping at the Brighton Hotel, he followed him out in a daze, then he heard Zheng Dong’s reminder, “Before going to sleep, spend ten minutes doing a live broadcast, your fans are waiting. Also, be sure to remember to take your medicine!”

Xu Luoyang tapped his forehead that was heavy. “Okay, I’ll remember.”

Walking all the way to the top floor suite of the Brighton Hotel and finding that it was similar to the room he had stayed in at Fengcheng, with even the decoration almost being the same, Xu Luoyang slumped onto the sofa, completely drained of energy. Then after staring into space for a while, he propped himself up against the backrest of the sofa and said to Qi Chang’an who was a distance away, “Chang’an, I’m going to start the livestream now, I’ll be done in just ten minutes!”

Entering the livestream room, the box in the top right corner showed that the number of viewers had already reached seven digits. Facing the camera, Xu Luoyang smiled, “Good evening, my little fairies!”

Then seeing the flood of ‘good evenings’ in the comments, his tone relaxed considerably then he directly switched to chat mode. “I’ve caught a bit of a cold today, so there’s been a lot of sneezing and coughing, but don’t worry, it’s just because the weather is too cold. I should recover soon. So let this be a lesson to you all: make sure to keep warm, especially since it’s already winter.”

Because the comments were scrolling by too quickly, Xu Luoyang couldn’t read them anymore, so he continued freely, “I’m really excited that I won an award today. Thank you all for your continuous support. I have an interview tomorrow then after that, I’ll head straight to the Flanders Film Festival. I’ll make sure to capture some scenic shots and show them to you.

….. That’s right, the movie ‘Divergent Road’ that Chang’an and I filmed together is in the main competition section, so we’ll be walking the red carpet.”

Then seeing questions in the comments section asking about what Qi Chang’an had said during the awards ceremony, Xu Luoyang answered with a straight face, “I heard him clearly, but I’m not going to tell you!” After saying this, he himself laughed, “I’m super happy being naughty this once!”

Just then, footsteps approached, and Xu Luoyang looked up to see Qi Chang’an walking over with a glass of water and medicine in his hand. However because he was in the middle of a livestream, he didn’t move any closer, waiting in place.

Thinking about it for a moment, Xu Luoyang said to the camera, “It’s time to take my medicine.” Then he looked up and smiled at Qi Chang’an.

And understanding his meaning, Qi Chang’an walked to him and gave him the medicine first, then when he saw him put it in his mouth, gave him the warm water as well.

And after swallowing the medicine along with the warm water, his eyes curving with a smile, Xu Luoyang opened his mouth toward Qi Chang’an, “Ah—” then said, “I’ve finished!”

And reaching out, Qi Chang’an rubbed his hair out of habit.

After this, Xu Luoyang turned his eyes back to the screen. “I’m done taking my medicine, so let’s continue our chat. Where were we just now?”

However at this time, the comments section had exploded into fireworks.

“Ah ah ah ah, a truckload of sweetness! The hand that appeared just now is definitely Mr. Qi’s hand! It’s Mr. Qi’s hand! I recognise it! It’s definitely his!”

“Finished, finished! I won’t be able to sleep tonight! First, he gave him medicine, then water, then, there was a rubbing head attack. Woo woo woo, too flirty! I’m so overwhelmed that I can’t get up!”

“Since you have the ability to show your hand, then show your face! I can’t hold on, I can’t hold on, tonight’s excitement is too strong. I need some Gu Cheng brand quick acting heart saving pills!”

“Feeding us dog food brazenly, it’s okay! I have a swimming pool at home! I’ll use the swimming pool to catch it! So please continue! Also, I’ve filled in the part after he rubbed his hair– Mr. Qi said ‘good boy’, ah ah ah ah!”

“I’ve found Mr. Qi’s variety show appearances, and the comparison results shows that the hand that appeared just now, is without a doubt Mr. Qi’s hand! My Gu Cheng closet is really going to explode!”

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